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1.  Simulation
2.  FBI
3.  Transition
4.  Energy
5.  Twitter
6.  Raid

1.  Simulation.  Anyone else remember The Matrix, the series of three Keanu Reeves movie where all of humanity were farmed as an energy source for a civilization of artificial intelligence machines?  People were kept in pods, plugged into the system, which presented the world as a simulation.  That movie was 23 years ago, and the idea has taken root since then, with the question that what if what we are seeing and experiencing every day is a simulation and we are only a part of that simulation?  If you are aware of the question, you see little anomalies from time to time which tend to ask the question where the existence of life as a simulation becomes an answer at least worth considering.  Most recent of these came last week with release of new James Webb photos of deep space calling into question the existence of the Big Bang.  Big Bang theory has the universe starting from a singularity, with all matter and space locked up in a single point.  At some point, that singularity expands almost instantaneously, the universe is quickly filled with hot, dense particles that cool and eventually form atoms, stars, galaxies and clusters.  As you go through this process, different things happen first.  For example, you get atoms before clouds of gas.  You get stars before galaxies, as it takes time for that much matter to organize under gravity.  And you get galaxies before you get clusters.  When you look far enough backward in time, you should be seeing younger and younger galaxies with younger stars.  With Webb, we have by far the largest, and coldest mirror ever flown.  Problem with the initial photos is that the galaxies that should be 400 million years old look just like those over a billion years old.  This is a problem.  As it only takes a single, reproducible data point to refute a theory, the answer to this becomes pretty important.  And the argument has already been joined.  Should be fascinating, because at some point, we either figure out how the new data fits into the overall theory or we need a new theory. 

2.  FBI.  The enforcement arm of the democrat party had themselves quite a week, as their interference in the 2016, 2020 and now 2022 elections were detailed. 

  • Worst news for the FBI came out of a Joe Rogan interview with FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  He told Rogan that FBI warned FB fact checkers to check for Russian disinformation before the election.  Shortly afterwards, 50 intel democrats signed a letter stating that the Hunter laptop story was Russian disinformation.  And the content monitoring apparat dutifully throttled all stories about the laptop.  Twitter also actively censored NYP stories about the laptop.  I do expect the FBI also worked with other social media / Big Tech platforms to keep the story out of the public eye, effectively meddling in an ongoing election campaign in favor of democrats. 
  • Whistleblowers told Senator Ron Johnson that FBI leadership postponed investigation into the Hunter laptop until after the election.  Their excuse was not to meddle in or change the outcome of the election again, the way they thought James Comey did with the investigation into Hillary’s e-mail.  In some ways, they are in trouble either way, as whatever they do will impact the election.  If they investigate and publish the results, it impacts the election in favor of Trump.  If they sit on it like they did, it helps Biden.  When we have an organization that can (and will) impact an election regardless of what they do, what do they do?  In an honest, honorable world, they must do their job in accord with their normal schedule of doing things, something the FBI has demonstrated themselves incapable of doing.  Anything else, anything at all, will be rightfully viewed as meddling in an election.  If they are unable or unwilling to simply do their job in the say they have always done it, and are expected to do it, they are too corrupt to continue to exist. 
  • The same FBI counterintel unit that ran Crossfire Hurricane, the foundation of the Russia collusion hoax is in charge of the Mar a Lago raid.  Same people.  Same leadership.  Same goal.  And they really want us to believe this is all about national security?
  • The inside source for the Mar a Lago raid turns out to be the Archivist of the United States who was in a long-standing dispute with the Trump legal team over the documents both wanted.  She just got tired of playing and gave the FBI the excuse they wanted, an excuse they gleefully took.  The target documents appear to be Trump personal records supporting the notion of FBI fraud during the FISA process and Crossfire Hurricane.  No way the FBI wants that stuff released to the public.  I expect there are copies. 
  • Final FBI story was that they finally got a pair of convictions in the Whitmer kidnap case.  In the Whitmer kidnap case, there were more FBI informants participating than perps.  The first trial for this pair was a mistrial.  Two others were acquitted outright.  On the second try, it appears the defense was stymied in presenting their case by a Judge who went out of his way to help the prosecution.  Normally I would expect something like this to be successfully appealed, given these two bozos, I wouldn’t expect them to have the resources.  I also expect the judge to throw the book at them during sentencing.

