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Howdy all –

I have been writing this brief summary of conservatism on the web since 1997.  It is as much to figure out how things work as it is to inspire, explain and pump up those of us on various places of the conservative spectrum as anything else.

Over the years, I have drifted a bit more libertarian (and I have gleefully used Losertarian early and often over the years).  I would like to use a quotation from Robert A. Heinlein taken from the Diaries of Lazarus Long first seen in his Time Enough for Love (1974) as the best explanation of what this blog is about as anything else I can find right now.

“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

Welcome to II.  Poke around a bit.  have fun.  And welcome to the fight.  Cheers –

– AG