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  1. Black Guns
  2. WI Judge
  3. San Antonio
  4. Cabela’s
  5. Maduro
  6. NZ
  7. Seattle

  1. Black Guns. The Executive Director of the Alaska State Commission on Human Rights gave in to her inner gun grabber last week, going after the vehicle of a plumber parked in a State parking lot.  The offense?  A small sticker on the back of the vehicle with a silhouette of an AR-15 and the words underneath “Black Guns Matter.”  She left her State of Alaska business card under the front wipers with the annotation “Please to not park this truck with that offensive sticker in this parking lot” on the back of it.  For good measure, so did one Kendall Rhyne, Adult Probation / Parole Officer / Chief Probation Officer with the Alaska Department of Corrections.  And the State Seal is prominently featured on both cards.  Busgalia then went inside and posted a photo of the back of the vehicle with sticker on FakeBook.  She was breathlessly irate and so enamored with her victimhood, she was completely unready for the scathing response from the general public for her abuse of office.  After hundreds of negative comments on the State Human Rights Commission FakeBook page criticizing her action, she took down the original post.  That brought more negative comments, totaling over 500 in all.  She posted a suitably groveling response explaining her response was “concern with the connotation of the statement to the Black Lives Matter movement” which didn’t help things either.  After all this took place, and it took place pretty quickly, the owner of the plumbing company got into the act, prompted by a call from the owner of the building where the State was renting office space.  The landlord did not want to lose a tenant and asked him to have his vehicles part elsewhere.  The owner got fed up with being threatened by the State Human Rights Commission, the Department of Corrections, and now a building landlord and publicly complained.  It appears that the Dunleavy administration is investigating, and given the budget wars now under way, we may have a state agency, and at least two state employees who may very well be looking for work after abusing their office and the public trust.


  1. WI Judge. One of the games played when governments turnover is the outgoing legislature / congress will hold a lame duck session, passing laws that will tie the hands of the incoming legislature and executive.  Wisconsin unions were less than pleased when the outgoing Wisconsin legislature and Scott Walker passed legislation limiting what the new governor and democrat legislature could do after being elected.  They went to state court and found themselves a judge who ruled last week that duly elected representatives of the people of the State of Wisconsin could not legally pass anything after the November election even though they still officially held office.  The judge issued a temporary restraining order that the laws passed limiting the power of the newly elected governor and state Attorney General.  The suit was brought by the League of Women Voters, Disability Rights Wisconsin, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities.  The vehicle for the injunction was apparently the timing of the post-election legislative session.  We will see if the legislature wants to take this one to the wall by impeaching and removing the judge.  This case echoes what I wrote about last week that had a state judge ruling the entire NC legislature was unconstitutional as he ruled against constitutional amendments passed in last year’s election.  While I would enjoy tar and feathers more, impeachment, conviction and removal will work just as well.


  1. San Antonio. Anti-Christian bigots on the San Antonio city council went after Chick-fil-a last week, rejecting its inclusion in the new Food, Beverage, and Retail Prime Concession Agreement for the San Antonio International Airport.  The agreement is a 7-year contract for concession management at the terminal.  This appeared to be a coordinated leftist hit on the company, as Think Progress published tax documents the day before the vote on the contract documenting that Chick-fil-a donated $1.8 million to charitable organizations (mainly Christian) who are not fully supportive of the LGTBQWXYZ lifestyle.  The excuse used by the councilman and the majority for their anti-Christian bigotry was that Chick-fil-a was not sufficiently inclusive.  They did not notify the company before the vote to ask any questions.  The move was roundly celebrated by the political left locally and in the rest of Texas.  This demonstrates that the political left has become what they claim to hate the most, fascist, and are perfectly ready, willing and able to use the power of government to punish those who do not agree with them and help out those who do.  Chick-fil-a drew the short straw here by donating to Christian organizations.  Imagine that, a business owned by Christians writing charitable donations to Christian organizations.  Now, Chick-fil-a can have a lot of fun if it wants to either publicly ridiculing the San Antonio city council or better yet, taking them to court for religious discrimination and anti-Christian bigotry.  Jury selection in that one would be a hoot.


