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  1. Organizing
  2. Promise
  3. Insanity
  4. PA Supremes
  5. Cape Town
  6. Zimbabwe

  1. Organizing. One of the fascinating things about the most recent round of anti-gun hysteria has been the success of the left organizing the students, families of the killed, into what they believe to a viable political force.  The organization appears to have started with the local NEA chapter in Broward County, reported to be among the most militant of NEA local chapters.  Their organization got time off from school for the protesters, training for the protesters, busses for trips to Tallahassee.  The next round of protests are to be held at a March 24 rally in DC called “March For Our Lives.”  Organizers for this media show include but are not limited to Planned Parenthood (aren’t the school shootings simply very late term abortions?), Mom’s Demand Action, Gun Sense in America, Move On, and The Women’s March.  The Women’s March applied for the permit, expecting half a million in attendance.  Everytown for Gun Safety, a Bloomberg backed outfit recently received a $1 million donation.  The leftist groups are helping with organizing, logistics, security, and portable toilets.  Gabby Giffords and her husband will be playing a central role.  All of this organizing is aimed on pumping up turnout for the midterms, now that we no longer have O’Bama and his band of race-baiting vermin stirring up the black community.  Their goal is to carry the momentum through November.  I think it is too early, but what do I know?    For now, the most important thing to remember about this is that it is not spontaneous.  Whatever public grief the survivors, their families, and the families of the deceased had has been long since co-opted by democrat desire to turn out the vote in November.  Might be a good idea not to forget this.


  1. Promise. Over the course of last week, we learned more about the PROMISE (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports & Education) program.  This was an O’Bama – Holder brain fart that started in 2014, led by the Broward County school district superintendent imported from Chicago.  County Sherriff Scott Israel was in full-throated, enthusiastic support.  As I wrote last week, the program essentially had law enforcement and school officials looking the other direction when minority students committed criminal acts in the public schools.  Its foundation was standard O’Bama-holder garbage, blaming high crime rates for minorities on racism rather than single parent homes and lack of fathers in those homes.  Here is the actual language of the program (parental language warning):

The PROMISE Program (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports & Education) represents the most comprehensive thinking available to address socially unacceptable or illegal behavior, targeting both short and long term academic success, aligning best practice models and Restorative Justice principles, and developing pro-social and resiliency skills. PROMISE, while addressing the behavior specific to the youth, is committed to addressing family and community circumstances that serve as both strengths and challenges for the youth’s resiliency. PROMISE is an intervention-based program designed to correct student behavior that violates Policy 5.8 and/or Policy 5006, Suspension and Expulsion. PROMISE utilizes a comprehensive set of supports and education. The intent of PROMISE is to safeguard the student from entering the judicial system.

This is leftism on steroids.  Not only does it make the public schools more dangerous, but it also garbages up the background check system by never entering criminal activities committed by fledgling criminals.  And it is not the only landmine left on the body politic by the last regime.


  1. Insanity. An Alaska House committee held a hearing last week on HB 75, legislation offered by Rep. Geran Tarr, one of the nastiest pieces of work in the Alaska legislature.  The bill will make it easier for a family member, doctor, concerned outsider, to go to a judge, find a person a danger to himself (this rarely happens to women these days), and the State will get to seize his firearms and ammunition.  Best of all, he doesn’t even need to be at the hearing or be notified about it taking place.  Think of the door this unlocks for the left, who believe that anyone who disagrees with them are insane.  Tarr hearkens back to the Good Old Days of the Soviet Union whose government employed doctors found dissidents mentally ill and committed them to the Gulag.  We’ve seen this sort of redefinition running rampant here in the US, where the American Psychiatric Association decided in 1975 that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness.  In 2005, they did the same thing with transgender.  How long before this politicized hard left organization decides that firearms ownership is a mental illness?  How long before being a Trump supporter is considered the same thing?  Better yet, we can apply this to anyone with a religious affiliation.  With this legislation, all they have to do is make a blanket finding, and there will be a left-wing judge spring loaded to start signing weapons seizure orders.  And they can probably do it with the state chapter of the organization.  What a great way to steal civil rights.  What other constitutional rights can we apply this worldview to?  Right to vote?  Right to an abortion?  Right to peaceably assemble?  Right to worship as you see fit?  Right to speak?  I don’t think Tarr or her fellow co-sponsors Harriet Drummond and Ivy Sponholtz (all democrat house members) are thinking this all the way through.  Perhaps they have, as it will significantly change the game in their direction.


