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1.  Excuses
2.  Coup
3.  Immunity
4.  McKinsey
5.  Alzheimer’s
7.  Trans
8.  97%

1.  Excuses.  Several things happened following Dementia Hitler’s abysmal performance during the debate.  None of them were good.  The WH started hourly excuse making.  Big money democrat donors pulled their contributions to Biden’s presidential campaign, swinging those donations to congressional and down ballot races.  This move is a problem, as Nate Silver’s Silver Report last week reported that his polling shows every single democrat senatorial candidate ahead in their races.  A few were tied.  Not gonna permanently change anything if voters choose a divided government for the next two (or four) years.  And if I were a democrat, I would be making precisely that case.  What better way to control Orange Hitler than making sure he can’t pass anything?  Final piece is the impending coup to remove Dementia Hitler from the top of the ticket.  More on that later.  In honor of the WH incessant excuse making for the poor performance, I present a clip from the Blues Brothers in which the sadly departed John Belushi gives multiple excuses to Carrie Fisher, whom he left at the altar on her wedding day.  The excuses come almost as fast as her semi-auto gunfire.  She is highly irritated and well-armed, having made multiple murder attempts throughout the movie.  Belushi missed his calling.  He would have made a great WH press secretary for this regime.

2.  Coup.  This all leaves democrats in an interesting position, with a candidate overwhelmingly voted on by democrats (around 87%) in the primaries to get the 2024 nomination.  How to remove him, especially when his inner circle (Jill and Hunter) don’t want him to go?  When to remove him?  And most importantly, who to replace him with?  I think the last part is easy, as Kamala will retain a spot on the ticket either as President or VP.  If she is VP, the campaign will tell every voter that a vote for Joe is actually a vote for Kamala.  As much as Gavin Newsom wants the nomination, there is no way in a very hot place that he will ever be nominated.  Why?  He’s a white guy in a DEI party.  The number two on the ticket will be one of the midwestern swing state governors (Whitmer or Schaffer) or Pritzker (IL).  When to remove Biden is a more difficult question, as it depends entirely on his willingness to step down.  And if he refuses to step down, he reinforces the health question following the debate:  If Biden is this bad, who is actually running things?  It also creates a new question:  If he is stepping down from the campaign due to health issues, why is he still president?  Final question is how to remove him?  We’ve seen this once before, with Nixon in 1974, forced out by a combination of CIA / Intel community, media and democrats on the DC Circuit and in congress.  Given his past history, don’t expect Biden to do anything for the good of the nation.  That hasn’t been a goal of his for over 50 years in public life, and it’s sure not going to start today.  A lot of these machinations will be going on behind the scenes.  For example, Biden’s taped interview with George Stephanopoulos Friday was intended as a media kill shot to remove him.  Orange Biden was awful, though slightly less awful than he was on the debate stage, so he made no progress.  Too early to see if that kill shot was successful.  As of this writing, Biden support among democrat congress critters is starting to crumble like a sandcastle in waves.  A photo op of democrat governors at the WH late last week had them strongly onboard with Biden continuing his campaign.  The biggest story of this impending coup is the near lockstep coverup of Biden’s actual health since 2019 by democrats, his WH staff and the media for the last six years.  Everybody knew and nobody reported. 

3.  Immunity.  One of the most important opinions out of SCOTUS was announced last Monday in Trump v United States.  The 6-3 majority found that presidents have absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions within his constitutional authority.  There is no immunity for unofficial acts.  SCOTUS then sent the case back to the trial court (Judge Chutkan) for additional work on the question.  The president is entitled to pretrial hearing(s) on any immunity claim.  Results of the hearing(s) can be appealed all the way to SCOTUS.  There is a lot to unpack here, as both this opinion and the Fischer Jan 6 opinion essentially throw out all four Jack Smith indictments against Trump in front of Judge Chutkan.  Both Chutkan and the DC circuit fast tracked their analysis of Trump’s immunity claim, finding against the claim without doing the work to analyze whether the claim was constitutional or not.  The fast tracking was done in an attempt to get a Trump conviction before Nov 5.  SCOTUS rightfully scolded both Chutkan and the DC Circuit for not doing their work.  Looks like they are both going to get another opportunity to do their job.  In his concurring opinion Justice Thomas questioned the legality of Jack Smith’s appointment as a Special Counsel, pointing out that he wasn’t congressionally approved, something that the Trump legal team will use early and often.  Judge Cannon in Florida has already heard arguments on the legality of appointing Smith.  Thomas only threw gasoline on that fire.  As of this writing, there is no way Smith or Chutkan can finesse claims of presidential immunity to ensure a conviction before election day, even though Justice Barrett did seem to give Smith a roadmap to get a conviction.  That roadmap noted that they simply needed to concentrate on any unofficial acts by Trump as candidate rather than Trump as president.  I don’t mind that Barrett did this, as it is a blindingly obvious path.  Reaction on the mentally ill left was led by Justice Sotomayor’s hysterical minority opinion, claiming that the majority just decided that a president is completely unbound from both the law and the constitution, reconfirming that the democrat party these days is the party of bat$#it crazy women. 

