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1.  Combo
2.  Pushback
3.  Musk
4.  Masking
5.  Libs of TicToc
6.  Redistricting

1.  Combo.  On the outside, it would appear that the Teacher’s Unions and their fellow travelers are going for the gold with the parallel push on CRT and grooming aimed at the youngest children in the government schools.  While they’ve been open about the instruction in most venues, the face presented to the general public, parents in particular, is that this is not going on at all, or other variations on the old “who are you going to believe?  Me or your lying eyes?” routine.  Worst of all, they are doing their level best to simply hide what they are doing in the classroom, which has made the Libs of TicToc so powerful and dangerous to the LGBTQWTF cause.  Libs of TicTok simply posts videos of teachers, many with odd haircuts and hair colors, gloating about what they are doing to their students, and what they plan on doing in the not so distant future.  The question is why do both of these at once?  It is because they work together with great synergy to destroy the bond between parents and their kids, replacing those bonds with newly forged bonds between secretive teachers and newly transformed kiddos being brought into the fold.  CRT works to destroy the parent – child bond by labeling all parents as racists, the worst of all things to be.  Now the kiddos are also racist, but only because the parents are, and they will be absolved of their original sin if they submit to everything the racial grifters demand of them.  In parallel, the LGBTQWTF grooming works because it plays on self-doubt of kiddos wrestling with the vagaries of growing up.  As a recovering fatman, and fat kid, there is self-doubt aplenty growing up, and the groomers take full advantage of it.  It works because having severed the bonds between parent and kid on racial basis, it all but prohibits the kiddos asking their parents what is going on and why, or even asking for their help, all of which they are getting secretly at the government schools.  The Marxists of the teacher’s unions are doing what the Soviet Marxists always wanted to do, which is replace the parent with the State.  They are so close to what they believe to be their final victory that they can taste it, not unlike algore’s 527 vote loss in Florida 2000.  algore’s 2000 lost drove him insane because it was so, so close.  The teachers and their fellow travelers in public education loss will make them equally insane.

2.  Pushback.  The Florida legislature passed legislation removing Disney’s tax exemptions granted in the 1960s to encourage the construction of EPCOT.  Florida Governor DeSantis signed the legislation.  For over a half century, this was a good deal for both sides, and made a heck of a lot of money for both Disney and the State of Florida.  But that time ended when Disney entered the grooming wars in the public schools, throwing their weight around as one of the largest medica companies in the world in opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights legislation passed last month.  Disney’s entry into the political wars was accompanied by the standard and expected hysterics from the media, democrats and LGBTQWTF community, along with promises to insert all things gay into their entertainment products aimed at the young (grooming again).  These promises along with the developing stock market crash combined to crash its stock, down 30% in the last year, the worst performing Dow stock of the past year.  Media reported the legislation as retaliation, which Scott Adams picked right up on, and spent 2-3 days bashing DeSantis for doing (we don’t hire our politicians to retaliate on the public dime).  But it wasn’t retaliation at all.  It was instead an attention getting step, not unlike a 2×4 between the eyes in the old mule training joke or a brushback pitch in a baseball game.  And Disney’s folly followed by the lesson of Florida in response to it appears to have gotten the attention of other corporations, who are starting to withdraw from the political wars.  Over the weekend Exxon, which flew LGBTQWTF and BLM flags outside corporate offices worldwide banned the flags.  All the Usual Suspects were and still are outraged.  Late last week, a former McDonalds CEO announced he was forming a group of like-minded former business leaders to fight woke corporate policies.  His contention is that corporations have no business being on either side of the political wars because their sole job is to build equity for their investors.  Difficult to build equity when you chase off half the potential business on spurious political grounds.  The problem with this is going to be the influx of woke Ivy League graduates being hired into corporate leadership, particularly the HR departments.  It took a while to get here.  It will take a while to get out.  Still, this week was a move in the right direction. 

3.  Musk.  Elon Musk continued in his quest to take over Twitter.  A week ago, he announced formation of a group who wanted to support and participate in the buyout.  He also appears to have secured funding, with over $25 billion in loans from major banks.  He will put up the remaining funds.  Note that he only needs 50%+1 of the shares to gain control of Twitter.  His offer was for around $10/share over Twitter’s value at the time.  As of this morning, it appears he is in negotiation with the Twitter Board over final details of the purchase.   Should this go through, and I would never count Musk out of doing anything he says he wants to do, I predict several things to happen at Twitter, not all of them positive.

  • Breitbart ran a piece a couple weeks ago that found 78% of Twitter employees were freaked out by Musk.  If these guys are sufficiently freaked out, I predict they will destroy as much internal communications as humanly possible.  I would also not be surprised if they did their level best to destroy the actual software the company runs prior to the purchase, should that happen.
  • Along with this, I do expect there are corporate communications between Twitter and other Big Tech companies about orchestrated censorship of opposing political views.  While most of these will likely be destroyed, I expect enough will survive to fuel class action / civil RICO lawsuits.  Discovery will be fascinating.
  • I also expect there are no small amount of communication between administration, congressional, NGO, and other staff (perhaps even leadership) over who to censor, when to censor, and how to censor.  I predict enough of these will survive to demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that congress, Harris – Xiden, and the O’Bamas all have their grubby little fingers in the middle of all this. 
  • Final question is which other Big Tech company will be next?  Apple?  Goolag?  FakeBook?  Someone else?  Exxon changed its behavior in less than a week after Florida returned the favor to Disney.  Big Tech can and will respond to Twitter turning into a free speech platform, likely in ways we do not anticipate nor expect. 
  • I can’t point how damaging this is to democrat – swamp – media – Big Tech industrial complex constructed with such loving care over the last couple decades.  Knock this domino down, return Twitter to its actual job of maximizing shareholder equity rather than maximizing political power for one party, and that political business model is in serious jeopardy. 

