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1.  Natanz
2.  NDAA
3.  Twitter
4.  Crumbleys
5.  Sleepers
6.  Report
7.  Jussie
8.  Housing
9.  Omicron

1.  Natanz.  In the best news of the week, there appeared to be a huge explosion at Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility near Natanz last week.  Iran initially claimed it was part of a missile test.  The NYT immediately blamed it on Israel.  Several Iranian news outlets reported a drone destroyed in the area around the time of the explosion.  This is the third explosion at the site this year, the other two being in April and July.  Iran reportedly shot down an Israeli drone near the site in 2014.  There were reports of a pair of villages within 15 km of the blast being evacuated, which would not have happened following a successful missile test.  NRO reported last week the confusion surrounding the blast:

  • There was a dramatic flash of light followed by and explosion.  This set off internet chatter about a possible nuclear test.  Other possibilities include a test of a conventionally powered EMP weapon or test of a new Iranian missile defense system.
  • Iranian accounts continue to shift, which may mean they don’t know any more about what is going on than the rest of us do.  There is also speculation about detonation of an attacking drone.
  • Finally, and previously mentioned, is the evacuation of neighboring villages.  The facility is located 33 km NNW from Natanz, a town with a population of around 12,000.  Post-explosion evacuations indicate concern either for future explosions or downwind contamination from products of the blast itself or what was released into the air by the blast. 

As of this writing, the Israelis are being very quiet about this, which is no surprise. 

2.  NDAA.  Not everything coming out of congress these days is awful Pelosi – Schumer dreck.  There is the occasional small win, the latest of which is the recently passed NDAA, DoD Authorization legislation.  It scrapped a pair of Harris – Xiden DoD initiatives, the Office Countering Extremism and red flag provisions.  The Office Countering Extremism was one of the tools prosecuting the continuing purge of white males, conservatives and Trump supporters.  It was headed up by a racialist.  The red flag provisions allow any commander or military court to find anyone under their command to be incapable of owning firearms, requiring them to be confiscated.  I don’t know what else was in the legislation, but this was a good start.

3.  Twitter.  One of the things done quickly following Jack Dorsey’s resignation as CEO was publication of a new policy ostensibly aimed at “… protect(ing) users from harassment.”  Instead, “right wing activists” or “fascists” according to Gizmodo, are using the new rules to go after leftist activists and self-proclaimed sedition hunters, causing their accounts to be locked for posting the wrong things.  The media was shocked, simply shocked at anyone demanding the political left play by their new rules and posted pieces with the identical title in multiple pieces all around Dec 4.  The title:  Right-wing activists are openly ‘weaponizing Twitter’s new private media policy.  The rule basically prohibits posting images of private individuals without their permission.  The left has been posting photos of people on the right targeted for doxing, not wearing masks, selected targets of BLM / AntiFa rioters, or any of hundreds of examples of current BadThink.  And that new weapon has gleefully been turned against them in the political wars.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

4.  Crumbleys.  One of the really ugly stories of yet another state prosecutor is the arrest and charging of the parents of Oxford High School shooter for allowing access to the firearm he brought to school and shot 12 with, killing 4.  Prosecutors claimed in court that the parents purchased the firearm for the kid, and he had complete access to it, something emphatically disputed by both parents and their lawyer.  Given the track record of prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case (what is it with blue state rust belt prosecutors these days?), I would tend to keep an open mind on this one, at least until the defense can present their case.  Also in dispute is whether or not the parents were actually fugitives, as the prosecutor’s office never returned calls from the parents who were asking where and how they should turn themselves in.  NEO is of the opinion that the prosecutor wanted to portray the parents as fugitives which she managed to do.  As we sort this out, like other mass shootings, it is apparent that the school was a participant in setting the stage for the shooting.  A teacher found the kid searching online for ammunition.  There was a note from the kid the next day talking about thoughts not stopping and asking for help.  No help came from the school.  School officials met with parents and kid, telling them he needed counseling within 48 hours.  Parents didn’t want him to come home, so he was allowed to stay at school.  The school had the responsibility to put the kid in a safe place, which they didn’t.   This is to keep the other kids safe from the dangerous kid.  Andrew Pollack writing in Breitbart made the case that school administrators are at least as culpable as the parents.  This is going to be as awful to sort out as the Rittenhouse story was, given both local media and what appear to be at a minimum, grandstanding prosecutors.  Andrew McCarthy made the case in a Citizen Free Press piece last week that the prosecutors are making up new law going after the parents.  That law does not exist in Michigan and the Michigan legislature has specifically refused to enact legislation that allow law enforcement and prosecutors to go after parents of children who obtain access to firearms without their permission.  In short, prosecutors are creating a new crime as a vehicle to allow them to prosecute these parents.  Final story comes out of one of the students shot.  He was a football player, who rushed the shooter and was killed doing it.  Essentially, he ran to the sound of gunfire in an attempt to stop the carnage.  This is yet another example that perhaps the kids are going to be ok after all.

