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1.  Campaign
2.  Brena
3.  NextGen
4.  Positive
5.  Mandate
6.  Riots
7.  Pfizer

1.  Campaign.  As we are a month out of the election, we are well into the Fog of War portion of the festivities, where Sturgeon’s Law (90% of everything is crap) is now in effect.  Still, there are any number of stories out there for your consideration.

  • Rush ran a piece by a coastal millennial that proudly threatened to withhold access to grandkids from his boomer parents if they would continue to support and vote for Trump.  He was inundated with calls noting the story was far more widespread than he had thought, though he has touched on the problem from time to time.  The guy wrote a couple days later that he was wrong and was going to make amends.  Regardless of what happens in this particular family, I predict that there’s going to be a LOT of wills rewritten over the next few months.
  • I have seen similar things on FB, generally with a demand to unfriend someone if you support Trump.  The demand is dressed up in all the self-righteous claptrap we have come to know and love from the left and seems to be mostly an artifact of coastal or blue state people.  Many years ago, I was part of a group of people dedicated to getting as many Americans permanently off planet as humanly possible.  This was a wrap-around coalition, with a mixture of hard right and hard left.  For nearly 40 years we managed to put our politics aside at the door mostly because space is hard and when you are using all your brain cells to get from here to there, there just isn’t a lot of them available to fight the political wars at the same time.  Better yet, it allowed us to work with governments no matter which party was in charge.  Apparently, we’re doing so well today that we can screw around with the political wars after all these years.  Gonna kind of bum me out, as I have known some of these folks for over 30 years, like them and will miss them.  But I will not be hated for what I believe.
  • Voting fraud stories are starting to spread widely.  Project Veritas released three videos of ballot harvesting in Minneapolis.  These are being done by co-conspirators of Ilhan Omar.  They are doing it in the open with no fear of being busted.  The local paper and government (all democrat) is not much interested in this sort of election fraud. 
  • Also looks like ballot harvesting has also come to Houston where the guy running the Biden campaign in Harris county has been illegally harvesting ballots.  While this is currently illegal in Texas, who knows what the next last minute lawsuit to allow it will end up getting. 
  • In Virginia, over 1,000 voters have received two absentee ballots, which are supposed to be controlled.  Military ballots cast for Trump were found discarded in PA.  Finally, pro-Trump campaign literature was found discarded by pro-Biden USPS union members.  Never forget that the Postal Workers Union has formally endorsed Biden.  And they have a way of ensuring only Biden votes make it thru the mail to get counted.

Solution to all of this?  Get out and vote.  Make the margin of victory much larger than the margin of fraud, obfuscation, or last-minute judicial interference.

2.  Brena.  We have two ballot initiatives on the November Ballot here in Alaska.  Prop 1 is yet another attempt to rewrite taxes on the oil producers, gouging another billion dollars in tax money from their coffers.  Prop 2 is an Outside attempt to rewrite state election law.  Local talk radio host Dan Fagan did a deep dive into Prop 1 and discovered a convenient provision, one that essentially opens the books of every company that will pay the new taxes to the general public.  Brena is a tax lawyer, a guy who has made his millions suing the producers for various sins, some real, most imaginary, though he and his fellow travelers are particularly good at dragging them thru the courts and getting their legal costs covered (public interest lawsuit).  He is the prime financial backer of Prop 1, meaning at least some money backing it is local.  The campaign has made a lot all the wonderful things that will happen if they gouge yet another billion dollar chunk of flesh out of the producers, completely ignoring that two of them have already left or are in the process of leaving the state for greener pastures, where the tax and regulatory burden is both stable and affordable.  What he and his backers have conveniently failed to mention is that opening the books of all the producers to lawyers who have made their millions suing the producers is like chumming the water with chopped up bloody fish waste in hopes of attracting sharks.  Brena is using this initiative to ensure his business model continues right up until nobody is producing oil in Alaska anymore, essentially using the ballot initiative process as a self-licking ice cream cone to fund his business via input for future lawsuits..

3.  NextGen.  One of the avenues of attack on SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett is that she has adopted a pair of Haitian youngsters.  Generally going after kiddos is off the table, that is unless they are children of Republicans.  Turns out the group heading these attacks is a PAC named NextGen which Steyer put in a quarter billion dollars in his failed presidential campaign.  Now that money and other Steyer donations are being used in multiple democrat senate candidates including Mark Kelly in AZ, Sara Gideon in ME and Theresa Greenfield in IA.  It was successful in its support for Baldwin in WI and Sinema in AZ in 2018.  The guy heading it up is named Brougher whose claim to fame was CTO for Wendy Davis’ failed gubernatorial campaign in TX.  Given that adoption irregularities are rumored to be the vehicle by which the left has their meathooks into Chief Justice John Roberts, going after ACB’s adoptive kids is yet another expected form of leftist ugliness.

