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  1. Lisa
  2. Palin
  3. Kavanaugh
  4. Censor
  5. Chip
  6. AntiFa
  7. Police

  1. Lisa. Alaska’s senior US Senator, Lisa Murkowski, labored mightily and brought forth a mouse, voting against filibuster cloture and present on the vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS as an Associate Justice.  She gave her rationale for voting against Kavanaugh in a short speech on the floor of the Senate.  Among her reasons were concerns about Kavanaugh’s judicial temperament and her desire for tribal rights for both Alaska natives and Hawaiian natives.  Her temperament argument is laughable, as Lisa is essentially saying that any nominee has to sit quietly, smile sweetly, and say “Thank you, Sir.  May I have another?” in response to attempted character assassination by democrats and their Soros-funded rent-a-mobs.  This claim comes for a woman who famously fought for her own US Senate seat winning in a write-in campaign against Joe Miller in 2010.  She fought to elect her father, Frank Murkowski as Alaska governor in 2002.  Interestingly enough, she didn’t fight much at all to defend  prosecutorial and investigative misconduct aimed at Ted Stevens in 2007 – 2008.  Her support of tribal rights for Alaska natives and a resurrection of the odious Akaka Bill backed by Ted Stevens is also foolish.  Neither of those will do anything to make the natives any wealthier, improve their lived in any way.  OTOH, fully embracing tribalism will go a long way toward ratcheting up racial animus among neighbors to heights unimagined.  Better yet, in supporting tribal rights for Alaska natives, she screws over the Native regional Corporations who spent large sums of money backing her write-in campaign in 2010.  Perhaps she forgot.  At least Lisa did not finally vote against the nomination.  But her vote did tacitly agree with and approve of democrat tactics during this nomination and hearings.  It approved of the rent-a-mob disrupting the hearings, roaming the halls of the senate, and raising hell in the senate gallery.  Lisa made no comment about any of that, nor did she make any effort to punish senate democrats for their fraudulent, orchestrated behavior.  In essence, Lisa became the problem rather than the solution.


  1. Palin. Lisa’s vote got a Sarah Palin sighting with a tweet about being able to see 2022 (when Lisa is up for reelection) from her home.  This led to an outbreak of national Palin-mania.  Let me throw some cold water on that.  Sarah has mostly moved out of state.  She likes being a rock star.  She is pretty good at it.  Actually doing something real while in elective office, not so much.  And she couldn’t get elected dog catcher up here these days.  We do have a problem with Lisa Murkowski.  As long as she stays in her political lane with Alaska and energy issues, she does pretty good.  But when any other issue rears its head, she reverts to her inner leftist, especially when the Sisterhood is involved.  She refused to back President Trump after NBC released the Billy Bush tape a few weeks before the 2016 election, even going so far so as to bring junior US US Senator Dan Sullivan along with her for a bit.  She hasn’t done much, if any to repair that breach although Trump has been one of the best presidents for Alaska in decades (opening ANWR).  Will we be rid of Lisa in 4 years?  Who knows?  I do know she is much less popular today than she was a couple weeks ago which perhaps is progress, though not in the direction she wants it to be.


  1. Kavanaugh. As newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in last week, we start the analysis of who put together the mobs and just as importantly, who is paying them.  LifeNews and the Daily Wire ran stories last July that a non-profit called Demand Justice, headed up by Hillary Clinton former aide Brian Fallon was backing the protests.  It promised to spend $5 million to stop the nomination.  It was organized by a 501(c)(4) called the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which got $2.2 million from Soros’ Open Society Policy Center 2012 – 2016.  3 – 5 major donors fund Open Society, with fewer than 5 donating $13.3 million in 2016.  This is one of Soros’ primary donation vehicles.  The Open Society Policy Center and Open Society Foundation are nearly identical organizations, both in funding sources and backers.  One of the screaming women who wormed her way into the senate elevator to berate Jeff Flake (R, AZ) was a executive director of one of Soros’s largest NGOs here in the US.  Her yearly salary is in excess of $170,000 / year, something of little interest to the CNN camera crew she had in tow for her media event.  Addressing this sort of orchestrated, well-funded mayhem needs to start working its way up the list of important things for congress and the Trump administration to look into in the not so distant future.  For his part, President Trump called the Soros bought and paid for protests precisely what they were, much to the distress of the media.