  1. Cabela’s. The newly combined Cabela’s – Bass Pro Shop entered the political fight over the proposed Pebble Mine a week or two ago with a letter sent to customers this month asking them to donate to The Wild Salmon Center (WSC), a major funder and supporter of the Stand for Salmon ballot initiative that was defeated 62 – 38% last November statewide.  The letter went on to present all the standard claptrap about Bristol Bay, salmon, rainbow trout fishing, and the danger a mine in the region poses to all of that.  The WSC is based in Portland.  They have been working on habitat protection in the Pacific NW, Kamchatka, and more recently in Alaska.  WSC has been busy up here in recent years.  They were at the heart of opposition to a proposed large hydroelectric dam up Watana Creek north of the MatSu Valley.  The dam would have controlled flooding in at least part of the Susitna drainage, provided perhaps two thirds of all electric generation in the Alaska Railbelt, and would have been placed above salmon spawning habitat.  It was even going to provide renewable energy.  Not good enough for the greens, who mounted a campaign to kill it and eventually got our previous governor to do so.  They are active in local public schools, providing comprehensive salmon education curriculum for grades 4 – 6.  They launched this propaganda effort in 2016.  While this message probably plays well in the Cabela’s – Bass Pro boardroom, it does not play all that well with outdoor enthusiasts here in Alaska.  Better yet, we have other options.  Attempts to complain to their Customer Service have received a “we don’t know about this” response.  These guys invested a lot of money up here building a pair of huge stores in Anchorage.  Sounds like they are about to travel the same path Dick’s Sporting Goods is traveling today after their decision to remove firearms from their stores and stop catering to the hunting / shooting community.


  1. Maduro. A surprising story in the NYT last week describing how the Maduro regime controlled medical care in exchange for votes for him and his regime.  The surprising thing is not that it happens, but that the NYT reported on it.  The story is about a 65-year old Cuban doctor working in Venezuela.  In the runup to the election, not everyone was allowed to be treated in a timely manner (remember that Venezuela is a socialist country with completely socialized medicine).  Oxygen for heart patients was withheld pending their vote for Maduro.  The doctors were sent door to door in the runup to the election in 2018 through impoverished neighborhoods, promising medicine and threats they would be cut off from medical care if they did not vote for Maduro and his regime.  They withheld life-saving medical treatment from people who supported the opposition.  Sounds a lot like what democrats tell inner city blacks about Republicans, doesn’t it?  This is yet another way this Chavistista socialist regime retained power.  It is part of what kept them winning elections.  And it is the future that the Justice Democrats have in mind for all of us.  Never forget it.


  1. NZ. A screaming green fascist from Oz shot up a couple mosques in New Zealand a couple weeks ago.  He describes himself in a 90+ page manifesto as a fascist, a socialist, and environmentalist, with a strong vein of anti-Muslim bigotry running throughout the entire piece.  His goal is to somehow to start a civil war in the US by his actions by triggering crackdowns on firearms, with the goal of fracturing the US along cultural and racial lines.  He live-streamed the attack with the video being available on YouTube for a while.  The Kiwis have some strict firearms laws, and he legally acquired and trained with everything he ended up using.  The murder of 49 triggered all the predictable media and democrat responses.  These included but were not limited to blaming Trump, blaming semi-auto firearms, blaming Islamophobia, and calling all conservatives white supremacists.  AOC tapped into her inner anti-Christian bigot with a Tweet asking “What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?”  The Twitter mob came for Chelsea Clinton, blaming her for enabling the shootings.  President Trump was the only one who publicly defended her.  New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went full dhimmi, wearing a hijab when observing Friday prayers outside one of the Mosques.  Her government even broadcast a call to prayer.  Expect the NZ Muslim community to take full advantage of this opportunity to push for religious and political supremacy in NZ.  Also expect another round of gun grabbing legislation to make its way through the Kiwi Parliament.


  1. Seattle. KOMO in Seattle ran a special last week entitled “Seattle is Dying.”  The news special was the third entry of a trilogy of news specials on homelessness in Seattle and the reaction to it.  The first was a 2016 special called “There But For the Grace of God…”  It explored homelessness from the inside out.  Second was “Demon at the Door” which explored heroin addiction.  This one is about everyone else, the citizens who no longer feel safe taking their children into the public parks they pay for.  It is about filth, degradation, crime and theft.  It is about the taxpayers who no longer feel protected and don’t feel their voices are being listened to any more.  Seattle is a long-term blue city, with democrat control of the mayor and city council for decades.  Their approach to homelessness has been to give things away.  This has worked so well that the homeless community has exploded, for if you give it, they will come.  The homeless believe they will get free food, clothing, medical treatment, tents, and free of prosecution.  It is called Free-attle.  We have a similar problem brewing here in Anchorage, with a democrat mayor, democrat assembly, a growing homeless problem.  Their solution?  Slam through an increase in local alcohol taxes, already nearly the highest in the nation, because somehow “Alcohol must pay its own way” whatever that means.  They expect to raise another $10 – 15 million over the tax cap to use to address homelessness.  Of course, it is simply a ruse to create an easier way around the tax cap, which today requires a 60%+1 majority to raise.  The ballot initiative moves it down to 50%+1.  Should this pass, Anchorage will be the newest city on its way down the blue city slope to perdition.

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