4.  Positive.  President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were diagnosed as positive for the Wuhan Flu Friday.  Trump was admitted to Walter Reed hospital Friday night and pumped with everything humanly possible to treat the disease.  One of the things I initially thought was that we were about to find out about hydroxy that he had been using prophylactically since March.  Turns out that hope was not to be realized as he discontinued that use reportedly mid-April.  The treatment apparently worked pretty well, as of this writing they are starting to talk about releasing him from the hospital shortly.  Sadly, there are multiple other WH officials including three Republican US Senators who also came up positive over the weekend.  Of course, the political left was ecstatic with the news, and passed along all their best wishes and hopes for an immediate and painful demise.  The Biden campaign announced an end to all negative ads at least for a little while, something Scott Adams described as a strong persuasion play.  The news of a widespread super spreader event led to no small amount of speculation.  The Q aficionados speculated that this was putting the President and First Lady in increased safety, clearing the field for some upcoming major event.  Some of the conspiracy crowd started wondering if this infection was intentional.  In support of that notion, there are at least three members of the WH Press Corps who came up positive last week, though no names nor status have been released.  The other thing that plays into this is the laundry list of Republicans who are positive and no democrats.  Why is this?  Trump made a couple videos over the weekend and took a ride in a vehicle yesterday to wave at his well-wishers, much to the disgust of his critics.  Best observation of the videos is that he looks better with the Wuhan Flu than Biden does without it.  number of Wuhan Flu cases were so low   Sooner or later, we are going to find out what the super spreader even was.  The most important thing about this entire event is that Trump is demonstrating he is not afraid of the virus, not living in fear, and like every single American ought to be doing, living his life as best he can without fear.  Heck of an important example.  No wonder the left hates him so passionately, for they do their best (and worst) when we are afraid.  They traffic in fear.  They need it.  They revel in it.  It gives them the opening they need to bring their Nanny State tyranny to our daily lives.  And Trump shows he is not afraid.

5.  Mandate.  Not being content to simply destroy most of his state with rolling blackouts and forest fires, California Governor Newsom signed an Executive Order to ban the sale of all gasoline and diesel vehicles in California by 2035.  Newsom is betting the California market for vehicles at 1.8 million/year is sufficient in size to force auto manufacturers to provide zero emission vehicles.  I am betting that auto dealerships on the borders in AZ, NV and OR will do quite well in a couple decades, as the few remaining California residents do what people in dry counties do in Texas, cross the county line to stock up.  The EPA Administrator laughed at Newsom and his mandate with a hilarious letter that states the new mandate may be illegal and questions the increase in requirements for electricity when California can’t even keep the lights on today.  Did I mention that Newsom was related by marriage to Nancy Pelosi?

6.  Riots.  The funding stream into the riots is slowly being peeled back, completely disconnected from any interest from the democrat cheerleaders in the formerly mainstream media.  Latest participant is an outfit that calls itself the Bail Project which provides funds to bail rioters out of jail.  As money is fungible, that money has also ended up funding gear, equipment, signs, and other paraphernalia for riots in Louisville.  The problem is that rich leftist donors are effectively funding the riots by simply getting the participants out of jail free.  Not only are they funding the participants escape from law enforcement, but George Soros has been spending millions over the last several years to elect local prosecutors who refuse to prosecute rioters for looting and destruction of property.  Tucker Carlson identified a local leader of Louisville Books to Prisoners as someone who rented a U-Haul in Louisville to provide signs, shields and other riot paraphernalia for the Louisville riots last week.  Here in Alaska, democrat (indy) candidate for House of Representatives Alyse Galvin’s Communications Director, who is her daughter has been helping distribute lists of locations to send money by those who support the effort.  So much for being an indy.  The acorn does not fall all that far from the tree once again.

7.  Pfizer.  One of the things I’ve been scratching my head about over the last several months is the uptick in the number of Wuhan Flu (COVID-19) cases here in the US and nationwide, all of which, at least in the western world outside Sweden, have been used to extent the sort of anti-liberty, anti-freedom lockdown and mask mandates we have all grown to know and love (/sarc).  A former Chief Science officer for Pfizer was quoted last week suggesting that there is no science to suggest a second wave is taking place.  He claims that half to almost all of the current tests for the virus are throwing false positives and that the threshold for herd immunity may very well be much lower than previously thought.  He ends his observations with an affirmative (yes) response to the following question:

“we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus?”

Yeadon goes on to declare that the pandemic is fundamentally over.  Worldwide, in all cases, deaths which were on the rise in March through the mid to late April began tapering off in a smooth slope that flattened around the end of June.  This continues today, though the case rates based on what he believes to be fraudulent testing outcomes continues to rise today.  His bottom line is that there is no second wave, and that the ongoing increase in care numbers is an artifact of false positives from current testing.

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