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1.  Bragg
2.  Smith
3.  TikTok
4.  1864
5.  PGMs
6.  Antisemitism
7.  Rape
8.  NPR
9.  BSA

1.  Bragg.  Despite the orchestrated theatrics associated with bringing porn star Stormy Daniels to the stand, NY prosecutor Alvin Bragg and his Bidenite prosecutor Matthew Colangelo (formerly #3 at (In)Justice), the Trump legal team had themselves quite the week.  Daniels testimony was only intended to titillate the jury and personally damage Trump.  I don’t think it worked, as she came across as a liar, a law breaker, and someone who’s previous agreements are irrelevant, something Bragg’s prosecution team doesn’t seem to be interested in.  Note that Daniels still has a $500,000 judgment against her payable to Trump that she insists she will never pay.  She has at least three sworn statements that there was never a tryst with Trump, something she testified to in all its lurid detail.  Finally, Judge Marchan, who is orchestrating this kangaroo court, may have committed a couple reversable errors in allowing Daniels’ prejudicial testimony, something he is poised to repeat when convicted perjurer Michael Cohen, Bragg’s star witness takes the stand this week. 

Note that in all of this there is still no crime and state courts still are not allowed to prosecute federal campaign finance cases.  As much fun as all that was, the really big deal last week was discovery that Bragg’s office tampered with evidence, something his doppelganger Jack Smith did in the Trump documents case.  A paralegal from Bragg’s office testified Friday that his office deleted three pages of phone records between Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Kieth Davidson without notifying Trump’s legal team.  The 2018 phone records were associated with Daniels’ claim of the affair and the extortion attempt.  Additional phone records between Daniels manager and the National Enquirer editor were also deleted.  Evidence tampering is a class E felony in NY.  Trump lawyers made a motion for a dismissal of all charges following the testimony.  Marchan, with his grimy little fingers on the scales of justice denied the motion.  Marchan also severely limited testimony of former Federal Election Commission Chair Bradley Smith who was going to testify that while any expenditure by any campaign can be interpreted to influence an election, not every expense that might benefit a candidate is an obligation that exists solely because the person is a candidate.  In other words, just because a campaign writes a check for something, the FEC doesn’t view that check as a formal expense for campaigning.  It might just be an expenditure that keeps the lights on or toilets running.  This is essentially the distinction that destroys Bragg’s case. 

2.  Smith.  Down in Florida, Special Prosecutor Jack Smitt saw the presiding judge Eileen Cannon put the Mar-a-Lago documents case on indefinite suspension.  Julie Kelly ran a devastating piece Friday in her Declassified with Julie Kelly Substack on Jack Smith’s upcoming gauntlet.  While vacating the May 20 trial date, Cannon noted myriad unresolved matters in Smith’s case.  Note that the case also includes two co-defendants, Waltine Nauta and Carlos De Olivera, who Smith is desperately trying to flip against Trump.  Cannon did schedule proceedings where the Smith team will be forced to respond to defense motions on selective and vindictive prosecution, whether or not Smith’s appoint was illegal, investigate claims that several parties including the WH colluded behind the scenes as early as May 2021 to concoct the case.  All of this will be discussed before we get into willful mishandling of classified (Smith’s charges against Trump in this case) by National Archives. GSA, FBI and the Special Prosecutor’s office itself.  Note that after months of harassment by National Archives led by its O’Bama appointed head, Trump returned 15 boxes of documents in Jan 2022.  Archives looked at the contents and were shocked, simply shocked to find classified.  Note that unlike the photo staged by the FBI during the raid, they did not find cover sheets on the documents.   FOIA requests document that the Biden WH started colluding with Archives, FBI and others in early 2021.  Informal talks between the WH and Archives were taking place before August 2021 about how to prepare a criminal referral.  All this is going to kick off the last week in June.  Bring popcorn and expect media pressure to remove Cannon to ramp up as Smith’s floundering case sinks into the muddy waters it emerged from.

3.  TikTok.  As of this writing, the TikTok divestiture legislation has been passed and signed into law.  This represents one of the most remarkable turnarounds in recent legislative history.  TikTok went from essentially untouchable to roadkill.  It was protected through the hard work by the CCP buying off and threatening all opposition.  It ended up as a fat, juicy target for congress.  What changed?  The Oct 7 Hamas attack of Israel closely followed by the ongoing pro-Hamas college protests changed.  And from here, it was the protests that flipped congress completely, demonstrating that the if the CCP’s heat button in TikTok can be used to get the democrat mob to target all the Jews here in the US, who or what won’t be the next target?  The legislation requires TikTok to completely divest itself of its operations in the US in a few months.  Nobody knows how that will work, and TikTok is taking the legislation to court to fight the order. 

