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  1. Clown Car
  2. Green New Deal
  3. Infanticide
  4. SOTU
  5. Schiff
  6. PG&E

  1. Clown Car. The democrat led government of Virginia did their best impression of a clown car last week, with Governor Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring under fire for wearing black face in the 1980s.  The current LtGov is fending off a pair of sexual assault claims.  Seems he has a Bill Clinton “kiss it” problem that he acted upon at least twice.  All three democrats are busily fending off calls to resign, all with the complete support of the media as number four in the line of succession is the Speaker of the Virginia house, who is a Republican.  We can’t have any of that, now can we?  As we start this, the very most important thing I want to say is that I. Don’t. Care. About. Wearing. Blackface.  Clear enough?  On the 45th Anniversary of the release of Blazing Saddles, I am tired of this and have come to hate it with a passion.  I’d rather laugh at this stuff than be outraged.  And those of us on our side of the political fence who dabble in this sort of race baiting other than to laugh and point, do little more than play into the sort of racial balkanization that the left and their media enablers do daily.  Our side playing along with this perpetuates the use of the weapon, makes it all the more effective, and enables those on the left who use it.  And never forget that weapon will always, always be used on us and those we support.  Want to go after Ralph Northam, pediatric neurologist?  Go after him for his support of post-birth infanticide, murdering babies after they have been born.  Go after him for happily traveling down the same path the Nazis did (Godwin’s Law violation on my part here), murdering inconvenient people simply because they are inconvenient.  And if Northam and the people who put him into office can get away with the murder of innocents, they can murder any one of the rest of us who are likewise deemed inconvenient any time in the not so distant future.  How fast?  Really fast as Dachau was founded the same year that Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  For his part, Northam is particularly despicable, and deserves every single bit of this attention, as he based his campaign for governor on race baiting blacks and Latinos, blasting away at former VA Republican Governor James Gilmore, for ads going after sanctuary cities and MS-13.  Northam also blasted away at Gilmore’s position that both sides (and the local government that encouraged it to take place) were responsible for the riots in Charlottesville.  Northam is now the media’s governor, as they completely disappeared his infanticide comments.  As of this writing, Northam looks like he is going to remain in office, doing his penance for being insufficiently sensitive to race.  This from the very same media that mostly ignored Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal, white kids pretending to be black to play their chosen part in the race wars.  As for LtGov Fairfax, all the democrats who stood up and shouted “I believe” to the skies when multiple accusers crawled out of the woodwork going after Brett Kavanaugh with false sexual harassment claims from high school are nowhere to be found.  Better yet, the Washington Post refused to publish a narrative on Fairfax’s sexual assault by the first accuser when he was running for LtGov.  What do I think will happen?  I don’t think any democrat in VA will resign, which will utterly destroy both the #MeToo and race baiting weapons democrats and media intend to use against Republicans and President Trump in 2020.  Perhaps they don’t think this will be damaging to them at all.  I tend to disagree.


  1. Green New Deal. Freshman democrat congress critter Alexandra Ocasio – Cortez released her Green New Deal last week to fawning media coverage and near instantaneous support by all democrat presidential candidates who are careening as hard left as humanly possible to lock up the nomination.  The released House legislation was sufficiently popular that it and all supporting documentation disappeared from AOC’s web site within a couple days of release.  At best, it is a proposal that normally shows up in freshmen dorms in the middle of the night after a weekend of drinking and / or smoking weed.  Our problem is that the government schools have done their job terrifying our kids and grandkids for the last two generations well, and this proposal will play well with them, as they believe and embrace this new religion with all their hearts and minds.  They really believe we are destroying the planet, when in actuality, we are learning every single day how to do it a little better, a little less intrusively, and a live a little better in our chosen local environment.  Our job from a persuasion standpoint is to change that belief system, supplant it with something just as passionate, just a powerful, and just as urgent.  Living one’s life well would be a good start.  The plan itself can be traced back to a Jill Stein Green Party proposal around 2007.  Real cynics trace it all back to Karl Marx.  I expect both are correct.  So, what is in it?  A complete ban on air travel within a decade.  Aviation is to be replaced by high speed rail, replacing a 20th century technology with a 19th century one.  Apparently transoceanic travel will be gone when we go Back to the Future.  It calls for 100% of power demand in the US to be met with “… clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.”  Emissions-free nuclear energy is pointedly rejected.  They plan to transition off nuclear and fossil fuel fired generation within a decade, though it might take longer than that.  The document then goes full progressive claiming race and gender issues are related to climate change, promising to steal all wealth concentrated in the hands of the upper 1% and distribute it among the poor and downtrodden.  That has worked well in Caracas.  They guarantee housing, medical care, education and economic security to all Americans whether they are working or not.  This includes those who are unable and unwilling to work.  The document goes on to demand an upgrade or replacement of all buildings in the US to meet the new green building standards.  They also promise to replace every internal-combustion vehicle, all within a decade.  As the piece de resistance, they will ban all cattle because of methane released in cow farts.  This like the recent democrat embrace of infanticide is an indicator of the belief that democrats believe they have the 2020 election in the bag, that they can now say and do what they really have thought all along.  It is why we purchase guns and ammunition.


