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1.  Campaign
2.  Laptop
3.  Subpoena
4.  Hunter
5.  Cristin
6.  Protest
7.  Young Thug

1.  Campaign.  Several campaign-oriented observations for your consideration this morning.  Most of these are sourced in the talk and podcast world, so actual links will be few and far between.  These are presented as battlespace prep more than anything else.

  • As the campaign stands today, men of all races are swinging hard to Trump, abandoning the woman and soy-boy party democrats have become.  Media is trying very hard not to report that men are moving, so they break various categories down racially, which is their reportage sweet spot.  An alternate view was floated over the weekend that parsed the move toward Trump as one based on age, with the under-50 crowd swinging hard Trump while the over 50-crowd swinging (or staying) Biden.  I tend not to believe this much, as most of the oldsters are Boomers, the same Boomers who gave Reagan two landslide victories and followed it by electing Bush 41 who promptly squandered his gift.
  • I always hate counting electoral votes this early but ran across an interesting discussion toward the end of last week.  Given current polling, Trump has several paths to 270+ Electoral Votes (EVs).  Biden in 2020 peeled off several midwestern states that Trump won in 2016 – MI, WI, PA.  He also picked up AZ and GA.  Looks like Trump won back GA (depending on election irregularities blessed by GA Secretary of State Raffensperger).  He is competitive in VA and MN and seems to be ahead in NV and AZ.  If you do the math, Trump has multiple paths to victory.  Biden has a single one.  He has to retain what he won in 2020, lose GA and AZ.  If he does this, the race comes down to three states – MI, WI and PA.  Win those three, and he wins reelection 270 – 268. 
  • Using that math, the entire campaign comes down to those three states.  Expect democrats to split their $1 billion in campaign dollars three ways, spend $300 million in each state, carpet bombing them with ads.  Abortion worked really well for democrats in MI and PA in 2022, so expect to hear a lot about it.  If this math is correct, 3 gubernatorial campaigns with Biden (or whomever is the democrat presidential candidate) running as the proxy governor.  Trump is countering this by campaigning in black churches in Detroit like he did over the weekend. 
  • Biden’s Alzheimer’s may or may not be accelerating.  His handlers may be able to modify his sleep cycle and pump him sufficiently full of drugs so that he is reasonably coherent during some or most of the first debate in a couple weeks.  But they may not.  Trump has taken criticism to agreeing with all the campaign demands for the debate, but I think fighting and winning this on Biden’s own ground and under his own rules is not a bad strategy.  One observation from those of us who have gone thru the awful journey of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or similar mental deterioration is that touch becomes increasingly important to the sufferer as the brain turns off.  In many cases, it is one of the only things that is left toward the end.  And it was touch in a couple instances that people got Biden’s attention when he froze up during his Juneteenth Hollywood fundraiser over the weekend.  How long they can continue to do this is anybody’s guess.
  • If and when democrats decide to replace Biden, expect the replacement will be some combination of governors from the three important swing states along with JB Pritzker from IL.  Watch these four names:  Pritzker (IL), Witmer (MI), Shapiro (PA), Evers (WI).  All four are committed democrats.  All four put on the moderate mask Biden wore so well in 2020.  All are used to pushing every single demagogic button democrat women need to hysterically turn out to vote.  Pritzker is particularly dangerous, for as a billionaire (Hyatt Hotels), he is able to fun his own campaign.  The Pritzker family has been in the forefront of funding and pushing the LGBTQWTF / trans machine in recent years. 

2.  Laptop.  Hunter Biden was found guilty of three felonies for lying on BATFE forms necessary for him to purchase his firearm.  One of the things that federal prosecutors did during the trial was introduce his laptop, the same laptop 51 intel community liars claimed was Russian disinformation, as evidence, certified by the FBI, the same FBI that refused to certify the laptop during the 2020 campaign.  Introducing the laptop as evidence unlocks its use for future trials.  It also puts every single intel community liar and every single FBI and (In)Justice employee who touched it and lied about it at risk for future prosecution under a Trump (In)Justice Department.  There is no statute of limitations for RICO prosecution.  At a minimum, on day one, all the clearances of those involved should be pulled.  Yes, the FBI requires clearances. 

3.  Subpoena.  Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has been running roughshod over the lives of Trump officials and supporters is now up to bat and will have an interesting time avoiding time in Club Fed should the election go poorly for his party.  With Peter Navarro currently in jail and Steve Bannon ordered to report to jail July 1 for ignoring House Jan 6 Committee subpoenas, we are about to see yet another demonstration of dual tracks of justice based on your political affiliation.  Bannon and Navarro both claimed executive privilege.  These claims were ignored by the courts.  Last week, the House issued a subpoena against Garland.  Garland refused to comply, also citing executive privilege.  Should Trump win and Republicans retain a majority in the House after November 5, Garland will be prosecuted and will be jailed.  His lackeys in Do(In)J who backed this approach will also be removed from federal service, hopefully harshly.  For his part, looks like House Speaker Johnson is on track to revoke the two subpoenas that Navarro and Bannon were jailed under.  Nice to see a backbone coming out of the House.

