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  1. Oberlin
  2. FIB
  3. Manafort
  4. Cali
  5. Idaho
  6. Omar
  7. ANC
  8. Baker

  1. Oberlin. The latest example of the new adage “Get woke. Go broke” comes from Oberlin, OH, where Oberlin College lost a civil suit against family-owned Gibson’s Bakery to the tune of $11 million followed by $33 million punitive damages.  The day after Trump’s election, the student body and its liberal administrators were grumpy, having just gone into Orange Man Bad mode following the unexpected election results.  Three students went into the store and tried to purchase wine with a fake ID.  The son of the store owner rejected the fake ID, tried to keep it, followed the perps to the back of the store where they were stealing a couple bottles of wine.  Stopped the trio on the street in front of the store until the cops showed up and arrested the 3 perps.  They eventually pled guilty to shoplifting.  As the perps were black and the son was white, accusations of racism flew early and often with protests quickly starting in front of the store.  College administration aided, abetted, and supported the protests.  The public accusations of racism cut store business from students, dropping revenues in half.  Attempts by the store to negotiate a public statement from the college saying they weren’t racist at all were met with demands from the college for the store to call the college on shoplifters first rather than local law enforcement.  Student shoplifting was widespread and an acceptable behavior at least at the college.  The store used to provide baked goods to the college for its cafeteria.  That contract was cancelled.  The store, which had been in operation since 1905 filed a civil suit and the whole mess went to trial.  There are 5 generations of family working in, with, and at the store.  It used to employ over 10 full time people, all of whom were let go after the protests, accusations of racism, and business crash.  Oberlin’s only defense was that the value of the store was only $35,000, an attempt to low-ball the jury award.  Throughout the entire trial, the college showed a remarkable tin ear to the interests and needs of the surrounding community, a community that slapped them as hard as humanly possible.  Perhaps letting the inmates run the asylum is not such a good lifestyle choice after all.  The case is now in the appeals stage, where the college will do everything humanly possible to ensure they don’t have to pay a dime more than necessary to the Gibson’s.  The total award will likely be pared down a bit, even a large bit due to state laws passed by Indiana Republicans limiting jury awards.  It would be ironic if Oberlin were saved by the very people they deign to hate the most these days.  Legal Insurrection has the best coverage of the case and trial.


  1. FIB. Anyone else out there bothered by the politicization of the FIB?  Two of the worst offenders in the Trump – Collusion festivities were FIB Special Agent Peter Strzok and FIB Associate Director Andy McCabe.  McCabe spent 23 years in the FIB and Strzok spent 22.  Neither were original political appointees, rising through the ranks instead.  Both were apparently favorites of former FIB Director James Comey and worked under former FIB Director Robert “Dirty Cop” Mueller.  So, the question arises:  Were they elevated to their final positions because Comey and Mueller decided they all batted for the same team?  Or did they decide to travel the dirty political path as FIB agents based on the leadership of Comey and Mueller?  Either would be awful.  Final question would be to ask if the FIB is simply internally corrupt to the extent that these two career employees are the best the Agency can do?  If that is true, who can believe anything that comes out of the FIB anymore?  Worse, who today could possibly talk with the FIB on any, ANY topic?  If the Agency is internally corrupt, perhaps it is time to go Carthage on it, up to and including firing every single agent, leveling the buildings, and sowing salt on the ground so nothing can grow there afterwards.  Other than the Ripley (Sigourney Weaver in Alien) “I say we take off and nuke it from orbit.  It’s the only way to know for sure” approach, there is nothing else I know of that will instill faith or trust in an agency that has so willfully, gleefully and thoroughly discredited itself.


  1. Manafort. NY State Prosecutor Cyrus Vance continues to lean on convicted Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort in an attempt to get him to turn on Donald Trump in the same way that Mueller’s team got Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to do.  Latest twist of this is an attempted transfer of Manafort, age 71 and in a wheelchair from a federal minimum-security prison in PA to Riker’s in NYC.  Riker’s is a maximum-security prison notable for its harsh conditions.  Dennis Prager describes the treatment as torture.  Alan Dershowitz is not far behind.  NY democrats are using the criminal code at the state level to attack Trump, knowing that he can and will pardon everyone involved in the festivities before he is out of office.  They are going after Manafort on state charges similar to what he pled guilty to in federal court so as to keep the door open for a series of show trials aimed at Trump, his family and business after Trump leaves office.  So far, the SCOTUS does not define this sort of thing as double jeopardy, the notion that you can keep trying someone on the same charges at various levels of government until you get the result you want.  This has little to do with liberty and is my mind, a terrible subversion of the law in spirit and intent.


