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1.  Delusion
2.  IRS
3.  Nellis
4.  Curley
5.  ID
6.  Paranoia
7.  Fraudits
8.  Defector
9.  BLM

1.  Delusion.  What do we have when the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff (JCS), the highest ranking uniformed officer, one Army General Mark Milley adopts completely the language and tenants of Critical Race Theory, specifically wanting to understand ‘white rage’, as a self-described white guy?  His remarks were given at a joint congressional hearing last week.  Additionally, he noted the following about the Jan 6 riot in the context of ‘white rage’:

So, what is it that cause thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the constitution of the United States of America? What caused that?

The rest of the transcript is worse, but the bit above is the most troubling.  The protesters on Jan 6 were not trying to overturn the Constitution of the United States.  Rather they were trying to save it from what in their view was a sufficiently fraudulent election in at least six states that congress needed to get involved.  In short, they were trying to get congress to DO ITS JOB, its constitutional duty.  Sadly, the political class, Beltway denizens, and swamp creatures all, refused, so we are turning out efforts to cleaning up elections at the state level.  I wonder it Milley views that as an attempt to overturn the constitution also?  This is at best, intentionally insulting.  At worst, it is fundamentally delusional, and coming from the top general in the Pentagon, it demands his immediate resignation if for no other reason than a stunning lack of ability to perform basic threat analysis.  I expect the CCP is very proud.  While they are building military as fast as they can, Milley and the rest of his perfumed princes are chasing phantoms.  Legal Insurrection this morning suggested an alternate explanation, that the Joint Chiefs are simply scared, frightened by their new racialist masters.  Perhaps.  OTOH, we may be seeing the fruits of the 12-year long O’Bama attempt to turn the Pentagon and DoD into yet another leftist government agency.  The current purge of white extremism, as yet still undefined by SECDEF Austin, is aimed at the junior officers and NCOs.  The problem is that the political left doesn’t supply many of those people, though enough of them hand around to be promoted to the leftist general officer corps we are now left with.  Video of the hearing is embedded for your viewing pleasure. 

2.  IRS.  That didn’t take long.  The Return of Lois Lerner wannabees and resumption of the IRS war on Christians and conservatives took place in Texas last week when the IRS denied a Christian non-profit tax-exempt status with IRS Exempt Organizations Director S A Martin writing that the group was engaging in “… prohibited political campaign intervention” and “… operate[s] for a substantial non-exempt private purpose and for the private interests of the [Republican] party.”  In other words, a group organized based on biblical teachings tend to favor the Republican Party.  Who knew?  Especially since that particular world view is no longer welcome among democrats outside the black churches.  I guess this means that BLM and AntiFa will retain their non-profit status for the foreseeable future, or at least until Haris – Xiden leave office plus six months or so.  The non-profit applied in late 2019 and received their rejection letter May 2021.  Among other reasons for the denial were activities of the organization’s officers in other Christian, conservative and Republican political efforts and campaigns, not unlike what the black churches do for democrats.  The organization appealed the rejection and will likely end up in federal court with a religious discrimination case against the IRS.

3.  Nellis.  How the Air Force has changed.  Last week’s example was Nellis AB, fighter pilot central, hosting its first ever drag queen show, essential for morale, welfare and readiness of the troops.  No word yet which club the show is supposed to be held.  The Nellis Club, along with most of the officer’s clubs in the fighter world were pretty wild places, in the 1960s – 1970s.  Lots of drinking.  The occasional drunken brawl.  The Nellis Casual Bar in the late 1970s used to have a ‘Lady’ bring her stable of girls into the back bar to ‘dance’ for the patrons.  That started changing in the 1980s, as leadership decided it was all untoward and cleaned up our act for us.  Lucky us.  For some reason, this is also about the time that membership in the open mess system started cratering.  I’m sure the cause and effect were completely unrelated.  But at Nellis at least, debauchery is back, though not in the way most of us expected.

