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  1. Carnage
  2. McSally
  3. Landscape
  4. Error
  5. Withdrawal
  6. Brownshirts

  1. Carnage. Democrats channeled their inner Josef Stalin last week during their serial recounts.  Stalin was infamously quoted as saying:

“You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

Democrats echo this sentiment with magically found additional ballots, thuggery, lawyering, judge shopping, and out and out fraud.  Despite it all, we end up with some more accurate counts of exactly what happened and what didn’t two weeks ago.  As of this writing, Republicans picked up a net of two US Senators, winning four (ND, IN, MO, FL) and losing two (NV, AZ).  Mississippi is up for a runoff next week to replace Thad Cochran (R).  Expect the democrats to bring the Hounds of Hell with them to Mississippi in an attempt to steal the seat.  The rising tide of anti-O’Bama Republican wins down ballot crested and rolled back a bit, with Republicans losing around 327 seats nationwide in state legislatures.  They lost seven governorships.  House democrat wins are up to 37 or 38, with a complete wipeout in formerly red Orange County.  President Trump named several names of congressional Republican candidates who chose to distance themselves from him during a press conference last week.  Among them were Mia Love (R, UT) who looks like she might win a close race, Barbara Comstock (R, VA), a pair of Colorado Republican congress critters, an Illinois incumbent, a MN incumbent, and finally Bob Huggins, who had the opportunity to beat Bob Menendez of Dominican Lolita fame for US Senate from NJ.  Voters were clearly tired of Menendez’ bovine scat but running as democrat lite was not the way to get from here to there.


  1. McSally. Among the more surprising losses at least to outsiders like me was Kyrsten Sinema’s win over Martha McSally.  And it also appears that there was no small amount of vote counting fraud perpetrated in Pima and Maricopa counties (both democrat strongholds and the most populous counties in the state), as initial returns had McSally with a 17,000+ vote lead that flipped a day or two later to a 9,600-vote lead for Sinema that just kept growing.  So why did she lose?  I think it was because she ran as a squish, a pale reflection of John McCain and Jeff Flake, Republicans who ran as rock-ribbed conservatives and took every opportunity to stick it to the people who elected them the other five years between elections.  My dime says we just dodged a bullet with McSally.  While Sinema will be a PITA for the next six years, she will be MUCH easier to remove from office than McSally in 2024, provided she lasts that long.  I am connected with a bunch of guys formerly from the fighter pilot business.  When McSally’s name came up (she made a big deal about leading an A-10 squadron into combat), the guys get pretty quiet, which tells me that what she did and how she did it did not set well with them.  She wasn’t bad enough to reprise Kara Hultrgren’s 2004 F-14 debacle, but not good enough to get the guys completely on board either.  Jon Gabriel writing in Ricochet did a local analysis of the dueling campaigns.  The most telling statistic from this election was the fact that McSally got 200,000 fewer votes than Republican Governor Doug Ducey.  The question is why.  First reason is that McSally ran a prevent defense, which as it does in the NFL prevented her win.  She was cautious, only attended controlled events and released carefully prepared press releases.  She wouldn’t even agree to a debate with Sinema for months and only ended participating in one.  If the only people in the state who know you are your own constituents, you gotta do something to let the rest of the state know who you are and what you want to do.  She didn’t.  Second reason was negative ad burnout.  McSally and the groups supporting her started off negative and got worse.  They never promoted a positive message.  Sinema did.  Next is the McCain / Flake hangover.  McSally was very friendly with McCain, turning off many conservative voters.  Why get excited about a candidate who sidles up to someone who has made you nuts for years?  The left was motivated and organized.  The right in Arizona has been well organized and active for at least a decade.  The left used a 2018 effort to increase teacher pay as a vehicle to activate hundreds of thousands who democrats flooded with daily information on democrat causes.  Finally, Sinema ran a great campaign.  Of course, she lied through her teeth about who she is and what she wants to do.  She barely mentioned her party and promised to be independent (whatever that means these days) and work with “literally anyone” on conservative issues.  As loose as she has been with mouth during her campaign, I expect she will be a fount of goodies for the next six years.  The ground game in Arizona is changing, like it is in many parts of the country.  The state GOP needs to get off the dime and start running great campaigns and keep up with democrat GOTV efforts and innovations.


