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In this issue:

  1. Infanticide
  2. Cure
  3. House
  4. Coding
  5. ERA
  6. Vets
  7. Harris

  1. Infanticide. Democrats nationwide are celebrating their new sacrament to the Holy Church of Feminism, that of sacrificing newborn infants on the bloody altar of abortion.  On one level, the sacrament is simply the next logical step on the path to the bloody future painted by Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger.  On the other, infanticide is simple murder of the innocent, something embraced by Nazis in the 1930s.  Yeah, I know I just violated Godwin’s Law, but how else to describe a political party that is now in the business of passing legislation that allows them to murder infants, and celebrates the passage of that legislation?  VA Governor Ralph Northam when asked about proposed legislation in Virginia, went through an extended soliloquy about birthing the infant, making him or her comfortable, while the mother – the mother only – and the doctor – had a conversation about when and how to murder the infant.  So where do you draw the line in this process?  10 minutes after birth?  A half hour?  12 hours?  A day and a half?  How about the Terrible Twos or teen-age puberty?  When you allow government-funded medical professionals to get into the murder business, where do you draw the line?  The answer is that you can’t.  And you won’t. for once you get the medical profession into the murder business, you are no better than the doctors at the Nazi Concentration Camps (there I go again, violating Godwin’s Law).  If we as Americans are unable or unwilling to protect and defend the most innocent and helpless among us, what the Hell are we good for?  What the Hell are we doing?  And why the Hell are we putting up with it and allowing democrats and the media to celebrate it as a sacrament?  Better yet, how soon will this sacrament extend down to other inconvenient people – the disabled, the premature, Down’s children, the elderly, injured or any of millions of other people no longer favored by democrats?  As the father of a CP youngster, if the choice is between his life and that of democrats, I will put my old fighter pilot hat on and green ‘em up, as while I am expendable, my youngster and those like him most definitely aren’t.  OTOH, the democrats, their supporters, media cheerleaders, feminists, and other self-selected murdering b@st@rds of infants are infinitely more expendable.  If the choice is between kids like mine and living democrats, my suggestion is “You first.”  The democrat party is now a death cult.  It is up to us to make sure they kill themselves off before they come for us and our family members.


  1. Cancer. Potential Good News out of Israel last week was a claim from Israeli scientists that they are likely to develop a cure for cancer in the next year.  The treatment uses a combination of cancer-targeting peptides and a toxin that will specifically kill cancer cells.  The treatment seems to be able to be crafted to the point where it can be personalized.  It will use a cocktail of drugs based on their type of cancer.  The doctors claim that the cure will be available within a year.  It will last for a duration of a few weeks of treatment, and will have minimal side effects.  Yeah, I know.  A list of Christmas gift requests.  But perhaps this one has some legs.  Looks like this approach uses an array of cancer-targeting peptides for each cancer cell at the same time, which does not allow them time to mutate and defeat the attack.  The more targets the attack uses, the lower ability of the cancer cells to defeat the attack.  One researcher is quoted as saying that even cancer cells can’t mutate three receptors simultaneously.  Cancer cells also pump out drug detoxification mechanisms, but this response takes time, and if the new toxins introduced kill the cells before they can respond, they are dead and cannot counter the attack.  The model for this approach is the multi-drug cocktail AIDS patients get.  Looks like these researchers are applying the same approach to cancer, which can usually mutate faster than the treatment can refocus.  These guys intend to personalize biopsies to the lab which will analyze it for receptors to be targeted and modify the inbound cocktail appropriately.  They are currently writing patents and running trials on mice.  So far, this approach looks promising.  If true, this is an official Hot Damn moment.


  1. House. The Alaska House is 20+ days into its 90-day session without being able to organize a governing majority.  There have been two failed votes for House Speaker, both tied at 20 – 20, with 20 Republican son one side and 17 democrats plus 2 turncoat Republicans plus one feral Republican voting for the democrat side.  The feral Republican is one Gary Knopp from Kenai.  He comes out of a strongly Republican district, one that was strong enough that he ran without opposition.  He was rumored to be a weak Republican last year, with some fear that he would walk across the aisle, switching parties, and organizing with democrats.  That didn’t happen last year.  It is fully in effect this year, as Knopp voted against organizing the Alaska House in favor of Republicans for the second time this week.  Over the weekend, someone finally did their candidate research and decided that Knopp was actually a democrat right up until the point where he filed as a Republican candidate for the House three years ago.  District Republicans are now discussing recalls, which rarely happen up here.  What does Knopp want?  He wants a bipartisan majority with an equal number of Republicans and democrats, which would put democrats in charge of the Alaska House.  So far, nobody on either side is playing that game.  And the Mexican standoff continues.


