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  1. Mueller
  2. Parade
  3. Wildfires
  4. Defund
  5. Primaries
  6. Opening
  7. Great
  8. Catholics
  9. Farms

  1. Mueller. The Mueller jihad against President Trump got itself eight convictions against Paul Manafort for tax evasion last week.  They also got a plea bargain April 24 from former Trump lawyer (fixer) Michael Cohen for so-called campaign finance violations.  Problem is that the crimes that Cohen admitted to committing under orders of President Trump are not crimes nor is there any evidence that Trump ordered him to do them.  Essentially, we have another instance of federal prosecutors forcing a witness to lie to a federal court just like they did in Enron, Ted Stevens and Conrad Burns (same group of prosecutors, btw).  Looks like they are going to target the Trump organization and his children for destruction.  They need to be careful, as Trump can and will fight back, especially since the prosecutors completely ignored campaign finance violations by the Hillary campaign giving millions of campaign dollars to Perkins Coie who then gave that money to Fusion GPS to pass it along to Russian sources for the dossier used to trigger the intelligence investigation of the Trump campaign and never reporting the expenditures.  We indeed have a dual tiered (in)justice system, especially when it applies to President Trump and anyone who knows or does business with him.


  1. Parade. President Trump is a glorious world class troll.  His suggestion for a big beautiful military parade in Washington DC was a setup, a trap for the democrats and media.  In suggesting this parade, expecting the predictable democrat and media reaction, he put them both in position of arguing against the military and patriotism.  He let the yammering go on for a while, allowing the opposition to crank up projected costs to the point where it was simply too expensive to hold a parade.  Last week, the WH cancelled the parade after the DC local government tried to invoice the WH and DoD for $92 million or so for security the parade.  One of the descriptions of fly fishing is fooling fish with feathers.  As well as Trump plays the look at this hand while the other hand is doing something else routine, I expect he would do a helluva job with a fly rod in hand.


  1. Wildfires. California greens and democrats are getting what they want in form of the worst wildfires in state history.  Interior Secretary Zinke blamed the most recent fires on

“…environmental terrorist groups that have not allowed pubic access – that have refused to allow harvest of timber.  We have these radical environmentalists that close off roads, refuse to have firebreaks, refuse to have any timber harvested, no grazing, and the result is these catastrophic fires.”

At first glance, calling the greens terrorists may be extreme, but given the number of deaths so far in the fires and the billions lost in property and recovery following the fires, this description is dead—on accurate.  Practical and reality-based forest management principles learned and practiced over a century have been abandoned in pursuit of newfound interest in what is called climate justice.  There is an analysis out of the USFS that concludes there are 129 million dead trees in California that have been killed by forest mismanagement.  And these trees have not been harvested, increasing the wildfire threat by exponentially increasing the fuel supply for all future fires.  Solution?  Logging and controlled burns.  But with the state’s focus on climate change, it is going to be cold day in a very hot space before we see any of this in California any time soon.


  1. Defund. There is a growing movement in the corporate world where banks, financial institutions, and corporations are refusing to do business with people, companies and institutions they do not politically support.  This is a logical extension of leftist effort to politicize everything.  It started showing up with banking institutions refusing to allow firearms businesses to open or operate accounts.  This is called corporate gun control and has been very quietly played, as the media has not said word one about the movement, something they would normally be very proud of.  Mastercard had funding platform Parton remove Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch ability to use Mastercard for his fundraising.  This appears to be connected to Mastercard’s use of the Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource to define who is and who is not running a hate operation.  Problem with the SPLC is that everything not a screaming leftist is by definition a hate group.  This is part of a larger trend to silence all dissenting voices and leave only leftists active in the public forums in the runup to 2018 and 2020.  Expect this to continue and get worse.  Some are fighting back in the political world.  The Louisiana Attorney General removed Citibank and Bank of America from funding $600 million in road financing for the state due to their hostility to the Second Amendment.  Both banks have recently changed policy and regulations to exclude gun owners and manufacturers from doing business with them.  The new rules and regulations essentially wrote democrat anti-gun demands following the Florida high school shooting in to corporate law.


  1. Primaries. Alaska primaries took place last week.  The hottest primary was for Republican gubernatorial nomination, won by Mike Dunleavy in a historic win.  Dunleavy is in a 3-way race (unless the democrats, unions and Bill Walker do something again).  Three primaries removed incumbent Republicans.  Two of those votes are too close to call.  A third was not.  Charisse Millett, who I like a lot, lost to a new challenger.  She was in tight races with democrats the last couple elections.  Eventually it caught up with her.  Gabrielle LeDoux, leader of the Musk Ox caucus who crossed the aisle to caucus with house democrats two years ago handing them an undeserved governing majority is currently down by three votes to a candidate who did not campaign or spend any money.  Pete Micciche whose latest claim to fame is leading the tobacco Nazis is currently down by 12 votes.  He will not be missed.  In the latter two races, absentee and questioned ballot counts will win or lose them their seats.  One outstanding thing in the primaries this year was big money play by Alaska unions in Republican primaries.  Some of their candidates won.  Some lost.  It is clear they want legislation for something.  I would expect it has to do the Janus decision out of the SCOTUS a couple months ago.


