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1.  Abortion
2.  Michigan
3.  Musk
4.  Fans
5.  TikTok
6.  Training
7.  Trial
8.  Renewables

1.  Abortion.  Today’s election discussion is about abortion, the issue democrats hammered Republicans to flip Michigan to a blue government, something they are busily cementing into place via scammy election law revisions (more about that later).  There is also a persuasion angle to this which I will start with.  One of the most powerful modes of persuasion is fear.  If you can terrify voters, yours, those you want, and those on the other side, you can control both the campaign and the results.  Democrats have been very good at this for decades, mostly because they are not bound to anything remotely resembling the truth or morality.  As the media are now their cheerleaders, any outing of those lies has to be done by the opposition campaign.  This is why democrats have long terrified blacks into voting for them.  This is why Joe Biden got away with telling a black audience in 2012 Republicans would “put y’all back in chains.”  It worked that time around.  They used to do it to members of the Greatest Generation with promises that evil Republicans would cut their Social Security.  As the Reagan-friendly boomers moved into Social Security, the strength of that fear persuasion fell precipitously.  Democrats have been furiously trying to crank up the fear persuasion against Trump and MAGA via the insurrection / Jan 6 hoax.  It is one of the reasons for the 1,100 political prisoners and upcoming Trump show trials.  But that fear persuasion only seems to be working on their supporters who are already spun up past 11.  And the Trump indictments and show trials may very well be backfiring, as they are turning Trump into a sympathetic figure particularly among black men, who believe they are likewise abused by unwarranted prosecutions.  Additionally, while in office Trump backed and signed legislation that got a lot of low-level federal criminals (mostly black men on marijuana charges) out of jail early, something the black community remembers.  Balancing that positive move, we have continuing hostility of black women to Republicans.  That hostility is driven in part by fear created by promises to downsize government.  Why?  Black women are hugely employed by governments at all levels, and they don’t want their jobs to disappear.  This is a case where Republican small government rhetoric is feeding the democrat fear persuasion machine.  All of this brings us to abortion, the number one issue to the number one constituency of democrats today, single white, educated women.  The political right won a great moral victory when the SCOTUS overturned Roe in 2022 via their Dobbs opinion.  This victory instantly took abortion from a federal issue to a state and local one, which is where it should have been all along.  From a conservative standpoint, particularly for national candidates (congressional and presidential), the feds are now completely out of the discussion, as it is now up to the individual state legislatures to deal with. Sadly, Republican messaging on it has been awful, starting with Senator Lindsey Graham’s introduction of legislation to set a limit on abortion at a national level at 15 weeks.  The legislation was introduced Sept 2022, a mere 7 weeks before the election.  It infuriated the single white educated women and gave gleeful democrat campaigns a political opening large enough to put an eighteen-wheeler through.  And they took that opening.  One could make the case that Graham’s tin ear cost Republicans at least two and likely three senate seats, MI, AZ and GA.  Such a tin ear, foolish last-minute effort from Our Side needs to stop and its proponents harshly punished.  Finally, we have Michigan Proposal 3, which ensconced the right to reproductive freedom in the MI state constitution.  This was introduced via ballot initiative and was the foundation for democrat statewide and legislative races.  Republicans were outspent at least 10:1 and were woefully unprepared to oppose it.  The obvious response would be to note that the language allows abortions until birth, something democrats have managed to pass in at least 7 states so far but have been lying about nationwide over that period.  These sorts of initiatives were introduced in 6 states last year in response to Dodd, the most of any election year in history.  Three passed.  Three didn’t.  We conservatives and Republicans MUST reframe out message on abortion, something we failed to do following Dodd or democrats will use this hammer endlessly until they are harshly punished at the ballot box for attempting to use it. 

2.  Michigan.  Couple the damage done to Republicans by Graham’s legislation and MI Proposal 3, with what looks like some significant ballot fraud in MI, and you set the stage to flip the whole bloody state blue, which is what looks like was done.  I have been following this story since it was first broken by Gateway Pundit a month or so ago.  Wanted to see other outlets pick it up before writing about it.  Over the course of August, the story has grown nicely.  It involves an unnamed black woman dropping off 8.000 – 10,000 completed voter registration applications at the Muskegon city clerk office.  The police were contacted and asked to investigate.  The Attorney General’s office was contacted by police and investigation started.  The forms appeared to be completed by the same person, signatures don’t match, and addresses do not exist in Muskegon.  The woman was contacted and turned in who hired her for $1,150/week.  GBI Strategies is the democrat group, operating in multiple states, that appears to be funding the scheme.  We will see how interested the democrat Attorney General of MI, who us currently suing alternate electors, is in completing the investigation.  As of this writing, it appears that both her office and the FBI are doing their level best to bury the story and slow roll the investigation.  If this information is correct, we are starting to unravel how the democrats executed their election fraud the last two (and probably four) elections (at least 2020 and 2022).  Conservative Treehouse has also been quite active carrying the story.

