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In this issue:

  1. Charlottesville
  2. Mobs
  3. Statues
  4. Norks
  5. Iceland
  6. Costs
  7. Blacklisting

  1. Charlottesville. The newest set of democrat party enforcers – antifa – had themselves quite a time a week ago as they staged a riot in Charlottesville, VA, home of the University of Virginia.  The festivities started when the Vice Mayor, a radical black separatist, decided it would be a great thing to remove a century old statue of General Robert E. Lee as insufficiently racially sensitive.  He was generally supported by the Mayor, the local assembly, and the VA Governor, one Terry McAulliffe, aka “the Punk” (Limbaugh), all democrats.  The announcement drew the expected pushback from white nationalists and National Socialist wannabees who got themselves a permit to protest Friday and Saturday night.  Organizer of the National Socialist wannabees was a former O’Bama voter, Occupy Wall Street community organizer, so this was probably a setup from the beginning.  Friday night was relatively quiet as 250 – 300 marched around carrying torches.  By Saturday, over 1,000 antifa goons had been bussed in, complete with baseball bats, black masks, and axe handles.  Unlike the National Socialist wannabees, they didn’t have a permit for protesting.  They also picked up a number of UVa students who wanted to join the fun.  Saturday, when the National Socialist wannabees marched, antifa went after them like the good little Brownshirts they have become.  Local and state police who turned out in reasonable numbers were ordered to stand by and not stop or in any way interfere with the mayhem.  The orders came from the Mayor and The Punk’s office.  After they had been beating on one another for a while, the cops were ordered to break things up, but the break up took place in such a way as to funnel the National Socialist wannabees into the heart of the antifa goons.  Sometime during the festivities, a vehicle was attacked by the antifa goons and ended up killing a woman (girl?) protesting with the antifa goons.  Antifa had a pair of cars blocking the street, funneled the vehicle into the trap, and proceeded to start bashing it with bats and axe handles.  By the time the guy slammed it into reverse to escape, his rear window was gone.  The dead chick was claimed to have been on the back of the vehicle before she was killed.  It is unclear at this time how she was killed.  The mother told President Trump not to contact her to express his condolences, but she did have sufficient time to wake up early and go on Good Morning America and bash Trump a few days later.  Now that the democrats who orchestrated this little passion play had their dead body, they proceeded to blame all white men, Republicans, and conservatives for the National Socialist wannabees.  Apparently we are all white nationalist sympathizers.  The only one who tried to properly place the blame was President Trump, who went after everyone who was involved.  Trump remembers the democrat mob going after his supporters in San Jose, Berkeley, and other locales where democrat mayors told police to stand down while antifa and BLM unmercifully beat his supporters as they left rallies.  The media had a great old time whipping up the next great hysteria – National Socialists bad, nobody else gets mentioned or named.  Trump had the temerity to name names and actually place the blame.  And he did it twice.  The media is really good at stirring up hysteria, and very good at throwing gasoline on it.  The kid driving the car may end up getting lynched (another old democrat trick), as all the levers of power in the justice system are in the hands of democrats who will do their level best to make an example out of him.


  1. Mobs. Much of the hysterical rhetoric out of the media last week centered on ritual condemnation of National Socialist wannabees and white nationalist KKK sympathizers.  Nobody outside of talk radio or the online right wanted to point out that it was antifa acting like the real National Socialist Brownshirts actually acted, beating up people who don’t agree with them.  Isn’t it amazing that the left is turning into the thing they claim to hate the worst – fascists, Brownshirts, and murderous socialists (murders committed by Bernie Sanders supporters since the election).  As long as they are not National Socialists, apparently it is ok.  The democrat party has a long, ugly history of using mob violence to gain political ends.  They stood up the Klan as a response to Reconstruction of the South following the Civil War, and when Reconstruction ended in 1876, they took over.  One commenter noted that the Klan was not there so much to oppress the freedmen.  Rather, it was there to ensure that no whites would speak up and stop what was going on.  After the turn of the century, the union movement took off, and over time, democrats co-opted unaccountable union violence.  Since the cities burned following the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, democrats moved on to the black, inner city mob.  Even Fast and Furious was among other things, an attempt to create mob violence, this time by the Mexican drug cartels.  DACA was a vehicle to import MS13 members into the US, yet another lawless gang executing political violence.  And now they’ve moved on from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and anti-fascists (antifa).  Mob violence inflicted for political gains by democrats.  What a surprise (/sarc).


