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Focus is the key to playing golf

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In this issue:

  1. Spying
  2. Twofer
  3. Bar Fight
  4. Somali
  5. Cooling
  6. Kilauea
  7. BSA

  1. Spying. A pair of articles in the NYT and Washington Post a week ago verified President Trump’s claim that there were spies in his campaign.  The articles were aimed at discrediting Devin Nunes (R, CA) who has been doing some real damage to the deep state and its coverup of FIB / (In)Justice / CIA / NSA / National Security Advisor activities attempting to first defeat his election in 2016, then remove him from office in the first six months, drive down his approval ratings to the point where he is impeachable, use the investigation to punish his supporters, acquaintances and friends, and finally the current stage of covering up the lawlessness of their (O’Bama regime’s)  efforts to defeat him.  To date, none of that has worked.  But the media, in its efforts to protect, defend, and make excuses for O’Bama regime participation (leadership) in the festivities, has unwittingly verified every single thing that Trump claimed during the campaign and was laughed at and ridiculed for doing.  None of this has worked.  Limbaugh observed that the best analogy to all this was the plot of Caddyshack, where a bellicose outsider played by Rodney Dangerfield, showed up at a posh, straight-laced country club and the members did every single thing possible to toss him from their membership.  Nothing worked.  In fact, everything made it worse for the original members.  So today, we have the FIB, (In)Justice and the intelligence community all spying on and using their position as government employees to diddle in the political wars.  Not only did the agencies spy on the campaign, but they were also agent provocateurs, feeding information to young, unseasoned Trump campaign strap-hangers, who then parroted the information back to the spies’ handlers which in turn used the parroted information as the justification for further surveillance and FISA warrants, essentially the textbook definition of entrapment.  They are going to have to build a new wing in Club Fed to house these clowns.  And if they don’t they will eventually end up in the hands of the Vigilance Committees with ropes and lampposts.


  1. Twofer. From the land of “Here, hold my beer” comes a week when democrats not only were defending the murderous thugs of MS13, but were also defending the PLO who orchestrated a series of riots, storming the barricades during the opening of the newly finished US Embassy in Jerusalem.  Over 50 were killed.  As it turns out, the PLO compensates the families of the rioters with the tidy sum of nearly $100 per dead Palestinian.  Life is indeed cheap in the Middle East.  Democrats and media went after both President Trump and the Israelis for their temerity in killing people who wanted to kill them.  In the second story, President Trump made some remarks that referred to MS13 gang members as animals.  MS13 is a Central American gang which has set up shop here in the US courtesy of O’Bama’s DACA.  One of the things you have to do to be a full up gang member is kill someone, leading to Trump’s comments.  The media took his comments, conveniently edited out the MS13 portion and started running the audio, claiming that Trump referred to all illegals and immigrants as animals.  Took democrats a few tens of seconds to jump in the festivities with both feet, decrying the sentiment, and demanding an apology.  Trump doubled down and pressed the issue.  From a persuasion perspective, it is incredible to see democrats and their media leaders supporting the murderous thugs of both MS13 and Hamas at the top of their lungs.  From another perspective, it is almost like there was a discussion between President Trump and someone in the WH that turned to the possibility of forcing the democrats and the media to publicly defend MS13 and Hamas.  Trump’s response was something along the lines of “here, hold my beer (or diet coke since he does not imbibe adult beverages) and the rest is history.


  1. Bar Fight. One of the things that democrats do is use the powers of government via legislation to aid businesses they favor and harm those they don’t.  Latest example of this in Alaska was an effort by Representative Adam Wool (first term democrat from Fairbanks) to use an update of Alaska’s alcoholic beverage regulations as a vehicle to go after craft beer brewers and their tasting rooms.  Wool owns a bar in Fairbanks and is apparently tired of microbreweries stealing his customers and eating his lunch in the marketplace.  He and a few of his cronies hijack a senate bill that has been in the works for six years and was passed out of the senate via unanimous vote.  Wool and his cohorts in crime (including former Republican Louise Stutes and current Republican Gary Knopp) set up a hearing in the House Labor and Finance Committee.  The hearing was populated with a parade of bar owners complaining about competition from microbreweries, tasting rooms, and craft spirits businesses who feel it is unfair that the new entrepreneurs are not required to purchase a $250,000 beverage dispensary license.  The tasting rooms only have to pay $3,000 for a brewery license that allows them to sell three beers or one-ounce spirit drinks per day per customer after investing hundreds of thousands in tanks, equipment, ingredients, payroll, construction and transportation costs.  Their proposed fix?  Reduce the amount per customer by a third, a move which would take a chunk out of the bottom line of craft breweries large enough so that new microbreweries being planned will no longer be economically viable.  As a result, a slam-dunk update six years in the making never made it out of House Finance.  Good show, guys.  Good show. (/sarc)