5.  Sleepers.  One of the questions falling out of the fiasco in Afghanistan was how the Taliban managed to cause the entire house of cards to fall all at once.  Despite the best efforts of Harris – Xiden to screw the withdrawal up, the Taliban had to do something right to make this happen so quickly.  A story carried in both Jihad Watch and the WSJ (paywalled) last week noted that Taliban sleeper agents had infiltrated Afghan government ministries, universities, businesses, and aid organizations.  Not only were they prepared when the next democrat was elected, they were in position to help give a push in the right direction.  And they were armed, as most people in that part of the world are.  The trick was to dress like westerners, shaved, blue jeans, sunglasses, etc.  This is the Islamic tactic of taqiyya, which allows the use of deceit to war against the Infidel.  Nothing like the old tactics working in the modern world.  The agents did several things.  Some were fighters.  Some were recruiters.  Some worked the financial end.  All in all, nicely done. 

6.  Report.  For anyone who isn’t keeping track of the partisan hacks appointed to the Harris – Xiden (In)Justice Department, comes a story about release of the alternate Mueller Report.  This report was prepared by Andrew Weissman, who led the team, and includes things so outrageous they were impossible to include in the original report.  Weissman wrote about it in his book, which prompted the NYT to file a FOIA and lawsuit for the document.  Processing of the request is expected no earlier than January 2022, with release likely just in time for the 2022 congressional elections.  Consider this battlefield prep, though for the life of me, I can’t figure out for whom.  Perhaps Do(In)J forgot to read the most recent indictment out of the Durham investigation.  Perhaps it simply doesn’t matter to them at all.   

7.  Jussie.  Noted French actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty of 5 of 6 counts falling out of his fake 2 AM hate crime in Chicago, Jan 2019.  At the time, he was adopted by all the Usual Suspects in both the media and the political left, all of whom believed his story, as an example of all the anti-gay, anti-black racism running rampant among Trump supporters.  Others were not so sure, one being Dave Chappelle, whose profane and hilarious take on the claim in his Netflix Sticks & Stones comedy special can be found in the video clip next.  Warning:  NSFW. 

It turns out that while Smollett may be a pretty good actor, he is a really poor director, having hired a pair of Nigerian gym rats to dress up as white MAGA guys.  Happily, he did film the rehearsal, which was viewed and appreciated by the court and jury.  Despite Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Fox attempt to whitewash the fraud, the case was given to a special prosecutor who did what he was required to do by the facts.  For their part, both BLM and democrats still stand by Smollett, though democrats and their media mouthpieces have been really quiet about that support following the convictions, hoping the entire mess would just disappear.  And the media is doing their level best to make that so, not unlike the ongoing disappearing of the Waukesha mass murderer. 

8.  Housing.  The O’Bama-era AFFH was a way to nationalize local zoning laws by putting high-density low-income housing in the middle of suburban neighborhoods.  AFFH provisions were rumored to be part of both the Biden Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better.  I do not know of its actual status as yet.  OTOH, this does not stop benighted leftist local governments from doing the same thing to neighborhoods under their purview.  Most recent example of this is Venice Beach, in LA County, where the LA City Council approved construction of a 136-unit apartment building.  The project will be built on city property, which is currently a parking lot, cover nearly 3 acres and will cost $75 million.  The Homeless – Industrial Complex continues to grift away.  The building will be right next to homes ranging $2 – 5 million.  I’m sure the new neighbors will fit right in.  Vote on the project was 12-0.  Venice Beach in recent years has become a magnet for homelessness who are running rampant on the beaches.    

9.  Omicron.  The Omicron COVID variant is the Next Big Thing associated with the virus.  Most expect the public health and Big Pharma apparat to crank up the new vax with demands for a whole new series of shots to protect against the variant.  The problem is, as yet, while people have been getting sick, there are no reported deaths.  This is where the narrative derails a bit, for surviving a COVID infection seems to crank up the immune system for most (but not all) people to the point where they have antibodies capable of fighting future infections including variant infections far better than the vax does.  If this is correct, a highly transmittable, highly infective mild virus might act more like a vax than the vax itself.  Dr Joondeph writing in American Thinker this morning makes a pretty good case for this outcome.  He is not the only one, citing Norwegian COVID experts who believe Omicron might be the path to herd immunity until the CCP releases its next biowar attack on the world.  The Norwegian reports cited in the ZeroHedge piece linked notes that nobody infected was even hospitalized.  Couple this with the COVID pill, the use of therapeutics, and the current festivities may be over, which is the best news in two years. 

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