  1. PA Supremes. Democrats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court entered the 2018 election campaign via a new redistricting map which may turn over as many as five House seats currently held by Republicans.  One of the first things they did following election of three new democrat members in 2015 was take democrat cases asking them to overturn the state redistricting map drawn by Republicans in 2011.  Under that map, Republicans hold a 13 – 5 majority in the House of Representatives.  Granted, the map was Gerrymandered.  The new democrat majority by a 5 – 2 party line vote determined that it was indeed unconstitutional, threw it out in January and demanded the state create a new one.  Otherwise, they threatened to create one of their own.  Given that the state legislature is comfortably in Republican hands and the governor is a democrat, all the governor had to do was nothing and allow the Pennsylvania Supremes to usurp the authority of the legislature in this matter.  And usurp they did, producing a map a couple weeks ago just as hostile to Republicans as the one they decided was so hostile to democrats as to be deemed unconstitutional.  The map needs to be in place for the 2018 campaign which is already under way with hundreds of thousands of dollars raised and spent by congress critters running for election.  It is always good to be God Kings, especially democrat God Kings.  I wonder if the legislature is up to impeachment and removal from office for being partisan hacks, because that is what these black-robed tyrants most certainly have become.  They had better be.  The PA legislature is appealing the opinion and order to the SCOTUS.  We will see what happens next.


  1. Cape Town. A drought in dry parts of the world is not an uncommon or even a particularly dangerous event.  Unfortunately, when you politicize taking care of your residents, it gets expensive and perhaps even deadly.  Such is the case in Cape Town, South Africa, in the midst of a 311-year drought.  They have been watching reservoirs dry up for years, but the incompetence and corruption of the African National Congress (ANC) led government is such that nothing much has been done.  They are staring down the barrel of what is being called Day Zero, the day the water runs out.  One of my childhood memories was going to a central water distribution point with a grandmother to collect water during a massive drought in north Texas in the mid to late 1950s.  Their solution?  Build a bunch of reservoirs around north and east Texas so that there would never be a problem again.  Water tastes a bit green, but it is abundant.  Not so in Cape Town, which has grown to 3.7 – 4.5 million in recent years.  As with California, the infrastructure hasn’t kept up.  Recent articles, especially in the UK Independent blames the problem on manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions, aka “climate change.”  South Africa long had a close working relationship with Israel during apartheid.  Since Mandela and the rise of the ANC, that relationship has fallen apart.  The worldwide expert in desalinization today is Israel, which has managed to create an abundant water supply in the heart of a desert with a combination of conservation and desalinization techniques.  They are even assisting the Palestinians with desalinization technology.  Now, here’s the funny part:  The ANC turned down Israeli offers to assist with their water problem over solidarity with Hamas, the PLO and Palestinians.  They have been doing it for years.  The funny part comes when you consider the notion that the very people the ANC claims to be supporting with their actions are accepting help and expertise from Israel.  Funnier still, the ANC in their divine wisdom decided to ask Iran for help even though the most recent round of anti-regime protests is about water shortages in Iran.


  1. Zimbabwe. South Africa looks to be on the verge of traveling the same road so (un)successfully blazed by Robert Mugabe and his gang of racist thugs in Zimbabwe over the last half century.  The most recent example is a move in the South African parliament to start stealing land from white South African farmers without compensation.  Mugabe did this in Zimbabwe, the former breadbasket of Africa, for decades with the predictable result.  The excuse was to get even with “… the criminals who stole our land…”  Also, in the speech was the line “The time for reconciliation is over.  Now is the time for justice.  We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”  Today, whites own 72% of all farmland in South Africa.  I predict a mass request for immigration from South African farmers who don’t want to be murdered for simply being white.  The ANC and current president are fully onboard with this legal racial theft.  Want to destroy the economy of a nation?  Expropriation based on the race of the targeted is rarely exceeded.  Happily (/sarc), the leader of this call for racial theft is “… not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now.”  But it has already began, as last year more than 70 white farmers were killed in 340 attacks featuring rape, extreme brutality and torture.  This is going to get really, really ugly before it ends, with a lot of dead people, most of them black.

More later –

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