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In this issue:

  1. Hate
  2. Shooter
  3. Failure
  4. Burn Paper
  5. LGBT
  6. Vouchers
  7. NOAA

  1. Hate. The latest episode of media-led Two-Minutes Hate is aimed squarely at the NRA and with it, gun owners and firearms users.  Foot soldiers in the well-organized and funded media panic are students at Marjory Stoneman Douglass HS in Parkland (Broward County), FL.  They also include family and friends of the deceased.  CNN held what they called a “Town Hall” but was the best replay of an old Nazi rally (sans uniforms) where CNN wrote anti-gun questions and had a grand old time orchestrating cat-calls, and general abuse of Dana Loesch who represented the NRA and Senator Marco Rubio.  The well-organized students and the media entourage made their way to Tallahassee to demand immediate action from the Florida Legislature which immediately refused to ban anything.  In true Alinsky manner, the media and democrats selected the NRA as its target, froze it, and are well into their destroy it phase.  Going to be difficult to do, but they will give it a try.  Over the weekend, the bombardment of businesses and corporations that do business with the NRA or give deals to NRA members by the democrat bot network feeding FakeBook, Twitter, e-mail, social and other media platforms started showing successes, as companies started dropping NRA-related incentives to do business with them.  The Board Rooms of these businesses are filled with either people who agree with the democrats or would just as soon rather not fight the orchestrated Two-Minutes Hate.  Either way, appeasement worked out so well for Neville Chamberlin.  As of this writing, list of newly politicized players includes Delta and United Air Lines (I guess they will no longer be arming their pilots), First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec, Met Life, and a number of rent car corporations (Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo and National).  So far, the mob action works.  So far.


  1. Shooter. Turns out that the shooter, like all other non-Muslim mass shooters over the last couple decades was on mood-altering drugs, this case anti-depressants.  He was also reported to be bullied at school by the very people who he returned to school trying to kill.  Somehow, in the publicly orchestrated Two-Minutes-Hate against the NRA, this little fact was quickly and conveniently forgotten.  There was one report over the weekend that he had some sympathies with ISIS.  I have at least one verification of that report.  Keep looking for this, as it will be well and completely buried should it have any truth whatsoever.


  1. Failure. Finally, this shooting, like many others, was a failure of government at all levels, starting with the FIB, going to the county and School District involved.  Haven’t seen a lot of blame cast at the State of Florida yet, but given that Florida Governor Rick Scott is running for US Senator against Bill Nelson (D, FL), I expect more than a little will be tossed his direction.  Local law enforcement had at least 37 encounters / visits with this kid.  There was never an arrest.  The FIB was called at least twice on fears that he was going to be a school shooter and did nothing.  The local Sherriff, Israel, who led the charge blaming the NRA for the shooting, had up to 7 men on site able to do something that chose not to.  The School Resource Officer spent more time counseling troubled youth than controlling their actions.  There was something called a Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline between the county School Board, the county Sherriff, the Fort Lauderdale NAA(L)CP that established “new standards” of discipline where local law enforcement would seek alternatives to arresting students who had committed crimes or “minor disturbances”, with an emphasis on students of color, disabled, and LGBT.  Essentially this was a get out of jail free operation for minorities to do anything they wanted to do without fear of arrest.  Here’s the funny part:  When you hear politicians bellowing about better background checks, those background checks are only as good as the data put into the database.  And if we have a bunch of students who have never been arrested because of their color or sexual orientation, that background check data never makes it to the database and is not available.  Essentially, the O’Bama / Holder / Lynch view of the world that minorities are the way they are because of centuries of discrimination, and we must make amends for that discrimination by never holding them to the same level of conduct that the rest of us are expected to be held to, has effectively gutted the background check database by never arresting students that should have been arrested.  One of them was Trayvon Martin.  In this episode, a problem created by incompetent government will not be solved by more incompetent government.  Broward County has a real mess on its hands, with a School Superintendent imported from Chicago and a Sherriff who observed last week that “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.”  Before we start falling all over ourselves writing new restrictions on firearms, perhaps we ought to clean up Broward County first.


  1. Burn Paper. Published in the Journal of Geology early February, a pair of papers and supplementary materials documenting widespread fires following the Younger Dryas event.  Title and abstract follow.  Well worth you time to read.


Extraordinary Biomass-Burning Episode and Impact Winter Triggered by the Younger Dryas Cosmic Impact ∼12,800 Years Ago.