  1. Coding. When coal miners were being laid off due to the hostility of the O’Bama regime to what they did, the advice they got from the O’Bama regime and its apologists was “Learn To Code”, the modern Let Them Eat Cake, or Put Some Ice On That response.  This was the modern-day equivalent of Marie Antionette’s Let Them Eat Cake.  Now that leftist journalist jobs are hemorrhaging, the response to their job loss from those of us on the right is “Learn to Code.”  Not surprisingly, they don’t like this a lot, accusing the gleeful return of fire as “targeted harassment.”  Twitter has played along with this by blocking tweets for targeted harassment, meaning that we can no longer laugh at laid off journalists on Twitter using that phrase.  Interestingly enough, calls for violence against the Covington kids on Twitter for simply standing up for their rights is perfectly acceptable.  Interesting this Brave New World being created by the political left.


  1. ERA. Believe it or not, there is a movement to resurrect the moldy carcass of the Equal Rights Amendment and get it ratified this year.  The ERA was passed by a 2/3 majority in both houses of congress with a time limit on ratification that expired in 1979.  That limit was extended by congress to 1982, but that extension did not get the required 2/3 majority of both houses of congress.  By the time, only 35 states had ratified the amendment, 4 states had rescinded ratification, and one state had their ratification contingent on ratification by the other states by the 1979 date.  Essentially, the ERA only has 31 of 38 required states.  But the proponents live in the Hotel California Land, where you can check out but never, ever leave.  And they believe that once a state ratifies an amendment, regardless of the actions of the other states, that ratification is forever.  They even trot out a 1939 SCOTUS argument in support.  Problem is that the SCOTUS case took place a century after the 14th Amendment was ratified (several democrat legislatures revoked the ratification following the ¾ majority and formal ratification.  Problem is that the ERA never reached a ¾ state ratification in the allotted time.  The current effort was dusted off in 2017 with two other states ratifying the amendment, bringing the bogus total to 37 rather than 31.  The 1939 SCOTUS case punted the decision to determine whether an amendment is ratified to congress, which is what the proponents are counting upon.  Comes Alaska Senator and advocate of women (an odd position for a woman with two strapping sons), writing an op-ed with Ben Cardin (D, MD) calling for passage of the ERA.  Reason?  Women.  Yeah, right.  While the ERA would be a total and complete disaster, it would also provide ample ammunition to counterattack the feminist construct nationwide.  For example, the ERA would be used to utterly destroy the virulently sexist (anti-male) family courts system, which systematically discriminates against fathers for no other reason than being men.  It can be used to invoke disparate impact against feminist redoubts in higher education, the social sciences, nursing, and education, all fields that graduate women in the 70% percentile over men.  If that is not discrimination against men, what is?  The ERA can also be used to go after the Holy Sacrament of the left, abortion, which gives the woman, not the man nor the baby, exclusive rights to the decision to abort.  Why does the woman have that right and not the other two parties in the decision?  And none of this even touches the artificial construct of sexual identification that allows anyone to self-identify as whatever they want to identify themselves as based on the position of the sun, the moon, and the stars or whichever side of the bed you get up on that particular morning.  If I was really evil b@st@rd, I would welcome passage of this amendment which would allow the utter destruction of the feminist construct in the US today.  And it would serve them right.


  1. Vets. Good story out of Texas last week.  Last week, an AF vet who served 1964 – 1968 was buried in Killeen, TX.  He had no known family, so the veteran’s cemetery blogged a request for the general public to attend the burial.  The request was posted in FakeBook.  More than 2,000 people clogged the roads leading to the funeral, delaying ti by 20 minutes.  There were 5,000 – 6,000 vehicles in line to enter the cemetery at the time of the burial.  Funerals for unaccompanied vets like this are not unusual at this cemetery.  Most are attended by a handful of people.  This one wasn’t.  Good show, Texas vets for supporting one of your own.



  1. Harris. Democrat presidential candidate and US Senator form CA Kamala Harris is both a bully and a thug.  She also has very thin skin.  Her latest escapade in customer service took place in DC where her staff threatened to call Capitol Police with Angel Families (families who lost loved ones due to the actions of illegal immigrants) to visit her congressional office.  Harris’ office has a big sign in front of it welcoming DREAMERs and other illegals.  Harris’ staff threatened to call the police on the visitors.  Harris is posing as an advocate for crime victims.  Angel Families are by definition victims of criminal activities by illegals.  Harris, who strongly supports illegal immigration, does not understand nor acknowledge the logical disconnect, but so what, she’s black.  The Angel Family visitor is from MA, whose US Senators Warren and Markey aren’t much interested in visiting with them either.

More later –

– AG


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