3.  Musk.  I wrote last week about Do(In)J suing SpaceX for discrimination in their hiring practices (not enough refugees, asylum seekers or illegals hired).  Musk has come under increasing criticism by elected democrats and their water carriers in the media as he returns Twitter to a free speech platform no longer operated at the behest of the Biden censorship team.  There was at least one outlet that suggested the lawsuit was going to be held in administrative court, where the feds can select the judge and not have a troublesome jury.  I have yet to see that confirmed.  Musk fired back a week ago at Do(In)J via a Tweet pointing out that Do(In)J ought to be suing itself because they advertise they only hire US citizens for their own internal jobs.  This seems to extend to jobs that do not require security clearances.  Should be an interesting court case, where a Clinton, O’Bama or Biden judge orchestrates a guilty outcome and then loses on appeal when it is tossed out among much laughter. 

4.  Fans.  Next on the Department of (No) Energy’s hit parade are efficiency regulations for ceiling fans, those devices that help us keep the heating and cooling bills down a bit at home.  Not being content with new regulations just this year on gas stoves, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, and portable generators, Do(No)E is proposing a rule that would require ceiling fans to be more energy efficient, in this case saving owners a whopping $17 (yes, $17) dollars over the lifespan of the device.  Of course, the nearly $107 million cost to manufacturers of the new standards will be passed on to the consumer.  House Republicans believe the new rule will force 10 – 30% of current manufacturers out of business.  The Biden administration and Jennifer Granholm have created an army of marching morons, busily and efficiently writing new rules and regulations just because they can.  Where is Bureau of Sabotage when we need them?  This stuff keeps up, and we might just see one stood up. 

5.  TikTok.  One of the ongoing congressional failures has been refusal to even consider banning the CCP brainwashing tool called TikTok.  While there has been some action at the state level, normally rolled back by a conveniently selected leftist trial judge, congress despite claims to the contrary has taken no action to shut down the platform.  We know why the Biden regime refuses, as it is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the CCP (bribes predictably work as they are expected to work).  Congressional refusal to act, even take up the discussion, tends to tell me that the CCP now owns congress, as it has refused to ban a weapons grade persuasion and brainwashing tool, an anti-American military asset, aimed at our young, particularly young women, who by the way are the core of the democrat election machine.  Worst news of the week is TikTok ads starting to show up on Fox News / Fox Digital

6.  Training.  There are many concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Most of them are some form of wondering what happens when the genie is out of the bottle and AI are running around wild.  I tend to appreciate that concern.  Another observation is that AI will show us that what we think is intelligence (the ability to speak, put words together into coherent strings and thoughts) isn’t really intelligence at all.  Rather, this is an outgrowth of the notion that thoughts and words are two sides of the same coin in the mind.  Thoughts become words and words become thoughts, the foundation of all thinking, which is why the AI models are all language models of some sort.  Training of those models have been forcing them to read books, publications, and other written material.  Last week had a story about an AI being trained on reading Stephen King novels, which will create a real sick puppy.  Similarly, one of the other experiments has Tesla AI being trained by watching driving videos, which seems to be going well so far.  Tesla is spending a lot of time and effort creating a reliable self-driving vehicle.  In order to do that, you have to have a trained AI of some sort, at least until it learns from the new owner. 

7.  Trial.  This week’s entry in ongoing Do(In)J election meddling is the trial date set for his Jan 6 Trial in DC.  The presiding judge set Mar 4, around Super Tuesday, a mere 6 months out, for his trial.  To celebrate, the Jack Smith prosecution team shared over 12 million documents with the defense team.  They have 6 months to thrash through them.  Note that Judge Chutkan regularly sits through Jan 6 trials where the political prisoner spends 24 months in jail before the trial.  In the case of the protesters, the extended stay in Club Fed is the punishment.  In Trump’s case, holding all four of the trials in very short order during a presidential campaign is the punishment.  There is no justice being meted out here.  It is all punishment and election meddling by a breathtakingly corrupt Do(In)J, prosecution, and compliant judiciary, something that doesn’t seem to bother or worry either the Biden regime or its media cheerleaders. 

8.  Renewables.  BOHICA, a quaint little WWII term is on the horizon for residents and electric users in Southcentral Alaska.  Chugach Electric Association announced they were studying two “utility-scale” renewable projects to be part of their future generation portfolio.  One is a 122 MW wind farm.  The other is a 120 MW solar farm.  Both are W of ANC.  The Happy Happy Joy Joy announcement in their August newsletter mentioned interconnection and power regulation as the target of the studies.  Interest in the cost of these white elephants is nowhere to be found.  Chugach has been dabbling in renewables for at least a decade with a wind farm on Fire Island 3 mile offshore.  This was a 17 MW monstrosity what generates about 30% (their numbers, not mine) of its rated capacity.  The project was small enough that the rest of the installed capacity can handle the new capacity.  The problem with building a new renewable project that will end up putting about 30 MW into an islanded system is that new generation if it doesn’t also come along with storage, will make the overall system unstable.  Blackouts and outages will be in our not so distant future.  Chugach used to have a web page with real time output from Fire Island.  That web page disappeared over the years.  Freezing in the cold and dark is not a positive lifestyle choice.  Sadly, when you elect doctrinaire idiots to your electric co-op Board of Directors, you end up with doctrinaire idiocy. 

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