4.  Masking.  A federal district judge in Florida, one of President Trump’s last nominees, struck down the Harris – Xiden masking order for public transportation.  The 59-page opinion ruled that the CDC lacked the statutory authority to impose a mask mandate.  Within hours, all the airlines announced that masking was now optional.  The TSA did the same thing at airports.  There were cheers of joy by most of the traveling public.  Many of the announcements were made inflight much to the unmitigated joy of the passengers.  This opinion was a gift to Harris – Xiden, as it struck down one of the most unpopular edicts lingering after the end of the pandemic.  In typical clueless fashion, they eventually decided to appeal the opinion.  Their rationale was to preserve the ability of the CDC to deliver public health edicts.  Their problem is that authority disappears forever if the SCOTUS upholds the opinion.  And if Mr. Justice Thomas has anything to do with it, they will.  Rule by the Administrative State is in some real jeopardy in this.  It didn’t take long for the personal attacks on the judge to begin.  Some went after her on the basis of her ABA rating as unqualified due to her youth and inexperience (age discrimination, anyone?).  Media and public health idiots went after her lack of medical training.  Woven through it all were the tears of (delicious) agony of the democrats who can no longer virtue signal via endless forced masking.  Of course, the opinion does not prohibit masking at all.  Rather it does not allow the CDC to mandate it.  Finally, we have the little tin pot dictator himself, 81-year old Anthony Fauci who opined over the weekend that judges ought not to be making public health decisions.  In this he was and is right, as judges shouldn’t.  Neither should the CDC or NAIAD, as congress has not given that legal authority to them or any other public health entity.  In this case, the trial judge did what she was hired to do, review the government action in light of what statutory authority the government had to take that action.  She found it didn’t, and wrote it down for her fellow judges, congress and the general public to see.  Sadly, the CDC never provided that sort of background or support for their COVID edicts over the last couple years. 

5.  Libs of TicTok.  The Washington Post ran an attack piece by Taylor Lorenz aimed at Libs of TicToc.  The piece went after the Twitter feed and doxed the woman behind Libs of TicTok.  The target is a highly effective Twitter feed that uses online videos of teachers running their mouths in favor of the LGBTQWTF grooming wars.  Lorenz and the Washington Post went after Libs of TicTok because she was effective.  Worse, she was on the wrong side of the political divide, not from the hallowed halls of lockstep media.  As such, she was targeted for destruction.  Tucker Carlson described the unmasking, doxing as clearly an intimidation campaign designed to shut down an effective Twitter feed.  This is not the first time Lorenz has used the doxing weapon, having gone after Pam Geller’s daughters four years ago while working for the Daily Beast.   Last year, Lorenz who had by then moved on to the NYT, was publicly complaining that venture capitalists were trying to destroy her career by doxing her.  Gutfeld showed video of this show last week.  Typical lefty, accusing the rest of the world of doing what she has made a living doing.

6.  Redistricting.  Much has been made of the success of democrats in the redistricting wars, particularly in blue states of CA, IL and NY.  They have picked up sufficient gerrymandered seats to apparently override any actual population changes favoring Republicans.  Things in those states are so bad, that they have effectively drawn Republican districts out of existence.  Once the maps are adopted, the lawfare begins.  Original lawsuit in NY was won by Republicans, with a 3-2 judicial panel finding that the 2022 congressional map was drawn to discourage competition and favor democrats.  I haven’t heard of similar lawsuits in CA or IL, but expect they are working their way through the system.  With that in mind, we have the Florida map, originally sent by the legislature to Governor DeSantis.  DeSantis responded with his own map, which the Florida legislature then passed.  The Florida map is similar to those from CA, IL and NY in that it essentially draws democrat districts out of existence, and may pick up as many Republican congressional seats as were lost in redistricting in other states to offset what was done in the other states to favor democrats.  Expect this one to end up in court also.  One of the things we learned during the Trump years was simply how to fight back against the left.  And this is one of the reasons that DeSantis is so popular.  He fights.  He doesn’t apologize.  He uses the same focus as the political left.  And he returns fire.  The left thought they were done with Trump when they stole 2020 and impeached him the second time.  What they actually did was open the door for someone much, much worse, someone who will not blink in their face of their criticism or attacks, someone who expects the attacks.  I expect DeSantis to make much better manpower and personnel decisions than Trump did.  He will have a leg up, as the creatures in the swamp all outed themselves in the 6 years publicly and privately going after Trump.  They have nowhere left to hide, and we know who they are.  They wanted war.  Looks like they will get what they so desperately have demanded. 

More later –

– AG

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