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  1. Funerals
  2. Lilly
  3. Quarantine
  4. Engineering
  5. Setup
  6. Fraud
  7. Ban
  8. Plastic

  1. Funerals. The second coming of the 2002 Wellstone funeral took place last week with dueling funerals for Senator John McCain and Aretha Franklin.  Both started out as and quickly reinforced as Trump-bashing, democrat self-aggrandizement events.  One suggested Tweet unfortunately never sent about McCain was to watch him closely while his body was lying in state in the Capitol, as he had a history of changing positions from time to time (insert rim shot audio here).  The Wellstone funeral (in)famously took place during the 2002 congressional campaign following a plane crash that took the senator’s life.  Minnesota democrats, inviting national democrats to the festivities, held a memorial, which quickly turned into a rocking, Bush-bashing campaign rally.  The crowd chased a number of Wellstone’s Republican colleagues out of the venue during the event.  This gleeful ugliness triggered its own backlash as the 2002 congressional elections did not work out as well for the democrats as they expected.  Fast forward 16 years, and we have the extended political funeral(s) for John McCain, a war hero but an awful US senator.  McCain, who had the last 6 months to plan his funerals in detail, pointedly did not invite a number of people from his 2008 presidential campaign, including VP nominee Sarah Palin, who was nothing short of fully supportive of McCain and never had a bad word to say about him or the vermin on his staff who undermined her every step of the way during the presidential campaign.  McCain also made sure everyone knew that President Trump was not invited either, so Trump played golf instead.  While not as raucously obnoxious as the Wellstone memorial, the McCain events were every bit as partisan and in your face to those of us who McCain regularly kicked in the nuts, with the swamp dwellers stroking one another’s egos while bashing Trump every chance they got.  The Aretha Franklin funeral in Detroit featured black democrats at their race-baiting best, featuring Calypso Louie Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton standing in a row next to our first black president, Bill Clinton, a photo famously described as three racists and a rapist.  A pastor from an Atlanta evangelical church did give a well needed and wholly unappreciated homily about blacks lifting themselves up and taking care of their own business as the vehicle to excel in this world, not unlike the lady whose life he was remembering.


  1. Lilly. Talk about sins of our fathers, Lilly Diabetes pulled their sponsorship of NASCAR driver Conor Daly’s Number 6 car at the Xfinity race at Road America.  Rational was a “racially insensitive remark the driver’s father made sometime in the 1980s that surfaced last week.  The father, fresh from Ireland, owned up to using the term on a in a radio interview in the early 1980s.  The driver, who is 26 was born some nine years after the radio interview.  For its part, Lilly Diabetes explained that “We remain committed to our mission of supporting people with diabetes.”  So now we are returning to the Old Testament notion of children being punished for sins committed by their fathers.  What’s next debtor’s prisons?  How about animal sacrifices so the blood of the sacrifice can cleanse the sins carried?  I thought that was what the Blood of Christ was supposed to do.  Silly me.  Methinks Lilly Diabetes has strayed a bit from its original mission.


  1. Quarantine. Not only is the First Amendment under continuing assault on campuses nationwide, so are other rights.  Campus Reform ran a story last week about a teaching assistant at the University of Utah who created what he called a “Second Amendment Zone” in a classroom, where students who were legally carrying firearms on campus were forced to stand during class in a 3’ x 3’, taped off area in the back of the room (Les Nesman style for fans of WKRP in Cincinnati).  The area did not have any desks.  According to the taxpayer funded bully, “This zone does not include a desk, because desks are reserved for students who respect the personal and psychological safety of their classmates and instructor.”  Someone complained, and the university immediately removed the area and reassigned the TA to non-teaching duties.  The TA has been re-educated, however poorly, on the error of his ways.  We will see how long that sticks.  This is not the only pushback to campus carry I came across last week.  There was another story about an anti-firearm professor that cancelled all office hours during the upcoming term using the excuse that he did not feel safe in the presence of students who are carrying concealed.  No word about how safe he would feel in the presence of a wannabee mass shooter or the occasional screaming Allah Akbar jihadi.


