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  1. CNN
  2. Charlie
  3. Flynn
  4. Correction
  5. Warren
  6. Wrestling
  7. Voting Fraud
  8. Detransitioners

  1. CNN. The funniest story last week was the continuing seppuku CNN is committing on its business.  Someone via Reddit posted an animated gif of Donald Trump taking down WWE’s (WWF at the time) Vince McMahon with the CNN logo replacing McMahon’s head.  Trump tweeted the gif.  CNN doesn’t take kindly to anyone laughing at them and decided to turn all their journalistic guns on the guy who posted the gif.  The news organization that couldn’t lift a finger at multiple Clinton, O’Bama, and other democrat scandals went after a citizen.  And when they found him, they threatened to release all his personal information to the slavering democrat mobs if he didn’t apologize, remove the offending gif, and promise to never do it again.  They were quite proud of themselves afterwards, reserving the right to release the information if the guy didn’t behave himself in the future.  In the internet world, this is called doxing, and depending what you release, it is also illegal.  The former news organization is now running a protection racket, setting themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner.  Apparently, they want to make sure nobody ever laughs at them again, which is going to be difficult, as they just picked a fight with every single hacker in the world.  Here’s why.  First, they demonstrated that they don’t have a sense of humor at all, something in common with all liberals.  Second, they publicly threatened to dox someone who made fun of them.  Third, they are proud of what they did.  Appropriate reaction?  I would dox every single person who investigated the gif.  I would release everything and then start working my way up the CNN corporate food chain so as to educate them on the error of their ways.  They were the ones who chose to get into this fight in this way.  Time to introduce them into the world they just joined.


  1. Charlie. A cautionary tale out of Great Britain’s National Health Service.  A very young handicapper named Charlie Gard is currently fighting for his life.  He has a very rare condition that will kill him and the NHS along with the hospital and British courts are making sure he will not get any treatment.  Worse, the court issued an opinion prohibiting his parents from removing him from the hospital, taking him to the US where he can receive highly experimental treatment for the condition.  The parents have raised money for the trip and treatment.  There is so much wrong with this that I barely know where to start.  First, whose child is it really?  In the eyes of the British government, NHS, hospital and courts, he belongs to the state.  The screaming leftists infesting the Vatican got themselves involved, initially supporting the court.  They reversed course a bit later, but still the damage was done.  Second, this is everything that we fear out of one size fits all, O’BamaCare single payer health care, where not only is the required medical care denied, but you do not have the right to hunt it down and get it for yourself on your own dime.  Finally, and as an aside, I had the honor to sit as part of the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education here in Alaska for a term.  It is an interesting group of people, with the goal of making it easier for those who have disabilities and their families to do whatever it is that they do.  Most of the social work world operates somewhere to the left of center with few having heard a committed, caring, helping conservative viewpoint.  The Council wrote an eight-page letter to the Alaska congressional delegation in strong opposition to the effort to repeal O’BamaCare. There were many reasons for that opposition, most of which were wrapped up in capping Medicaid, block grants of Medicaid, and no longer supporting Governor Bill Walker’s Medicaid expansion.  They also opposed the elimination of mandated coverages.  The letter essentially echoed Walker’s DHHS opposition to the rollback.  The problem is that the logical conclusion, the end game to care for their people is what NHS is doing to Charlie Gard and his parents today.


  1. Flynn. We found out why the FBI was running a vendetta against former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  While head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2014, Flynn backed an investigation by a female FBI employee against FBI Director Comey’s deputy, Andrew McCabe, who is now acting FBI Director.  Looks like the entire FBI Russia probe started as payback against Flynn when he was appointed by Trump.  It is little more than bureaucratic payback as this democrat uses the offices of the FBI to go after someone who refused to bury sexual harassment charges against him.  McCabe also has a Hatch Act problem associated with his wife’s campagn for political office in Virginia.  Both are democrats.  McCabe was also the guy who told WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus none of the leaks about Russia were true in January, prompting Priebus to ask him to pass that along to the press.  McCabe then turned around a leaked the conversation in such a way as to appear that Priebus was pressuring the FBI in an ongoing investigation.  The FBI is a nest of snakes today, one more part of the swamp that needs to be drained.