  1. Opening. The Katie John opinion was a Ninth Circus opinion that allowed the Department of the Interior to take over fish and game management on federal lands using the subsistence provisions of ANILCA as their excuse.  Then democrat governor Tony Knowles withdrew the State of Alaska from the appeals with prejudice meaning the issue can never be litigated in federal court again.  Katie John was a native elder who believed her race entitled her to put fish and game in the freezer without abiding by state rules for hunting and fishing.  Her native separatist lawyers thought they could get a better deal from the feds than they could from the state.  And the libs on the Ninth Circus got creative and gave them everything they asked for in a typically outrageous opinion.  25 years later, we have another who’s in charge of management of Alaskan waters case making its way through the federal courts.  This involves a moose hunter named John Sturgeon who used a hovercraft on rivers through the Yukon Charlie national wilderness area.  He ran across a couple newly minted and aggressive rangers who decided hovercrafts were illegal (feds say they are illegal, state of Alaska says they are legal), arrested him, hauled him back to Fairbanks, tried and convicted him.  Sturgeon appealed all the way to the SCOTUS who remanded the case back to the Ninth Circus to reconsider.  The Ninth Circus used the same creative rationale they used to create the Katie John opinion out of thin air and that rationale is about to make its way back to the SCOTUS a second time.  It is starting to dawn on the native separatists here in Alaska that their little game pitting the feds and the state against one another over subsistence may be in a bit of jeopardy and they are starting to make bleating noises in local media.  Me?  I’m making popcorn for the show.  Live by the creative Ninth Circus opinion.  Die by the creative Ninth Circus opinion.


  1. Great. It is always heartening when leftists run their mouths and let the rest of us know what they really think.  Two of those happened last week.  First was Beto O’Rourke, democrat candidate for US Senate running against Ted Cruz in Texas.  Beto opined in a speech in Fort Worth that NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem was not disrespectful and supported this sort of protest completely.  In a football-crazy state like Texas, this was an unforced error that Ted Cruz, in a tight race against Beto gleefully pounced on.  Second example came out of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, who takes exception with Trump’s Make America Great Again goal.  In a speech last week, Cuomo rejected that goal and went on to opine that America was never that great.  Cuomo has presidential aspirations.  President Trump jumped on this with both feet.  It is not often to see what is actually going on in the black little hearts of the political left.  Last week we got to see it twice.


  1. Catholics. Brilliant column out of Matthew Klavan in PJ Media regarding the burgeoning Catholic sexual abuse scandal.  Klavan, who comes out of the arts field points out that the scandal is not only a Catholic problem, it is also a gay problem, a big one.  What has been going on has been homosexual rape of young boys by male priests, arch bishops and cardinals.  As much as the media has been burying the reporting under the banner of pedophilia, the vast majority of individual acts have been man on boy rapes.  Klavan calls out a homosexual community that claims to desperately want to normalize itself in modern American society.  Once you want to normalize, you are no longer outlaws, no longer outside the overall American community.  And if and when you become part of normal American civilization, you must uphold its laws, morality and mores.  The gay community hasn’t and isn’t.  And its cheerleaders in the media are not demanding they do.  Time to belly up to the bar, guys.  You, along with the leftist Pope have a bit of housecleaning to do.  Either you are normal or you are not.  Pick a side.  Any side.


  1. Farms. The South African government has started seizing white-owned farms in South Africa.  While by definition racial payback decades after the Afrikaners gave up control of the government, this is more accurately an economic assault on property rights nationwide in South Africa, not unlike what Mugabe and his followers did when they took over the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.  By making the announcement, the government instantly destroyed all value on the farmer being targeted, as the owners are not able to sell them to any buyer of any color.  The government of Australia offered to resettle displaced farmers early on.  No word on how many people they will allow to immigrate or on what basis they will be allowed to do so.  Much like Venezuela did to their economy when they elected wannabee communist Hugo Chavez, the new South African government headed by the ANC has just set course toward a very predictable and destructive future.  The only question remaining is how long it will take and how many dead people will be manufactured during the festivities.

More later –

– AG


One thought on “Interesting Items 08/27”

  1. AG
    Here is what you wrote re the NM compound:
    “…is related to the Blind Cleric who led the initial attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. He is a 1993 unindicted co-conspirator and Linda Sarsour’s mentor.”
    The blind cleric did not lead the 93 WTC attack. In fact he actively discouraged the clowns that attended the mosque where he preached from attacking such targets. Now it is true he was a leader of the plot to kill Sadat but was acquitted by a jury in Egypt because when he said kill ceasar the jury said the prosecution didn’t connect ceasar with Sadat! The 93 WTC was planned by Ramzi Yousef nephew of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Traveling on an Iraqi passport with the name of a man who has lived in Kuwait. RY was from Baluchistan and from a family of terrorists who repeatedly went after Pakistani leaders. The WTC attack was on the anniversary of saddams surrender in gulf war 91–“few have spent any time determining what state sponsor or intel services were behind the attack,” as Massoud of Afghanistan’s Mujahadeen Northern Alliance repeatedly told us to examine. The sheik was a pawn between the USA state dept that wanted him kept in the USA to avoid ticking off Egypt while the FBI was tired of his threats and wanted him sent back to Egypt. Making him an unindicted co-conspirator made him look evil which he was and helped get him convicted—thanks Andy McCarthy! Remember Kunstler got an associate of the the 93 plotters off the hook re murdering Rabbi K in New York City. Said the commie Kuntsler “I had a third world jury” that just nailed his client for gun charges but not murder. These folks are indeed linked—but to the Muslim Brotherhood , the Muslim Student Alliance, as well as States such as Iran Syria Sudan as well at various times and places Iraq Libya North Korea Cuba China Russia Pakistan and Venezuela. But the blind sheik since going to hell when he died in federal custody did not plan the 93 terror attack on the WTC in 1993.

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