The Younger Dryas boundary (YDB) cosmic-impact hypothesis is based on considerable evidence that Earth collided with fragments of a disintegrating ≥ 100-km-diameter comet, the remnants of which persist within the inner solar system ∼ 12,800 y later. Evidence suggests that the YDB cosmic impact triggered an “impact winter” and the subsequent Younger Dryas (YD) climate episode, biomass burning, late Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions, and human cultural shifts and population declines. The cosmic impact deposited anomalously high concentrations of platinum over much of the Northern Hemisphere, as recorded at 26 YDB sites at the YD onset, including the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 ice core, in which platinum deposition spans ∼ 21 y ( ∼ 12,836 – 12,815 cal BP). The YD onset also exhibits increased dust concentrations, synchronous with the onset of a remarkably high peak in ammonium, a biomass-burning aerosol. In four ice-core sequences from Greenland, Antarctica, and Russia, similar anomalous peaks in other combustion aerosols occur, including nitrate, oxalate, acetate, and formate, reflecting one of the largest biomass-burning episodes in more than 120,000 y. In support of widespread wild fires, the perturbations in CO2 records from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, suggest that biomass burning at the YD onset may have consumed ∼ 10 million km2,or ∼ 9% of Earth’s terrestrial bio-mass. The ice record is consistent with YDB impact theory that extensive impact-related biomass burning triggered the abrupt onset of an impact winter, which led, through climatic feedbacks, to the anomalous YD climate episode.


  1. LGBT. One of the most important Rules of Engagement in the political world is to follow the money, always follow the money.  I have long wondered about the money behind the LGBT movement, particularly the relatively new transgender movement, with us as a political movement for perhaps a decade.  Breitbart last Wednesday carried a story tracing perhaps $400 million in funding for transgender ideology coming from transgender donors, and a variety of investors in drug, surgery and healthcare industries.  The last three all stand to profit handsomely from medical intervention with the sufferers of sexual confusion.  The ideology requires governments silence women when men invade their bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, sports and civic groups.  Men are required to keep quiet when women claim to be men.  And parents, doctors, reporters, researchers, surgeons are all required to be quiet in the face of a growing body of evidence that ideology and associated medical treatments are hazardous to the health and mental stability of the subjects.  An entire ideology based on the phrase “shut up.”  Funding for these issues and ideology has grown eight times between 2003 – 2013.  This is another well-funded assault on societal norms, turning people who would have been previously diagnosed as mentally ill into victims.  And doing this to children is the very definition of child abuse.


  1. Vouchers. Wisconsin has been in a six-year long fight over an attempt to start a voucher program in Milwaukee public schools, called the school choice program.  The program immediately met with opposition from the O’Bama (In)Justice Department with claims it discriminated against the disabled.  As it turns out, liberal opponents in local  ACLU and Disability Rights organizations had their lawyers coordinate with O’Bama lawyers in Do(In)J to oppose the program.  Nearly 30,000 children participate in the program.  The local lawyers and their groups drummed up complaints, long enough for the feds at (In)Justice to keep the inquiry open for four years even though state and federal officials were not legally empowered to remedy the complaints in private schools.  This is yet another example of the investigation being the punishment, as the costly investigation took resources that would have been better spent educating the children.  But control of education money by the left is as vital as control of blood by a vampire, and the feds had no problem working with and being led by local advocates.  Shoot, they do this all the time at the EPA.  Why should this be a surprise with education?


  1. NOAA. The data dinks at NOAA are busily at work, adjusting temperature records to erase extreme temperature events, most recently the big freeze in the NE US.  Technique as usual is to adjust past temperatures to look colder than they actually were, and recent temperatures to look warmer.  Unlike past adjustments, this one was a whopping 3.1 degrees F.  NOAA was caught when they adjusted a particularly cold winter in NY 2013/14.  At the end of that winter, NOAA wrote that the winter of 2013 – 2014 finished as one of the coldest winters in recent memory.  By this year, NOAA data adjustments moved that winter to only the 30th coldest winter since 1895 in NY.  On average, mean temps in Jan. 2014 were 2.7 F lower than 1943.  By the time data adjustments were finished, that number was 0.9 F.  The same treatment was applied to this January’s temperatures, which were 1.0 – 1.7 F colder than 1943.  After NOAA was finished, January was 2.1 F warmer.  The Trump administration did a good thing cutting the budget of these clowns as they are letting their glowarmer advocacy run away with their assigned task of simply recording observations over time.

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