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1.  Firearms
2.  StL Mob
3.  Espinoza
4.  Gold
5.  Fraud
6.  Meme
7.  Seattle
8.  Bounties
9.  Audit

1.  Firearms.  Two interesting numbers last week.  The first is that the FIB conducted 3.9 million NICS background checks in June.  There have been over 19 million in 2020 so far.  This number represents individual firearms purchases for the most part.  The question that many firearms owners are asking is who is buying these new guns?  I see four possibilities:  current gun owners (though most of these people armed up during the O’Bama years); indys, moderates; red-pilled democrats.  A LOT of these new firearms owners are women.  I expect most of the current firearms owners are already locked into their political choice in November.  I believe that the other three groups are in play, as they have seen something that led to a massive lifestyle change.  And make no mistake, along with massive firearms purchases, there is an ongoing run on handgun ammunition and training.  Local training shops here in Anchorage are having to turn people away from their classes.  And the most popular handgun calibers are few and far between.  If I were an enterprising political campaign, I would figure out how to get that list of new firearms owners and make a public safety argument (the phrase “law & order” doesn’t appeal to women) from the Trump 2020 campaign.  4 – 20 million newly enlightened voters who will consider reelecting him?  Well worth pursuing. 

2.  StL Mob.  The BLM protests are starting to expand their reach into the suburbs.  Last week, a mob of BLM protesters stormed a Beverly Hills neighborhood yelling “Eat the rich!”  The BLM march to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin’s home led to her shutdown of the CHAZ / CHOP lawlessness zone.  Last week, the mob in St Louis decided to march to the home of the St Louis mayor.  This time around, they met with a bit of resistance when a pair of homeowners met them with firearms, one a handgun and one an AR-class weapon.  The home was in a gated community, everything inside the gate being private property.  The protesters knocked down the fence and swarmed in.  The homeowners called for police who never showed, and all contract security hightailed it out, suggesting they do the same.  They didn’t, choosing to defend themselves.  While both homeowners could use self-defense training, they acquitted themselves well this time around.  They are now being investigated for various gun crimes by StL prosecutors.  They were both promptly doxed and outed as local attorneys, high dollar democrat donors, and active in democrat social causes.  They may have just taken the red pill.

3.  Espinoza.  Not everything was awful in the SCOTUS session concluding this summer.  In a case decided last week, Espinoza v Montana, a 5-4 majority including Chief Justice Roberts ruled that the Montana Supreme Court violated the Free Exercise Clause of the 1st Amendment when it struck down a Montana scholarship program because that program would have allowed scholarship aid for students attending religious schools in violation of Montana’s Blaine Amendment Law.  The MT Supremes found that the program couldn’t satisfy both the Blaine Amendment Law and the Free Exercise Clause and tossed the entire program.  This furthers what the SCOTUS determined in Trinity Lutheran, when it found that religious organizations are entitled to participate in government grant programs on the same basis as secular organizations.  This is incredibly good news for religious schools and those of us who favor vouchers.  Alaska has a similar provision in our State Constitution that has been used through the years to fend off attempts to create voucher programs.  It think that time is nearing its end. 

4.  Gold.  Zerohedge ran a story about a week ago of a massive counterfeiting effort by China.  This one produced 83 tons of fake gold bars.  This comes out of the Wuhan Kingold Jewelry Inc.  More than a dozen Chinese financial institutions loaned $2.8 billion over the last five years with pure gold as collateral and insurance to cover losses.  The gold turned out to be gold-plated copper.  Kingold, a name knockoff of Kinross gold, one of the world’s largest gold miners, is the privately owned gold processor in central China’s Hubei province.  Its shares are internationally sold in Nasdaq.  Lenders are left holding the bag for nearly 80% of the outstanding debt.  Nice.  Don’t do business with China.  China a@#hole.

5.  Fraud.  As yet another demonstration of the fraud that mail-in voting will be, comes a story out of NJ where the May 12 municipal elections in Patterson, NJ was marred by rampant voting fraud.  The state Attorney General charged four men with voter fraud.  One of those charged was the VP of the City Council and a candidate in that election.  At issue was a $300 million municipal budget and hundreds of millions more in education spending.  Of the nearly 17,000 votes received, only 13,557 were counted.  The rest were disqualified, 3,190 or 19% of the total cast.  Conservatives have long pointed out the susceptibility of mail-in ballots for fraud, ballot harvesting, and simple discarding by unionized (democrat) USPS mail carriers and handlers.  Part of the ongoing media focus on Wuhan Flu infections is an effort to scare people, especially seniors into staying home and voting from there, which makes it much easier to commit voting fraud with their ballots. 