  1. Cali. An announcement from the Trump campaign last week that they would be putting resources into Oregon for the 2020 campaign tied into something Limbaugh has been saying about California all week, that is to make the democrats fight on a 50-state basis.  Oregon went for Hilly by 11% in 2016.  It has not voted for a Republican since 1984.  The Trump campaign is also considering adding NH, NM, NV and MN to the list.  Limbaugh has been pushing for Trump to go to CA and start holding rallies in what is quickly approaching a Failed State, complete with Governor Gavin Newsome doing his best Chavez / Maduro impression.  Things are so bad in Cali that democrats are not going to tout it as a roaring success.  Nor are they going to go there, counting on vote fraud and illegals to do their dirty work for them next year.  But if Trump can put California into play, or even figure out how to win it, it will go a long way to rewriting elections for a while.


  1. Idaho. Idaho elected a small government Republican last election.  He and the legislature are in the middle of a small government push, that of repealing the entire regulatory code of the state.  Idaho law expires the regulatory code of the state unless the legislature expressly reauthorizes it.  This year, they allowed it to lapse, handing the governor a blank slate for state rules and regulations.  The window of opportunity for this governor is not large, but the potential to put his money where his mouth is most certainly is.


  1. Omar. PowerLine based in Minneapolis has been on top of Keith Ellison’s replacement in congress, newly elected Ilhan Omar, a gift from the 80,000 Somalis imported into Minnesota during the Bush and O’Bama years.  Omar plays the All Muslims are Victims card masterfully.  She is a fairly nasty anti-Semite and Islamist.  Turns out she is also a liar, having lied on her refugee papers about who she was married to (her brother, whom she later divorced).  The local Minneapolis Star – Tribune has been remarkably uninterested in Omar’s intentional lawbreaking likely due to her high intersectionality score (refugee, Muslim, black, woman, democrat, liberal).  But the PowerLine guys are.  A couple weeks ago, one of them got a copy of a report from an investigation of campaign finance irregularities by the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board that found she has used campaign money for personal use, something she reimbursed the campaign afterwards for doing.  The investigation found that Omar filed joint tax returns with a man whom she was not married to, a man other than her husband for tax years 2014 and 2015.  PowerLine believes this may stretch back as far as 2002 when she first showed up in country.  The investigation was into her 2016 campaign for state legislature.  A letter from one of the PowerLine guys to Omar got a response from a criminal lawyer working for Omar who was “… short on facts and long on imputations of bigotry.”  With Omar, the stock response to any inconvenient question is something along the line of “shut up, you bigot.”  She has been getting away with this for a long time.  Omar claims to have married husband #1 in 2002 and divorced in 2008.  She married husband #2 in 2009.  The first marriage appears to have been the sham, intended to get her into the country.  It is also the one that can be used to revoke her immigration paperwork should the Trump administration choose to play.


  1. ANC. The Californication of Anchorage.  Coming soon to a city near you.  It only took a lockstep democrat majority on the Anchorage Assembly and in the mayor’s office a mere four years to start bringing the most damaging pathologies of California to the Cold, Frozen North.  Not only do we have rampant homelessness and property theft, but we also have drug use, trash, and now poop in the streets.  Solution to homelessness by this mayor and Assembly?  A demand for an increase in alcohol taxes that was rejected in April, much to their disgust.  They claim to not be able to even consider a solution until we pass that tax, the reprobates that we voters are.  Mayor Berkowitz has been visiting blue cities like Seattle and Houston both of which spend significant (and useless) money on homelessness to “learn” how to solve the problem.  I think this mayor is a bit confused.  He shouldn’t be visiting cities spending large sums of money on homeless problems.  Rather, he ought to be visiting cities that don’t have homeless problems and start doing what they are doing.  Of course, the Assembly has been busy over the last couple years, so it’s not been like they have been neglecting public safety here in Anchorage.  After all, they have saved the oceans from the ravages of discarded plastic shopping bags from Anchorage, from the abject horror of Anchorage drivers blasting through school zones talking on their cell phones, running down The Children right and left, and implemented a new climate change plan that will cut our already miniscule CO2 emissions in half in a decade or two.  But a record vehicle theft rate, drug use, poop on the streets, and growing homeless problem are somehow too difficult for them to even consider talking about other than demands to pass yet another tax.


  1. Baker. Third time is the charm for LGBTQWTF lawsuits aimed at Jack Phillips in Colorado?  The trany who filed the second complaint against Phillips in Colorado is back in court again with yet another discrimination complaint against him.  This time around the effort is in civil court rather than in front of the state Human Rights Commission which was slapped down rather bluntly by the SCOTUS a few years ago.  The newest lawsuit alleges Phillips discriminated against April Scardina and used deceptive and unfair trade practices.  If nothing else, this entire mess demonstrates that the LGBTQWTF community is not at all interested in tolerance.  Rather, they are interested in using the power of government at any and all levels to force you to do what they demand rather than what you want to do.  I hope he gets every single penny of court costs paid along with punitive damages against this mentally ill man / woman.

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