  1. Somali. It has long been said that we will sell the communists the rope they will use to hang us with.  Such is also the case with jihadis, as Somalis imported into Minnesota by the Bush and O’Bama administrations figured out how to ship child care cash out of the US to disappear into the Middle East and fund jihad.  Local Minneapolis – St. Paul Fox affiliate concluded a 5-month long investigation on the flow of cash out of the US in carry-on luggage thru MSP.  The cash ends up being government day-care payments for non-existent and non-participating enrollees.  And the cash is leaving in million-dollar chunks, with perhaps $100 million exported so far.  The investigation started March 15 with a tip about a man leaving the country with over a million dollars in carry-on luggage through security.  The cash is supposedly going to family members of refugees, where banking systems either do not exist.  Terrorist organizations like al Shabaab are demanding their cut.  The scheme has low income families sign up for child care assistance funding.  They show up, check their kids into the day care facility, and leave with them a few minutes later.  The center then bills the state for a full daily cost of child care.  The fraud is so widespread that people in the immigrant community in MSP (Somalis) purchase shares of daycare businesses to get a cut of government money pouring in.  And Minnesota spends over $100 million a year on daycare.  Thank you, Mark Dayton.


  1. Cooling. Interesting article out of WUWT reports that global average temperatures dropped 0.56 C between Feb. 2016 and Feb. 2018, the largest two-year drop in the last century.  The report was done by Aaron Brown and originally printed in Real Clear Markets three weeks ago.  No major, and few smaller, media organizations picked up the story, most likely because it doesn’t reflect the ongoing narrative about climate change (warmer) happening right now today.  But climate change IS happening.  Unfortunately, it is getting colder.  Expect this to continue as the sun remains quiet in its current solar cycle.


  1. Kilauea.  Hawaii’s Kilauea as predicted, went into an explosive phase as the level of lava in the lake fell to the point where it intersected the water table.  Water flashed the basalt lava to ash, which in turn produced an eruptive plume over a couple kilometers high at times.  There was a photo of a guy looking at his tee-shot on a golf course with the eruptive plume behind him in the background.  Talk about focus on the game.  The other thing that took place was that most of the older magma that had been sitting in the system was erupted out, and the main show began.  Magma in Kilauea maintained a hydrostatic balance between the main vent (lava lake) and a satellite vent called Pu’u’O’o.  Both lakes drained during the early stages of the eruption.  That magma had to go somewhere, and it has, with main vents opening along the line of rift vents just to the east of Lelani Estates.  HVO / USGS briefing on May 22 suggests the system will have to regain its hydrostatic balance and it will take a while until this happens.  An article in the American Thinker describes what is going on.  The briefing itself is pretty impressive.


  1. BSA. When you give into the liberal mob, it does not take a long time before that mob destroys you completely.  David Burge (Iowahawk) described the process as:
  1. identify a respected institution
  2. kill it
  3. gut it
  4.  Wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect

The Boy Scouts of America’s Original Sin was not allowing gays to either join or serve as Scout Masters, or other adult leadership, mostly due to the very real concern of recruiting and sexual targeting by gays.  This wrongthink was vigorously targeted with the BSA finally voting to allow gays to join and serve in 2013.  Earlier this month, they expanded their belly-up position to the extent of allowing girls to join, dropping “Boy” from their name.  For an organization founded as a vehicle to build men out of young boys, this is the very definition of mission creep.  Things have gotten bad enough that they will be providing condoms for the National Jamboree in West Virginia this summer.  The blame is being put on the overall World Scouting organization.  Don’t think it matters a lot, as we are at the skin suit phase of the discussion.

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