  1. Statues. The fuse for the Charlottesville riot was lit by a black nationalist who wanted to take down a century old statue, which leads to the next passion play – the removal of statues that are viewed by the democrat mob as offensive, racist, or simply triggering to the snowflakes they have manufactured over the last few decades.  They have a large and growing target list of things to vandalize and have widened the scope of their efforts to all the Founding Fathers (white, old, slaving-owing men for the most part).  The irony of current slaving Muslims falls well outside their consideration.  So does the popularity of Islam among militant blacks.  Perhaps slavery isn’t so bad if the right sorts of people are practicing it?  The final observation is the destruction of monuments and history by the democrat mob echoes quite accurately similar destruction of monuments, statues, ancient buildings, churches, and shrines by the Taliban and ISIS over the last several decades.  Our friends on the left turned themselves into the Taliban and ISIS so fast that we didn’t notice it.


  1. Norks. Kim Jong Un blinked last week, calling off his announced attack on Guam.  The back down came after President Trump publicly said the following:  “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”  The chattering classes had a near instantaneous heart attack at the thought that Trump would return serve to the Norks in terms just as blunt and bellicose as they use.  Appears he got their attention, though his work with the ChiComs to cut the Norks off if they fired the first shot helped a lot also.  We have spent decades teaching the Norks how to be bad actors in the international stage, allowing them to run a decades-long protection racket.  President Trump changed the rules of that game.  And it couldn’t have come soon enough.  Congratulations.  Progress, what a concept.


  1. Iceland. The saddest news of the week came out of Iceland with the announcement that they had almost completely wiped out Down’s Syndrome in Iceland.  Normally, this sort of announcement would be accompanied with some sort of explanation about genetic manipulation to control the birth defect.  Unfortunately the story is a lot simpler, and much, much sadder.  Iceland is eradicating Down’s Syndrome the old fashioned way, via abortion.  Today, there are only a couple kids born yearly with the extra chromosome.  Iceland began prenatal testing in 2000, and the law requires all pregnant women be informed about the results of the tests.  Iceland is not the only one doing this, though it does have the highest abortion rate for Down’s babies.  France has a 77% termination rate; Denmark has a 98% termination rate; and Britain has a 90% termination rate for babies with Down’s babies.  They even have an economic justification for the terminations, as it a Dutch newspaper reported that a child with Down’s costs 1 – 2 million Euros to raise.  Never, ever forget that the Third Reich started with the disabled and moved on to bigger and better things.  Once you forget your humanity, everything else, anything else, is possible.


  1. Costs. One of the things that come out of unthinking adoption of renewable energy is spiking electricity costs.  The unreliability and environmental unfriendliness of wind and solar are extra added attractions.  Last week, jo Nova ran a story noting residents of South Australia paid the highest power prices in the world at 47.13 cents / kWh.  They were closely followed by Denmark, Germany and Italy at 44.78, 43.29, and 40.30 cents / kWh.  New South Wales comes in at 39.10 cents; Queensland at 35.69; and Victoria at 34.66 cents /kWh.  This is quite a change from the late 1990s when Oz had the lowest retail electric prices worldwide along with the US and Canada.  So what happened in Oz?  It wasn’t just the renewables, which are only 10% of the total generation.  Looks like most of the problem is bureaucratic in nature, not unlike what California did decades ago when it decontrolled one side of the electrical generation marketplace while leaving the other side well-regulated and controlled, and then wondered why the entire house of cards collapsed.  In Oz, there has been a proliferation of regulatory agencies.  These competing regulators have destroyed what used to be a market with a reliable supply with an intermittent demand.  Today, both sides are highly volatile.  The forced introduction of intermittent renewables has made the system more complex and unreliable.  Appears the Oz has become a regulated marketplace where the producers and regulators are hiding behind unnecessary complexity.


  1. Blacklisting. Our friends in Silicon Valley are in the middle of the ongoing antifa, anti-National Socialist hysteria.  Their piece of the pie has been to identify and jettison web sites, content, and other communications by undesirables.  First they will start with the National Socialists and move smartly on to others that they believe are participating in badthink.  Last week, Go Daddy jettisoned the Daily Stormer, a National Socialist site for disparaging the girl killed in Charlottesville.  They were given 24 hours to find another hosting company.  Google also turned these guys down.  While it is very easy to ban a Nazi site, what do we do when the very people banning badthink are strongly supporting fascists like BLM and antifa with Fakebook, YouTube, Goolag, Apple, among others?  Remember that the left these days thinks we are all racists and Nazis for simply disagreeing with them.  What happens when those epithets are treated as real?  First they came for the Nazis and I did nothing…..

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