4.  Curley.  Not every political innovation is a positive one.  Case in point is one James Michael Curley who in six mayoral races in Boston 1913 – 1951 represented the poorest and most ethnically distinct of Boston’s Irish.  He ended up serving four terms as Boston’s Mayor during the period.  Curley’s innovation was to reshape the electorate in Boston so that there would be more residents who would support him while actively chasing those who would be in opposition out of town.  This was done by a combination of wealth-destroying policies and policies hostile to anyone who was not a poor Irish Bostonian.  Essentially, he chased the middle class and wealthy Bostonians out of town, reshaping the electorate.  Coleman Young in Detroit did the same thing, chasing middle class and white Detroit residents out of town.  We see the same thing going on in California and in many of the blue cities which democrats rely upon for their electoral wins.  The politicians who embrace this policy tend to keep winning elections while the city and state systematically gets worse as the innovators and investors take their money and jobs out of town with them as they leave.  The problem with this is that a large and functional middle class is almost essential to a city that has any hope of functioning at all.  While a strong and growing middle class and a strong and growing economy seem to happen at the same time throughout American history, the two facts are not generally linked, one requiring the other.  A strong middle class also leads to higher levels of trust in society, something democrats are doing their level best to destroy at every level of government and among various groups.  Weakness and withdrawal of the middle class from public life doesn’t just change electoral politics and public policy.  The quality and efficiency of government agencies is significantly decreased by economic inequality and a weak middle class.  A weak middle class hollows out governing practices and institutions, so the bureaucracy no longer delivers for its citizens.  Liberals rarely make the connection that these changes in government have an impact on growth.  It appears that the democrats have come to the conclusion that a moderately prosperous middle class as simply too demanding and difficult to put up with.  And they are taking steps to institute the Curley Effect just as far and as wide as possible. 

5.  ID.  One of the arguments you get out of the racialists and others trafficking in expanding election fraud is that it is racist to require minorities to get photo IDs, even when most of them already have them.  A late April tweet from Zach Goldberg passed along an image of graphs of people with photo IDs.  Source data was from an ANES Survey.  The results were either as expected from anyone who lives in the real world that requires photo IDs to do literally anything, or startling for a race-baiting member of Merrick Garland’s Civil Rights Division at Department of (In)Justice.  In short, blacks have the least coverage with photo IDs, at just under 94%, or 19 out of every 20 blacks.  Asians are highest at just under 99%, 99 out of 100.  Latinos and whites are in the middle.  Doesn’t appear we have a problem.

6.  Paranoia.  I am a Murphy’s Law fan and keep my eye out for new versions.  Nearly 50 years ago, there was a group of small books by author Arthur Bloch that were a great read a long time ago.  Over the years, I have become more partial to Sturgeon’s Law:  “90% of everything is crap” only he didn’t use ‘crap’.  Ran across a new version by Stan Evans entitled the First Law of Insufficient Paranoia.  Sadly, there is no link.  The new law goes as follows:

No matter how bad you think things are, when you look closer, you find out it’s even worse than you thought.

7.  Fraudits.  Nothing like making sure that nobody can check election results to convince you that all is honest, above board, and transparent.  Last week., the democrat Secretary of State for Colorado issued rules prohibiting election audits in the State of Colorado.  She referred to them as sham election audits or ‘fraudits’.  Under the new rules, the only people who can access any component of a county voting system is someone who has passed a comprehensive criminal background check, and be an employee of the county clerk, an employee of the voting system contractor, an employee of the Secretary of State’s Office, or an appointed election judge.  Concerned citizens need not apply.  Her excuse for issuing these new rules is the ongoing forensic audit of the Maricopa County election.  Several Colorado counties have been contacted by third parties offering their services.  If they have nothing to hide, this is a real interesting way to make sure nobody trusts any election outcome in future elections.

8.  Defector.  I was initially skeptical of the reported CCP defector Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei, who reportedly flew from Hong Kong to the US Feb 10.  His daughter also went with him.  Rumors are that he passed along information on the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the lab leak that gifted the Wuhan Flu on the rest of the world.  If true, this is the highest-level CCP defector to date.  The good news is that he didn’t end up (to the best of my knowledge) with either the CCP compromised and friendly CIA or FBI.  Rather, he is supposed to be in the hands of the DIA, Mike Flynn’s old outfit.  Note that defectors often really plus up claims of what they may or may not know, so as to inflate their value.  What you end up with is often less than expected.  But this one appears as of this writing, to be the real deal.  As of this writing, I believe I’ve seen enough and the defection is real.

9.  BLM.  Nothing like trying to populate government agencies with actual eco-terrorists.  The Harris – Xiden nominee to head Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Tracy Stone-Manning has a history of collaborating with eco-terrorists who spent years in prison for spiking trees.  She traded her testimony for legal immunity in 1993.  The tree spiking took place in Idaho where they inserted over 500 pounds of 8-10” long spiked in trees of the forest.  The nominee mailed a threatening letter to the USFS in 1989 in an attempt to shut down logging in a national forest.  She did not notify the authorities, opting instead to cover up the origins of the letter.  And now she wants to be in charge of those federal lands. 

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