  1. Correction. More adjustments to the temperature record out of NOAA as a vehicle to erase the 19+ yearlong temperature rise hiatus.  In past years, the adjustments were made to the surface temperature records.  Last year, one of the proprietors of RSS, one of the satellite records got himself into the act adjusting satellite temperature records upwards after the fact.  Lo and behold, the pause disappeared.  Surprise.  Surprise. Surprise.  Carl Mears claimed that the old data had errors in it and he corrected the errors, so his dataset now shows some warming – 0.18-degree F over a couple decades, or one one hundredth of a degree per year.  Pretty subtle manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions, that.  You would wonder how and why he was proffering suspect data to the scientific community and the public for nearly two decades.  Mears is a committed warmist, who has been irritated that the skeptic community has for years used his satellite dataset to help make its arguments.  Now he has garbaged up his dataset so that it no longer helps.  Dr. Roy Spencer predicted that Mears under pressure from the taxpayer funded warmist community would corrupt his data so as to bring it in line with the beliefs of that community.  Viscount Monckton went further, noting that climate is impossible to predict, but climate fraud is extremely predictable.


  1. Warren. It always warms my heart when someone can troll a troll.  We elected on of the best public trolls in November when we elected Donald Trump.  Democrats did the same thing in MA a few years earlier, electing self-appointed consumer advocate and all-around hectoring scold, Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate.  Warren is up for reelection in 2018 and is getting some opposition among Republicans.  One is former Red Sox pitcher Kurt Schilling.  Another is Republican US Senate candidate VA Shiva Ayyadurai, who sent Warren a fully paid DNA test to see if Warren can back up her claim of Native American ancestry.  Warren claimed a miniscule percentage of Cherokee on her application to teach at Harvard.  She pointed to her high cheekbones as proof.  The claim filled yet another diversity square at Harvard and allowed Warren to get in the line of applicants ahead of a bunch of others.  The DNA testing is sheer trolling, and very fine trolling indeed.  But Warren’s claims do give the rest of us that despise the racialist game an idea.  Perhaps race is now like gender, something you can choose.  And if not, why not?  Would be a nice way to put the participants out of business quickly and permanently.


  1. Wrestling. Speaking of trolling, the latest wrestling villain is a guy who calls himself Progressive Liberal.  He is working in a small professional wrestling circuit in Kentucky called the Appalachian Mountain Wrestling.  It allows him to do a great shtick, insulting the fans and getting booed in return.  He wears a t-shirt with Hilary photos and has a Not MY President logo, which goes across well in the rural communities that went strongly for Trump last year.  In a sport that created villains out of any and every single nationality that has crossed our paths for decades, this one has been a long time coming.  And it is great to see.  Who knows, perhaps the public will come to see progressive liberals as the threat that they really are.


  1. Voting Fraud. President Trump’s voting commission issued a sweeping request for nationwide voter data.  That request triggered furious pushback and condemnation, led by blue state governments, though many red states got into the act too.  Initial pushback was privacy concerns for voter data, which completely ignores the fact that all state political parties have access to state voter data.  They have copies of the database, or at least substantial portions of the database that they use for registration and get out the vote efforts.  Among the Secretaries of State that are refusing to play along number a bunch of Soros-funded officials, part of his voting project.  I do expect this commission to identify several million, mostly illegals who have been voting.  I expect them to identify a substantial number of people registered to vote in more than one state, another vehicle democrats use to commit voting fraud.  If nothing else falls out of this other than a repeal of the democrats’ Motor Voter legislation signed by Bill Clinton as his first piece of legislation, it will have been a success.


  1. Detransitioners. One of the reasons leftists get along with radical Islam so well is that the techniques are similar – essentially the belief system is like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you like but you can never, ever leave.  You can convert to Islam at the drop of the hat.  Convert away, and you become legal prey, a target for killing by the remainder of the Ummah.  Same with same sex, once you are in, you’re in. Governments get involved in this one, some making it illegal for psychiatric treatment / therapy to treat the condition (such as it is).  Turns out the latest artificial victim group, the sexually confused, advocates on the left are also adopting the worldview.  Changing from one sex to another is called transitioning.  Reversing the process is called detransitioning.  An article by Katie Hertzog in something called The Stranger reported on the process.  Turns out that around 80% of all those sexually confused who make the change before the age of majority return to their original sex, a bunch of them to same sex relationships. This did not go down well with the community organizers using transgender as a cudgel in the political wars and they let her have it in comments on FB.  If 4 out of 5 returns to their starting point, why conduct the surgical mutilation of their bodies?  Interesting read by someone relatively friendly to both sides.

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  1. I have heard or read that the Flynn thing was a sting that both Flynn and President Trump designed from the beginning to catch leakers. I hope it is true, for that’d make some of the ‘righteous indignation’ from it about as good a political staged stunt as Governor Wallace’s so called Stand in the Schoolhouse Door’ of which the full story has never been told accurately but much used as a caricature.

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