  1. Landscape. So what sort of landscape are we looking at over the next few years?  Pretty tough, perhaps even remarkably tough, though happily not all of those “Interesting Times” (as in the old Chinese curse) is on our side of the political divide.  I hope the reader doesn’t mind me returning to this sort of analysis, but it will take a while to hash out what happened and what to do about it.
  • Democrats cranked up the fraud machine early and often during and after the election.  Early voting in Montana did not capture the libertarian US Senate candidate dropping out.  Mail-in, absentee, and provisional (especially provisional) ballots were begging to be used for election fraud, particularly in Broward and Palm Beach counties.  We must make a concerted effort to move voting back to Election Day, at polling places, with a minimum of alternatives for voting.  The simpler it is, the less fraud you will end up with.  Florida, Georgia and Arizona were all test cases for the tsunami of election fraud I expect in 2020.
  • Public employee unions are at the heart of the Chicago Machine, the democrat machines in California, Washington State, and every single other one-party blue states.  It will take a while for members leaving to defund them to the point where they are no longer politically viable (Janus v AFSCME).
  • This is tied directly to the fraud item above as millions of illegals are thought to have voted two weeks ago.  Think of them as unregistered democrats and you will do well.
  • The left is remarkably tribal, and just like the Bad Old Days before Western Civilization was established, it is (at least among the left) perfectly acceptable and even celebrated if you simply kill those from the other tribes.  This is an opportunity, particularly among minorities, to crack the democrat plantation.  One of those opportunities is the ongoing discrimination against Orientals in college admissions.  Another is anger against illegals by Latinos who entered the country legally and are making a living here.  Trump is already working on cracking the black part of this with criminal justice reform and jobs, jobs, jobs.
  • Looks like the halls of Academe were proactive in turning out their young indoctrinated skulls of mush to work in campaigns and vote.  And what do the indoctrinated support and vote for?  Democrats and worse.
  • Final story is that the total vote on the Republican side was perhaps 4 million fewer this time around than it was two years ago.  When we turn out, we generally win.  When we don’t, for whatever reason, democrats win, which is why they spend so much time attempting to dispirit and in turn suppress the conservative vote.  Final pleasant thought is that the elderly, who vote in perhaps the highest percentage of all, continue to pass on, to the tune of around 10 million between 2016 and 2020.  They are in turn replaced on the voting rolls by education establishment indoctrinated young and illegals both of whom tend to vote for democrats.  Can we turn the millennials into conservative voters before we are simply buried in demographic shifts by the 2020s?


  1. Error. From the world of settled science comes a correction to last month’s study that found 60% more manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions in the oceans (Oceans absorbing heat) than previously thought.  Another scientist took a look at the paper’s conclusions and found errors in math that reversed the conclusions.  With the mistakes corrected, the revised conclusions are that there is more warming than previously thought.  The problem is that there is far too much uncertainty to support the 60% increase any more.  The paper introduced a new way of estimating ocean heat uptake by measuring CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere.  The scientist who found the math errors is a critic of overreliance on climate models and released a study with Judith Curry earlier this year that found climate models overestimate global warming by as much as 45%.  You only improve science by sharing data, methods, techniques and results.  This is the way it is supposed to work.  All sides are to be congratulated as the system works.


  1. Withdrawal. An independent candidate for Seattle City Council dropped out of the campaign last week citing racial and sexual harassment of his wife by left-wing activists.  This story tells us a lot about the fascist bully culture that passes for leftist political activism these days, especially in the bastions of their electoral power, the deep blue, one party cities.  The candidate, a documentary filmmaker was campaigning against what he called Seattle’s “activist class” and “the ideologues on our city council” as a central part of his campaign for election in 2019.  His wife is an oriental who works for Microsoft.  Activists did not go after him, something he was ready for.  Instead, the focused on his wife and children, even going so far as leaving hate messages (messages of love to the political left these days) on his 8-year-old’s FakeBook page.  For a group of people who have spent years falling all over themselves claiming to hate racism and fascism, it appears that the political left has managed to turn into the very thing they claim to despise.  Good show, guys.


  1. Brownshirts. Antifa organized a group of so-called activists to stand outside Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington DC, bang on his door to the point that they broke it, and scare his wife and children who were at home at the time, to death.  They set up roadblocks at either end of his street, so nobody could enter or exit without their permission.  This tactic mirrors closely that used by the Castro regime for decades of turning the mob loose on suspected political dissidents.  Remember that Mao’s Red Guards during the Great Cultural Revolution were little more than regime-led, tolerated, and sponsored mobs aimed at those who did not drink Party Kool-Aid with sufficient gusto.  Think of these guys like the Nazi Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts.  The political left has always hidden behind the mob.  And now that they think it works, expect to see much more of it.  Former Bush Attorney General Mukasey was on the Laura Ingraham radio show last week and said that Antifa is ripe for targeting by an enterprising US Attorney for RICO / racketeering charges, primarily for violating the civil rights of their targets.  Also note that Antifa would not be able to do squat if local politicians did not order unionized law enforcement to give them a free pass as they commit violence, mayhem, and intimidation against their political enemies.  Remember that the KKK began as the terrorist arm of the democrat party shortly after the Civil War.  With the current group of Brownshirts, democrats appear to be returning to their political roots.  Only problem this time around, it is conservatives who are in their crosshairs.

More later –

– AG


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