4.  1864.  An interesting thing happened in Arizona a couple weeks ago.  AZ repealed its 1864 anti-abortion legislation, reinstating the previous 15-week ban passed in 2022.  Most surprising thing about the repeal was quick signature of democrat governor Katie Hobbs.  I had expected democrats to beat this dead horse continuously for the next six months right through election day.  Something changed.  My guess is that the argument over the 1864 repeal was harming polling for the democrat’s constitutional amendment that will put reproductive rights into Arizona’s state constitution, something they think they can use to retain Krysten Sinema’s open US Senate seat.  Either way, this represents a small, possibly fleeting, victory for the Good Guys. 

5.  PGMs.  Dementia Hitler finally came out fully in support of Hamas last week, announcing he was withholding precision guided munitions (PGMs) from Israel as they start combat operations that will annihilate Hamas in Rafah.  Polling for his reelection among Muslims is awful, and he is trying to reverse that movement.  PGMs include bombs and smart artillery shells.  The more precise the delivery, the less collateral damage and fewer civilian casualties, though in Gaza it is arguable who is actually a noncombatant, as all the adults have been brainwashed to the Hamas point of view.  One of the regime’s arguments has been that Israel killed too many civilians in their 7-month war.  When you remove PGMs from the arsenal, you ensure more civilian deaths.  PGMs were first used in Vietnam.  Over the years, they have gotten better, cheaper, more accurate.  So have the delivery systems, particularly airframes with computed weapons delivery systems, also in use since Vietnam (starting with A-7, A-6, F-111).  While current aircraft are wonderfully accurate, they aren’t as overall as good as marrying a computed delivery system with a PGM.  In the artillery world, the difference is even more stark.  Final point.  One of the reasons given for the first Trump impeachment in 2019 was his implicit threat to withhold aid from Ukraine unless they looked into corruption of Hunter Biden and Burisma.  Trump never withheld anything but was impeached if for no other reason than democrats held a majority in the House.  Today, we have Biden withholding weapons in an actual war.  It would seem that this is an impeachable act using identical logic

6.  Antisemitism.  The House passed legislation that expanded the definition of antisemitism.  It is now in the Senate awaiting action.  I am very uncomfortable about passing this sort of legislation, primarily based on the swamp’s ability to turn things that would seem to be reasonable ideas into cudgels used selectively against their political enemies.  Some of the free speech crowd are outraged.  Some are not.  There are dire warnings in various places on Our Side.  Most of the (formerly) mainstream media are treating it as a reasonable piece of legislation.  If I trusted these guys, I wouldn’t worry.  Over the last couple decades, they’ve demonstrated that they deserve no trust from anyone at any time on any topic.  Be careful about this one.

7.  Rape.  This week’s exercise in forcing the left to play under their new rules comes courtesy of NY State Senator Kevin Porter, who stands accused of a rape in 2004.  He claimed in court documents that the law he was charged under is unconstitutional, even though he voted for it in an effort to get Trump.  This law changed the statute of limitations for filing rape complaints in such a way as to allow Trump accuser E Jean Carroll to file a rape claim 30 years after the face and win her lawsuit against Trump last year.  Porter is a typical democrat, having backed an array of legislative silliness over his years in office. 

8.  NPR.  NPR Chief Katherine Maher disciplined a senior editor a few weeks ago after his comments about the oppressive leftist stance of NPR in recent years.  Maher came to NPR from Wiki.  She is quite proud of turning it from turning it away from open discussion to an orchestrated, leftist rag.  Reason?  IN her words, free and open represent while male westernized construct.  She is essentially part of the censorship industrial complex.  If you take a deeper look into her background, she ends up looking like CIA, an intel community plant now leading NPR.  Note that Wiki was part of an anti-Breitbart hoax during her time there. 

9.  BSA.  The destruction of the Boy Scouts of America is complete with its announcement last week that it would be changing its name to Scouting America.  They have been under attack by the LGBTQWTF community for at least two decades, starting with gays.  The tool of assault was similar to the gay attack on the Catholic Church:  install a bunch of gays into leadership, abuse boys, who then later sue the BSA of allowing the abuse.  Didn’t take BSA national long to completely cave in and open the doors wide to gays in response.  In parallel, the feminists, not being satisfied with either the Girl Scouts or Camp Fire Girls also demanded to be included.  They won sufficient court cases for force the BSA to allow them to join in unlimited numbers.  In the end, rather than fighting, BSA capitulated, destroying a century old organization founded to teach boys how to be men.  It is times like this that I look at the men actively destroying women’s sports and think serves you right.  Where were you when the boys and men were under attack by your feminists?  Why should I defend you?  But two wrongs don’t make a right.  There are other ways to return fire than destroying daughters.  One would be to set up parallel organizations to do two things at the same time, something we did very well until the gays and feminists showed up. 

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