3.  Transition.  One of the great (among others) ongoing evils out of the left is the notion that children can choose their sex, aka their gender.  This is all the great rage today, with both the media and especially the teachers’ unions fully onboard.  Not only is the grooming showing up in the classroom, with teachers and administrators carefully instructing the kiddos to never, ever tell their parents what is going on, but the rot is starting to make its way through the medical community, particularly Children’s Hospitals and pediatrics.  Of course, Big Tech is involved, busily censoring any opposing news, information and discussion.  Two stories last week about this foolishness indicate the depth of the problem (Boo!), and the solution (Yay!).  The first involves Libs of TicTok, which pointed out Boston Children’s Hospital embrace of the trans fad, including hormones and medical mutilation (gender affirming hysterectomies) on young girls and boys.  They were promptly locked down and banned by FaceBook and Twitter.  Boston Children’s is particularly corrupt in this, with at least one psychologist claiming that children know they are trans from the womb, as soon as they are born.  This in turn allows them to start hormone treatments on 13-year-olds.  Like I said, evil.  If I were a simple capitalist, I would ask why they are doing what appears to be some of the most permanently damaging treatment to their customer base – children.  Answer to this is threefold.  First, the kiddos aren’t kiddos for all that long.  Second, and more importantly, the kiddos don’t control the money (payment for services rendered).  Governments and insurance companies do.  Last, and most importantly, there has been no pain inflicted on those pushing this on children unbeknownst to their families, or even when known and supported by their families.  These are two different cases with two different solutions.  In the former, when the trans grooming is being inflicted on children without parental knowledge or involvement.  Somewhere along the line, I believe there will be a violent response by parents, siblings, friends or family aimed at the perpetrators.  We haven’t seen that as yet, but I expect the possibility is growing.  When and if it happens, it will be difficult to get a guilty verdict out of a jury.  Second case, where the medical mutilation takes place with the full knowledge and support of parents requires a different sort of solution, that of getting the lawyers involved.  The first case I know of was filed last week in Oz, where a woman who changed from woman to man was mutilated, regretted it, and is now taking the medical “professionals” involved to court.  This won’t be the last case.  Once again, why has this taken so long to start?  If the medical community participating in this has a new business model of disfiguring kiddos for profit, then our business model needs to be putting them out of business as harshly and completely as humanly possible.  You can do idiotic things to yourself.  But never, ever to the young or innocent.  Evil will beget evil.  Be very careful traveling this road.  There are some large caliber bumps along the way.

4.  Energy.  Several stories last week about Europe’s impending long, cold winter.  This being brought about by two mutually supporting things.  First, we have the actions of the greens to shut down oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy in Europe over the last couple decades.  It is related to the second, Russia’s obstruction of oil and natural gas sales to Europe by the fact that Russia funded the green political movement in Europe for a long, long time.  Given that it is difficult to shut in a producing natural gas field completely, Gazprom is simply flaring natural gas off into the atmosphere (burning what they could be selling).  Last week, Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline into Germany.  Later in the week, they shut down a second pipeline bringing Kazakh oil through Russia due to “damage” to the pipeline.  Putin chose this fight, shutting down oil and natural gas sales to Europe, in response to European opposition to the war in Ukraine.  I think it is a short-term action that will ultimately rebound harshly against Russia, as their former customers will never trust them again, at least until they can purchase a new generation of political greens.  Meanwhile, for Germany and England, it will be a very tough winter.  Germany made several head fakes toward a solution, but the green influence is still strong, and the pain level is not sufficiently high to drill baby, drill.  But it is getting there.  In England, the energy shortfall will jack energy costs up by 80% triggering mass pub closures as the winter cools down.  A full quarter of Britons are claiming they will not be turning on the heat this winter.  Even with all this, like Germany, politicians in Great Britain are still arguing about how to solve the problem, with Labor calling for nationalizing the energy sector.  Great solution that. Screw up the entire sector of the economy and take it over because it doesn’t work well.  Solution to all this?  Turn on the energy spigot here in the US.  Supply Europe with all the oil and natural gas they need.  Of course, this would also mean we here in the US would have all the oil and natural gas we need, which the green true believers in the Biden WH doesn’t want.  Biden has Putin by the privates.  All he has to do is drill.  Europe will love us forever, as we will have saved them again.  He will also have solved his self-caused, artificial energy problem here in the US and the inflation it caused.  But he can’t even consider doing it, which means are going to get really cold in Europe (and New England) this winter.

5.  Twitter.  Pretty good week for Elon Musk last week, as the former head of Twitter security dropped a bomb on the proceedings.  He claimed that security is so poor that it is a risk to national security.  He also alleged that the company has foreign intelligence agents on its payroll.  This one is true as a pair were fired a couple years ago for being in the employ of the Saudia.  Thousands of employees, including all engineers have some form of access to the production environment with no oversight.  He also claimed that executives have been lying to regulators and investors for years.  There are no logs of who went into the environment or what they did while in the system as administrators.  Nobody knows where the data lives, or what part of the data is critical for continuing operations.  Finally, and most importantly, nobody knows which accounts are real and which are bots due to the security issues.  This last is the central contention of Musk’s dispute with the Twitter Board.  The security chief was fired a couple years later likely for telling Twitter things they didn’t want to know. 

6.  Raid.  Polls for November are closing nicely for democrats, and the Mar a Lago raid is one reason.  Biden and the democrats bottomed out in June.  Since then, there has been something of a bounce, most likely due to the small drop in the price of gasoline.  It is still high, but not as high.  Most importantly, gasoline prices are going in the right direction at least for a little while.  Call it a dead cat bounce.  The raid worked nicely to spin up demoralized democrats.  It also put Republicans off message.  Couple this with spun up democrats due to the Dobbs decision, and they are more likely to vote than they were.  Message for Republicans:  As long we are talking about Trump, we aren’t talking about democrats and their failures, and more importantly what we plan on doing to solve those problems.  All of that is the Bad News.  The good news is that there are still 10 weeks until the election.  There is an ongoing stock market crash that is about to take a substantial downward turn.  And as it gets cold, the spike in energy costs in the colder parts of the nation is going to get consumer attention. 

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– AG

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