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1.  Audit
2.  FB
3.  Motivation
4.  Race
5.  Outsourcing
6.  Election
7.  Census
8.  Space
9.  Pentagon

1. Audit.  I have been on the fence about the outcome of the AZ Legislative audit of the 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots.  On the one hand, for a while, things were entirely too quiet, which bothers me, as if they are finding what they expect to find, massive fraud in the way described by the American Thinker Jay Valentine articles, we would have learned something via leaks.  So far, I have heard none of these, which may or may not be a personal problem.  On the other hand, democrats, media, and now the Harris – Xiden (In)Justice Department are making an awful lot of noise about the audit, with (In)Justice chiming in to shut it down on civil rights grounds.  As an aside, it will be via the use (and abuse) of the (In)Justice Civil Rights division that Harris – Xiden will do all their worst destruction of the body politic via lawfare.  Monday morning, even Breitbart chimed in with a reprint of an AP piece noting that the audit is encouraging GOP fraud fantasies to live on.  This is the second time they have reprinted the piece in two weeks.  Clearly, someone is worried.  It is up to us to figure out what they are worried about.  My guess is that if they find something, it will be via the Jay Valentine technique of comparing databases.

2.  FB.  A really good example that everything is fake news all the time comes out of Axios last week via Scott Adams.  The story last week was that the Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Upholds the Blacklisting of Donald TrumpAxios reported essentially the same thing.  But when you get past the headline, things get a little more interesting.  In both the Breitbart and Axios piece, the oversight board noted that FB has the authority to suspend or terminate the Trump account.  But they don’t have the authority to string things along indefinitely.  In other words, FB was violating their own terms of ownership.  FB is faced with an either-or choice:  either permanently suspend Trump or come up with an end date in the case of a temporary suspension.  Nobody reported FB management screwing this up which to me would seem to be an important point in the festivities. 

3.  Motivation.  One of the big differences between conservatives and liberals is that liberals do not traffic in simple human motivation.  It is almost like they don’t know, much less care, that it even exists.  Conservatives and in turn, Republicans base everything around the motivation of the people they are dealing with.  We’ve seen this for over a century with citizen response to changes in taxation.  Republicans always say “we told you so” while democrats are always surprised when the response to their new big deal is totally unexpected (to them).  It is bad enough when we don’t even speak the same language, but to be completely oblivious to basic human nature is breathtaking.  However, when you know about this hole in their worldview, you can both predict them a little better, and have a bit more insight into how to do something about it before (or after) they ride off on their next Great Crusade.

4.  Race.  The Harris – Xiden world is all race, all the time, even when it is not necessary.  Here in the US, there is so little racism, that there is a burgeoning cottage industry in dreaming up the next hate crime hoax.  The administration appears to be daring anyone to take them to court in opposition.  For instance, restaurants and other venues owned by white men will be last in line for COVID federal relief funds under Biden’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which allows business owners to apply for up to $10 million in relief per business, $5 million per physical location.  The Trump administration prioritized this relief based on amount of money lost during the shutdowns.  Biden is also doing this with other federal programs like federal farm loan forgiveness that excluded white farmers.  OTOH, he is taking direct aim at blacks with a proposed FDA ban of menthol cigarettes.  Blacks preferentially prefer menthol cigarettes, so in the words of the O’Bama disparate impact, this sort of ban takes direct aim at the people who use the product, blacks.  Will it matter?  Not to this crowd because cigarettes bad.

5.  Outsourcing.  Anyone else remember the CIA Black Sites so reviled by democrats during the War on Terror?  These were facilities in other nations where the intel community housed captured terrorists, using foreign nationals, contractors, and others to interrogate the captured terrorists.  This drove the democrats, their media cheerleaders and other apologists for the terrorists absolutely nuts and they fought it every inch of the way.  In their zeal to root out all Trump supporters, the Harris – Xiden DHS wants to use private contractors to “monitor extremist chatter by Americans online.”  In other words, use private contractors who are not subject to 4th Amendment restrictions to sift thru and analyze NSA and Big Tech Data searching for their political enemies, calling them domestic terrorists.  In the Harris – Xiden world, a racist is anyone who argues with them and a domestic terrorist is anyone who does something, anything to oppose them.  This is not a new concept as the Deep State anti-Trump intel community and FIB used contractors to create and plant anti-Trump information during the Russia Hoax.  I would expect the contractors if they do not currently have access to the NSA / Big Tech databases, to have that access almost immediately along with the tools to ferret out what they want and use it against you and I. 