4.  McKinsey.  The next few items illustrate how corrupt everything in the US is these days.  One of Scott Adams efforts over the last couple years has been to point out corruption everywhere we look – public health, DEI, lawfare, intel community, FBI, etc.  If you listen to the left, the only thing not corrupt are elections, with 51+ independent election systems individually and collectively clean as freshly fallen snow.  This pristine system is the very same election system(s) they have been busily corrupting for decades, using everything from hanging chads in 2000 to mail-in ballots and drop boxes during the COVID years of 2020.  And they are still at it.  But back to corruption everywhere else.  First example comes out of Econ Journal Watch which published a 30-page paper in March that concluded studies published by consulting giant McKinsey & Company in 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2023 claiming positive economic benefit for companies adopting DEI policies were garbage.  Worse, none of the results could be verified, nor could the conclusions.  The Federalist published an initial story on the analysis in April and it was reprised by the Daily Signal last week, which is where I picked it up.  This is a really big deal, as McKinsey is considered to be the Gold Standard in the consulting world.  Their recommendations are invariably followed with little pushback or few questions.  To discover they are simply making it up as they go with regards to DEI guts their credibility.  Happily, it is yet another coffin nail in the casket carrying the quickly decomposing corpse of DEI in the business and government worlds.  Want DEI?  Great.  What you will get is incompetence, something the Biden WH and campaign are finding out in excruciating detail today.  DEI makes it all but impossible to fire a DEI hire, something being painfully learned by democrats having to deal with Biden’s DEI hire as VP. 

5.  Alzheimer’s.  A new story on Alzheimer’s research led me to a 2019 piece in Stat blaming lack of progress in solving the disease on a cabal of insiders.  The current story reported indictment of a medial professor at CUNY, who was a paid collaborator with Cassava Sciences, a pharmaceutical corporation.  The prof has been accused of fabricating data and conclusions to favor a new drug now in Phase III trials.  He was indicted last week for falsifying data to fraudulently obtain $16 million in federal research funding.  This guy has been under the gun since 2021 when 31 misconduct allegations were filed against him.  The report allowed me to uncover the 2019 Stat piece The maddening saga of how an Alzheimer’s ‘cabal’ thwarted progress toward a cure for decades.  Essentially, the piece details how doctors, scientists and public health officials actively suppressed all research, all funding, publications, and discussion of alternate treatments for Alzheimer’s.  What is an alternate treatment?  Anything outside the currently accepted approach.  Remember what happened during COVID, where NAIID, NIH, FDA, DHHS all went out of their way to suppress every single alternate approach to containing the airborne virus.  The medical community has been doing this for a long, long time.  Every time they do it, Americans needlessly die.  But at least they get to remain in charge, that is until enraged citizens with torches, pitchforks and ropes show up. 

6.  NIAID.  Third corruption story comes out of Fauci’s former plaything, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  NIAID funded COVID gain of function research by the CCP, Wuhan Lab and the Red Army.  They lied about it and conspired with the FBI and intel community to censor all questions on their participation in the deadly research.  Turns out that COVID was not their only plaything, as they had their grubby little paws on doing the same thing with monkeypox (MPXV).  In testimony before the House energy and Commerce Committee, NIAID funded gain of function research into monkeypox with the goal to make it a more potent virus.  Two variants were researched.  The West African variant was less lethal.  The Congolese variant was both more transmissible and deadly.  There were brief monkeypox scares in the US 2022 – 2023.  Research was initially approved in 2015.  Both HHS and NIH intentionally misled congress in written correspondence about gene transfer experiments on at least five occasions over 17 months.  So far, NIH refuses to provide any documentation to back their claims that gain of function research was not being done. 

7.  Trans.  Our final corruption story today is the exercise in using children to support mental illness of parents and educrats (Munchausen’s By Proxy).  As an aside, calling this Munchausen’s may be far too generous.  It is better viewed as simple child sacrifice, not unlike what the Aztecs did half a millennia ago.  The only thing missing is holding the beating heart up to the Sun God, something they will probably get to in the not-too-distant future.  A small kerfuffle took place a couple weeks ago when Rachel Levine, Assistant DHHS Secretary opined that there ought not to be any age limit on medical treatment for transitioning children.  There was the expected public blowback and the politicians in the Dementia Hitler WH got themselves involved, crawfishing backwards as quickly as humanly possible.  By week’s end, they had reversed their position completely, officially coming out against this sort of medical malpractice.  Levine retains his position and has not been fired.  Expect him to continue to garbage up the medical system as long as he retains his office.  

8.  97%.  Numbers are important, especially when they describe (however poorly) what we perceive as reality.  For example, when polling, regardless of what is being polled, we generally end up with about 25% of those polled ready, willing and able to give the wrong answer regardless of question asked. When that number gets smaller, it is time to start looking closer.  For example, we have the fantabulous claim that 97% of all scientists agree with the climate change hoax.  That number is supposed to be intimidating, intentionally so.  But what does that 97% actually mean?  Does it describe data, analysis or conclusions?  Hardly.  What it describes are the number of people willing to go along with the flow (not unlike what we saw in previous items about Alzheimer’s and DEI.  When you see an agreement number that high, it tells you that nobody wants to speak out against the majority opinion.  It describes lack of active engagement rather than active agreement. 

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