  1. Infanticide. One of the big questions is what is behind the sudden push for changes in abortion laws in blue states.  The Washington Post let the cat out of the bag in an article a week or so ago.  The campaign is going on under the radar, with bills like that passed in NY a couple weeks ago and proposed in VA a week or so ago quietly making their way through the system right up the point where they pass.  The media knows about the entire deal and is keeping its collective mouths shut.  The NYT ran an article supporting the NY legislation the day before it was passed.  But why?  This is the aborto-business response to an increasingly conservative SCOTUS.  Given that not only will a conservative SCOTUS majority overturn Roe, the same majority will also push federalism.  If the democrats can get this garbage into law before Roe is overturned, they figure the SCOTUS cannot and will not roll them back nationwide like Roe did in 1973.  The two new realities of this campaign are the new federalist strategy being pushed by the pro-aborts, and the second that the pro-life movement will not find a federalist approach acceptable.  Frankly in this, the pro-life movement has been surprised, knocked back on its heels with this campaign.  There is a response and it will take a while to craft.  Personally, I believe the persuasion is fully and completely on the side of the pro-lifers.

  1. SOTU. One thing that Nancy Pelosi’s gambit cancelling the State of the Union speech a few weeks ago did was ensure it got more than the normal number of viewers.  President Trump gave a pretty good speech and looked like he was having a lot of fun giving it.  He played games with democrats standing and clapping, putting the white-clad democrat women in quandary after quandary (Do I stand now?  Do I sit?).  For her part, Pelosi looked like she was sucking a lemon.  Tough to do for 84 minutes.  So did Bernie Sanders and AOC when Trump announced there would be no socialism in the US.  While long, it was a fun speech and set out his plan for the next couple years.  Optics for democrats were terrible, as for some reason female democrat members of congress all wore white.  While this was supposed to be some paean to the suffragette movement, it looked a lot more like a Klan meeting without the hoods and there was more than one meme out there with that photoshop.  Someone also dug up photos of German women clad in white giving the Nazi salute in the 1930s.  Female Republican congress critters had a field day with this, noting that they had the ability to dress the way they wanted, stand when they wanted, and applaud the things they wanted.  Some of them went on to question the ability of their fellow congress critters to represent their constituents if they had to be told what to wear, what to think and what to do.


  1. Schiff. Newly ensconced House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff found himself in a spot of trouble last week with breaking news about a “change” encounter between him and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, the guy who took Hillary Clinton campaign cash and paid British intel operative to get the Russian dirt that constituted the dirty dossier at the heart of the Russian Collusion hoax.  Schiff also orchestrated a conflict of interest complaint that hampered former House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes forcing a partial recusal.  Now it is known that Schiff and Simpson know each other and were comfortable meeting in public in Aspen last year.  Any guesses that it was simply a chance meeting?  Hardly.  Perhaps Simpson was giving suggestions what to investigate Trump for doing (and not doing) while Schiff is committee chair.


  1. PG&E. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is the California state utility.  Being in Cali, it has done its level best to pander to political direction to field as much renewable energy as humanly possible.  PG&E is the focus of lawsuits related to the Camp Fire with charges that it failed to properly maintain its infrastructure and equipment.  With $50 billion in estimated liabilities, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections.  With this economic disaster unfolding in the courts, California greens are worried that the state’s environmental and climate goals are now at risk.  How will they fund all the clean energy initiatives they need?  PG&E asked the bankruptcy court to allow it to cancel up to $42 billion in contracts signed over the past 15 years to purchase electricity from other companies.  75% of those 387 contracts purchase solar, wind and other renewable energy.  And many of the deals are power purchase agreements were made when renewable energy was more expensive, locking PG&E into expensive purchase agreements for 15 – 20 years.  Perhaps if PG&E had spent a few billion of those dollars in making sure power lines were safe rather than spending $42 billion on unicorn flatulence and pixie dust, they wouldn’t be facing $50 billion in lawsuits and liabilities.  Just to put this all into perspective, the wildfires last year released roughly the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere that a year’s worth of electrical generation releases.  The piece ends with the following observation:

“Companies do have limits to how much money they can spend. If firms are forced to fund competing business models and bureaucratic schemes based on questionable science, it diverts fiscal resources from programs essential to maintaining the equipment, processes, and personnel necessary to run the enterprise safely.”

More later –

– AG


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