6.  Election.  Southlake is a suburb of Dallas – Ft Worth.  They held local elections last week and CRT was a major issue.  Local voters installed two school board and two city council members with 70% of the vote.  All of the winning candidates opposed the CRT infestation.  The incoming mayor was also elected by a similar 70% majority.  In a local race to replace a Republican House member who died in Feb, voters sent a pair of Republicans to a runoff.  This race had 23 candidates and was viewed by democrats as an opportunity to grab an open seat from the Republicans.  That isn’t going to happen. 

7.  Census.  When you are given no reason to trust anything either the government in power, their politicians, and their media cheerleaders say, you will tend to believe the absolute worst about anything (everything) they do.  Latest example are questions about the 2020 Census results.  Stephen Moore asked perhaps the best questions in a piece on May 4.  He believes that the Census Bureau added some 2.5 million blue state residents and subtracted over 500,000 red state residents.  Currently, Pelosi’s House majority have a 6-seat majority with 5 open seats.  At around 760,000 people per House seat, a shift of 3 million is the functional equivalent of moving four seats from red states to blue ones.  Accidental?  Given this crowd, unlikely.  Moore cites the following examples:

Like we saw with the election where all the last minute voting rule changes favored democrats, every Census revision also favored democrats.  And it appears the Deep State fix to the problem posed by Trump and his supporters and the internal rot in the bureaucracy extends all the way into the Census Bureau.  Perhaps it is a time to return to patronage as the primary way to populate the federal bureaucracy, at least we will know whose team is doing the actual thieving. 

8.  Space.  Another active week in space, as the SpaceX Dragon capsule that had been docked with the International Space Station (ISS) since November returned back to Earth.  The landing was the second manned water landing at night since Apollo 8 in 1968.  Note that Shuttle made several night runway landings over its 25 years of operations.  The landing was waved off a few days due to bad weather off Pensacola. 

SpaceX also had it first successful landing of their Starship SN15 following a test flight.  This was the second one that landed successfully and the first one that didn’t blow up shortly afterwards.  Flight test objectives were all met and successful.  Progress, what a concept.  The flight profile launches with three engines, gets to altitude, shuts them all down, glides for a while, maneuvering on its fins, and then pitches back to vertical while relighting at least two of the engines in time to slow the vehicle for a soft landing.  Total airborne time is around six minutes.  Another interesting bit about Starship is that it uses liquid methane as propellant. 

9.  Pentagon.  SECDEF Lloyd Austin’s DoD has been quite busy outside of pushing the woke infestation thru the military and rooting out all the extremist Christians and Trump supporters.  Last week they denied a parking permit of the annual MIA / POW Rolling to Remember (Rolling Thunder) motorcycle ride thru Washington DC on Memorial Day.  The group of vets has used the Pentagon parking lot for 32 of the last 34 years as a staging area for the event.  Note that timeline also included all 8 years of the O’Bama infestation 2009 – 2016.  The Pentagon released a statement Friday night blaming the cancellation on COVID, large gatherings, and the fact that this would spread COVID nationwide when the bikers returned to their homes nationwide.  They claimed to support future AMVETS events, perhaps as soon as Labor Day in September.  The Pentagon sat on this request for almost a year, which means the anti-Trumpsters during the latter months of the Trump administration were also complicit in slow rolling the request.  Being able to adapt and respond, AMVETS has an alternate staging location at RFK Stadium, at least until DC Mayor Bowser gets herself involved. 

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