  1. Engineering. I had been wondering how long it would take for the SJWs to find their way into STEM curriculum. Sadly, they have arrived and are doing their level best to turn STEM into the intellectual disaster they created with Women’s or Black Studies.  A Michigan State engineering professor is quoted as saying the SJWs “… have sought out the soft underbelly of engineering, where phrases such as ‘diversity’ and ‘different perspectives’ and ‘racial gaps’ and ‘unfairness’ and ‘unequal outcomes’ make up the daily vocabulary.  Engineering is pretty tough stuff, as either things work, or they don’t.  And when you screw up and break something, or worse kill, maim or injure when that failure takes place, the blowback in the engineering world is pretty harsh, deservedly so.  When the SJWs get involved, this sort of harsh correction will no longer be allowed, especially when aimed at incompetence by self-described victim groups.  End result?  More things will break.  More people will be hurt, maimed or killed.  But at least the sensitive feelings of the designers and engineers will finally be properly considered.  SJWs want engineers to be evaluated on things other than knowledge of the discipline and their competence in executing it, things like adherence to qualities of social justice.  SJWs are persistent and will neither quit nor back off.  They are even taking aim at math where you will get credits for the ability to parrot feminist propaganda but ne unable to figure out basic areas.  This is not going to end well.  As much I would wish they would self-select out of the gene pool, sadly when they go after STEM, they are going to take a whole lot of non-participants with them.


  1. Setup. News from the Mueller front last week confirmed that the Trump Tower meeting with Trump Junior and the Russian lawyerette was a setup, one orchestrated by Bruce Ohr, then the number 4 highest ranking official at (In)Justice, the FIB’s Peter Stzrok, and Muller’s pit bill, Andrew Weissman.  The setup was to expose Trump Junior to a known Russian agent, a woman who was cleared to be in the country and operate by the O’Bama / Lynch (In)Justice Department, so that the conspirators would have an excuse to broaden their investigation to include Trump Junior.  In a related story, the FISA applications ended up being the proverbial self-licking ice cream cone.  One of the techniques the FIB used to justify the request for surveillance of the Trump campaign was to leak pieces of the Steel Dossier to the media and then turn right around and use the media stories they had leaked to create as justification for extending the warrants.  Circular logic at its best.  This is one of the ugliest, orchestrated assaults on a sitting president since Nixon, and I remember them coming after Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43.  Difference this time?  Trump is fighting back.  And he has fought in some pretty dirty venues – the real estate markets of NYC, Atlantic City and Las Vegas.  His technique?  Bankrupt people who came after him.  Don’t think for an instant that he doesn’t have a similar future in mind for those who are currently plotting against him.


  1. Fraud. Another year, more election fraud in a House district election aimed at electing someone friendly to democrats and Bill Walker.  The statewide primary was Tuesday, August 21.  One of our turncoat Republicans, Gabrielle LeDoux who bolted from Republican majority to caucus with the democrat minority and was part of turning over power to the democrats was up for reelection.  A no-name ran against her, winning the popular vote by 3.  He didn’t run any campaign at all, spent no money.  Time to count absentee ballots, and they go strongly in favor of LeDoux, 142 – 33, though not without some questions on 26 ballots that all went in her favor.  The Division of Elections got an unusual number of returned absentee ballots as undeliverable.  The Division was unable to reach 40 of 70 from House District 15.  Seven dead people appeared to vote.  There was a single trailer that had 14 absentee ballots voting.  LeDoux brought up a democrat activist from Fresno California named Charlie Chang and paid him during the summer $10,000 for a get out the vote effort targeted at 100 votes.  Among the absentee ballots, there were dead people, non-functioning phone numbers, people voting who did not live in the district, and people who told the Division they hadn’t voted though ballots were turned in with their name on them.  Charlie Chang is a community organizer type who works the Hmong community in California.  Republicans are pursuing the fraud charges in court while mounting a write-in campaign for this fall against LeDoux.


  1. Ban. When you elect a bunch of nanny-state lefties to run local government, they will do what is expected, nickel and dime your life away with piddling little rules, regulations and laws.  Latest up is the Anchorage Assembly that passed an ordinance last week not only banning all disposable plastic bags (because littering), but also requiring local stores to charge a fee for paper bags.  So nice the pro-choice democrats still allow us the choice to either use a reusable bag or not shop.  Rationale for this intrusion into our lives was as usual environment, which is apparently being overrun by discarded, free range disposable plastic bags.  Vote to ban plastic bags was 9 – 2 and to ban everything was 6 – 5.  Expect our mayor to sign the ordinance into law.  The unions who put these clowns into office have had a pretty good run in the last few years.  Perhaps it is time to take a few of them out.  Perhaps fallout from the Janus SCOTUS decision will help push things in the right direction next April.


  1. Plastic. So now that the self-appointed stewards of the worldwide environment have spoken here in Anchorage and banned plastic bags, one might want to review exactly where the trash befouling the oceans is coming from.  It turns out that just eight countries in developing Asia are responsible for 63% of total worldwide plastic waste.  The nations include China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.  Analysis has concluded that if simple trash collection could start in the largest cities of these nations and remove the amount of trash thrown into local rivers making its way into the ocean by nearly a quarter in just five years.  Want to clean the oceans?  Start picking up the trash.

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