4.  Hunter.  As previously mentioned, Hunter Biden was convicted on three felonies for firearms purchase by a federal jury in Delaware.  His next trial will be for tax evasion in LA.  Now that the laptop is official evidence, these will not be the only crimes prosecuted, as the laptop was full of documentation on how the Biden crime family operates.  For his part, Biden, who has long proclaimed Hunter’s innocence refused to pardon him.  Expect that pardon to happen shortly after he is removed from the ticket as a candidate or on election day, whichever happens last.  Will be interesting to see how many other pardons he issues for the remaining members of his crime family. 

5.  Cristin.  The WNBA is a women’s professional basketball league playing for the last 27 years.  The women’s game is a different basketball game from what the men do.  Most of it being played below the rim rather than above it.  The league is fully subsidized by the larger NBA and has been losing money since day one.  Over the years, players, executives, owners, and wokester sports reporters have bemoaned the lack of public support, wearing their victimhood like a crown. A funny thing happened to that victimhood last year, with the emergence of a skinny country girl from Iowa in the college game.  Caitlin Clark is a six foot guard who figured out how to score shooting 3-point shots.  She has been called the female Steph Curry.  Curry was the guy who brought that skill to the NBA, changing the game and winning a few championships for the Golden State Warriors.  Clark was a scoring machine in High School and carried those skills into her four years at Iowa.  She ended up getting her team well into the national tournament and broke the scoring record for college players as a senior.  Upon graduation, she was drafted by WNBA Indiana Fever.  During last December, former NBA players covering NBA and other basketball started noticing her, her expertise, and scoring.  They led a wave of public interest in her and Iowa women’s basketball for the rest of the season.  That notoriety and popularity grew during the year and followed her into the WNBA.  Ratings soared.  Viewers soared as did ticket sales.  Teams started getting charter jets for travel rather than commercial tickets.  Great response, right?  Not so fast, as the ladies of the league almost universally reacted as if she was stealing their limelight and responded with physical play, not unlike what we saw from the Detroit Pistons of the late 1980s or in the greater NBA during that time.  These days, we don’t generally see that sort of stuff outside the playoffs and people who participate regularly get tossed from games.  The difference in the WNBA today is that the hard fouls and cheap shots were mostly ignored by the officials, opposing coaches, her own teammates, and the league itself.  The kid has been getting beat up.  In the NBA, when a new, young hotshot comes in, they get to prove what they do on the court, generally without getting beat up while they do it.  Why?  Good basketball is their meal ticket, and you don’t do anything to impede the cash flow which is their bottom line.  The ladies don’t view Clark that way, apparently believing she is not worthy of public attention because they were there first.  As a further insult, she was left off the women’s Olympic team this time around, though there were 4 rookies selected over the last 27 years.  Clark has brought public interest to the league and made it more popular.  This means more money in everyone’s pockets, yet the players, coaches, referees and league officials don’t seem to want that, opting for their comfortable mantle of victimhood, whining for more attention, while beating the crap out of the one player who has demonstrably improved their bottom line every chance they get.  What to do?  In the old NBA world, the solution to thug-ball is simply to win.  And do it every chance you get.  This looks like Clark’s approach.  Should the ladies successfully chase her away, they will destroy public interest in their league for a generation.  And it will serve them right.

6.  Protest.  Americans are creative, especially when the Powers That Be demand they genuflect to their moral betters.  As it is LGBTQWTF month, we are seeing an increasing number of youngsters, generally young men in fast cars and scooters, burn rubber and put skid marks on rainbow street murals.  Of course, if you don’t want tire tracks on your artwork, you probably shouldn’t put that art on streets.  Law enforcement is generally shocked, simply shocked at such an act, condemning them as hate crimes and going after the perpetrators with the full force of the law.  The most recent of these was in Spokane, with three teens arrested June 5 for using Lime scooters to scuff up a pride flag crosswalk.  Washington State has a new hate crime law that carries a maximum of five years in prison for such an offense.  I guess hate crimes are in the eye of the beholder these days, as you can take a spray paint can to any statue, painting, Jewish storefront, police station, or anything else without local law enforcement even blinking an eye.  The Lime scooter company promises to reprogram their scooters and e-bikes so they shut down at the pride murals and force the riders to walk the vehicles across.  Nice to see priorities in all the right places.

7.  Young Thug.  There are some real odd things going on in Georgia state courts.  Last week’s was arrest of the defense attorney for rapper Young Thug in court for contempt, and ordered to serve 10 weekends in jail.  The attorney’s offence?  He confronted the Judge in court about secret meetings with the prosecution and a witness during the trial.  The rapper is being tried for gang connections, and participation in a murder in one of the longest running trials in Georgia history.  The attorney was arrested for refusing to divulge the name of the witness who reported the secret meetings.  Assist a possibly corrupt judge in messenger shooting or you go to jail?  Lovely.

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