  1. Censor. Another leak out of Goolag last week.  This one was an 85-page PowerPoint deck describing how Goolag and its partners in crime are abandoning free speech, opting for what they call ‘safety and civility’ instead.  The briefing is entitled The Good Censor and claims that Goolag and other tech platforms now “… control the majority of online conversations” and are “… shift(ing) towards censorship” I response to unwelcome political events around the world.  The briefing acknowledges that the big tech companies – Goolag, FakeBook and twitter – all started out as strong advocates of free speech.  But they claim to be now trapped between incompatible positions of supporting unfettered free speech in the “… unmediated marketplace of ideas” and a desire for a “… well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.”  The briefing notes that the tech giants are adopting what they call a European tradition that “… favors dignity over liberty and civility over freedom.”  Yeah, that worked out really well for the Europeans over the last century, didn’t it?  Ask the Ukrainians, handicappers, Poles, Gypsies, non-SS homosexuals, and Jews how well that worked out.  It is clear that Goolag spent significant time and energy preparing the briefing and did not want it released to the general public.  The Breitbart link at the end of this item will link to both the story and the pdf linked to it.  I think there are two things going on here.  First is the desire by democrats working at Goolag and other Big Tech companies to use their power and business to change US political outcomes to something more to their liking.  Second is the desire penetrate the ChiCom marketplace, something not possible unless they build censorship which can be used by the ChiCom government into their product for the ChiCom market.  And once that product is deployed, and all bugs worked out, it will be deployed over here too, with their favorite political party at the controls.  Goolag became the Death Star so quickly many didn’t notice it.  To parrot Sarah Palin, I can see antitrust from my house.


  1. Chip. Speaking of the ChiComs, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a story about a ChiCom chip that ended up being installed on server motherboards provided by Supermicro.  Supermicro provided server motherboards for hundreds of customers.  An investigation by Amazon Web Services (AWS) preparatory to the acquisition of a company called Elemental led to discovery of the small chip.  The chip provided a back door into the operating system of the servers.  Hardware hacks are normally very difficult, as they usually require physical access to the equipment.  Another way to do this is to be on the manufacturing end of the business, which is where the ChiComs made their changes.  The hardware hack was apparently done by ChiCom spies posing as employees at Supermicro, installing the ChiCom chips (very tiny, about the size of a grain of rice) on motherboards as they move through the manufacturing process.  The hack eventually affected nearly 30 companies, including DoD itself, Apple, a number of government subcontractors, and a major bank.  Apple had planned to install over 30,000 Supermicro servers to support its Apple music business.  AWS denied finding the chips.  Apple never found them, though some 7,000 already installed Supermicro servers were removed from service within three days after notification.  The majority of Supermicro’s employees in its San Jose plant are Taiwanese or Chinese.  The preferred language at the business is Mandarin.  The company dominates the $1 billion market for boards used worldwide in special use computers and servers.  US Intel did report sometime after 2010 that ChiCom plans to introduce malicious microchips into the supply chain.  The O’Bama WH was notified in 2014 of ChiCom PLA intent to insert chips in SuperMicro motherboards bound for US computers.  Apple discovered suspicious chips inside Supermicro servers around 2015 after detecting odd network activities and firmware problems.  The chips were designed to be as inconspicuous as possible and it looks like the attackers supplied different chip batches to different targets.  The primary purpose of these chips was to open a back door for outside attackers to exploit.  And once you open the door, anything can come through.


  1. Antifa. When you turn over the streets to a mob, you generally end up with some fairly nasty outcomes.  A week ago, the Portland mayor, a beta-male democrat named Ted Wheeler had law enforcement stand down and not confront Antifa gangsters who took over the streets of Portland following a police shooting.  They went after motorists, dishing out $3,000 damage to at least one Lexus.  At least we haven’t gotten to the Reginald Denny stage yet.  Unfortunately, that is coming unless these clowns are physically and psychologically crushed.  They blocked traffic and harassed bystanders and the elected wuss of a mayor just gave up control of the streets to them.


  1. Police. Minneapolis police last week declined to investigate domestic abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison (D, MI) due to a conflict of interest.  Ellison is the DNC Vice Chairman who is now running for MI Attorney General with big plans to spend the next 4 years drafting lawsuits on Donald Trump in order to make his personal life as miserable as humanly possible.  He is also black and Muslim.  He is accused of beating up on and threatening his girlfriend.  An attorney with links to the state democrat party did an initial investigation and found nothing, absolutely nothing.  Apparently, all women are to be listened to unless they make accusations against democrats.  The Minneapolis police refused to investigate due to a conflict of interest or the apparent conflict of interest which they wouldn’t elaborate on.  They claim to be talking with other agencies to get the investigation done.  The original investigation was done by Democrat Farmer Labor Party and found the claims to be unsubstantiated.  Minneapolis city attorney already cited a conflict of interest as Ellison’s son sits on the city council.

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