6.  Meme.  Over the last 6 months, via a new correspondent, I have been introduced into the world of Q.  These guys may or may not be military intel friends, supporters and fellow travelers of LtGen Michael Flynn, who are fighting in opposition to the Deep State intel and other communities.  Don’t know how much of it I believe is real, partly based on my natural Pollyanna worldview.  But its very existence does tend to explain why intel, DoJ and the FIB went after Flynn as hard as they did, so it is worth watching.  One suggestion from Q a few weeks ago was a way around Twitter censorship of conservatives.  Twitter like all of the Big Tech uses quite a bit of AI and automatic screening to figure out whose tweets to censor, delete, and which users to automatically suspend.  These typically focus on the written word.  Apparently, AI has a much harder time with memes, images with words embedded in them, which require human intervention.  Solution?  Flood them with memes.  Tweet memes early and often and dare Jack Dorsey’s employees to catch them.  With that in mind, I came across a hilarious meme late last week on the Biden 2020 campaign.  This one featured a Biden head on the Captain Pike powered chair from the Star Trek, original series pilot.  In that episode, Pike, the Enterprise Captain preceding Kirk was profoundly injured, in a mobile containment unit with only his head and shoulders visible.  There were 3 lights in front, and he could answer yes / no questions.  Putting Biden’s head on this photo was a great touch, though perhaps a bit misleading, as Pike in the pilot episode was profoundly physically disabled, but mentally capable.  Biden OTOH, is becoming increasingly mentally feeble over time.  But if you want memes, this is a meme.  PowerLine posts a bunch of these weekly Saturday mornings in their This Week in Pictures.  Last weekend’s version was great, focusing on the St Louis homeowners who defended their home from the mob with firearms.   

7.  Seattle.  Business and homeowners are in the process of bringing a class action lawsuit against the City of Seattle over the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ / CHOP).  The lawsuit is being brought in federal court on 14th Amendment Equal Protection under the law grounds.  Plaintiffs argue that tolerance of the takeover led to lawlessness, property damage, and a decline in commerce and property values.  By assisting the demonstrators, the city government prevented them and their customers from accessing their properties, harming business.  A physical therapy business located in the CHOP said barricades on sidewalks around the zone prevented disabled clients from reaching the business.  Refusal to respond to 911 calls enabled criminal activity to occur.  Police never showed up to burglary and arson calls.  The Durkin administration looks particularly bad here, failing to provide police and fire assistance on the one hand while providing assistance to protesters.  This amounts to an unconstitutional taking of property without due process or just compensation.  The decision to allow protesters to occupy streets and set up community gardens in a public park constitutes a gift of public property to the protesters, a violation of the “gift clause” of the WA State Constitution.  Normally these sorts of lawsuits are thrown out on qualified immunity grounds.  However, this one being brought in federal court on 14th Amendment Equal Protection grounds (the same as many, many civil rights lawsuits), it may have some legs.  And if it does, expect similar lawsuits to be drawn up against blue city and state governments who have turned the streets over to the mob.  I’d watch this one closely. 

8.  Bounties.  The latest iteration of the Russian Collusion hoax broke last week with a breathless NYT story about yet another leak out of the deep state intel community that Russian operatives were paying Taliban bounties to kill American military in Afghanistan.  The media spun themselves into expected gyrations, House democrats held hearings, and all was fun and games, at least for a little while.  But additional information started trickling out.  First, the intel supposedly included in one (or several) of Trump’s Daily Intel Briefings was unverified.  As such, it was never briefed to Trump, but was included in the written packet of information that accompanies the briefing.  Second, the practice has been going on since at least 2014 and neither O’Bama nor Biden ever mentioned it or did anything about it during their last two years in the WH.  Biden did chirp up claiming he would read the entire intel packet presented him.  A former president, Jimmy Carter was incredibly smart and voraciously consumed everything presented him.  How’d that work out?  Hint:  not all that well.  Third:  House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff has known about this since at least February and chose to do nothing.  So, what is really going on?  Limbaugh’s theory is the Russia / Ukraine hoax was a GREAT fundraising vehicle for congressional and national democrats.  She has to keep that spigot open in order to fund the upcoming festivities, as the BLM donations being laundered into democrat campaigns by ActBlue will not continue for the next four months.  Follow the money.  Always follow the money.  Final note on this entire affair:  Since when do Islamists need encouragement to murder Infidel?

9.  Audit.  Sidney Powell, LtGen Michael Flynn’s lawyer said that he was going to audit the US intel community early on in his position as WH National Security Advisor.  This may be yet another reason that the intel and DoJ communities set up Flynn and removed him from office.  Powell claims that Flynn knew about billions that CIA Director John Brennan and company were running off the books.  Some of this money was used to pay Stefan Halper, an operative who was also an FIB informant and part of the setup of the Russia hoax penetration and surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition.  My prediction is that should he be reelected; President Trump will appoint LtGen Flynn to some sort of position of authority to help clean out the swamp.          

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– AG

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