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In this issue:

  1. Treadwell
  2. Jordan
  3. Pardons
  4. NATO
  5. Strzok
  6. Page
  7. Rosen

  1. Treadwell. Former Alaska LtGov Mead Treadwell took a leave of absence from PT Capital and announced a run for the Alaska Republican gubernatorial nomination.  As per Mead, his kickoff fundraiser was in Washington DC.  He has positioned himself as the consummate party insider.  Problem is that during the end of his time as LtGov, he took actions that benefitted both the democrats and people who would defeat Republicans.  Now that he is reentering statewide politics, some of us have a few questions for Mead.  For instance:
  • Why did he at LtGov quickly certify the Bill Walker – Byron Mallott so-called Unity Ticket brokered to combine democrats and independent candidates for the 2014 general election? This was done in clear violation of state law which had a drop-dead date for doing so.  Treadwell certified it describing it as an “emergency situation.”  Last I heard democrat electoral buffoonery does not constitute an emergency situation for the rest of us.  Judge Suddock,upheld the certification of the ticket echoing Mead in his opinion.  Worst of all, the Unity Ticket won, significantly damaging the State of Alaska for four long years.
  • How many meetings did Mead Treadwell hold with democrat Kay Brown, native activist attorney Julie Kitka, and Andrew Guy creating a strategy to substantially increase democrat voter registration in Bush Alaska? Why did he agree to increase the number of state funded voting officers in the villages from 44 to 200?  These guys have done their job well, participating in rampant voting fraud in House District 40 replacing a relatively non-compliant democrat House member Ben Nageak with a known sexual predator who couldn’t make it through his first term in office.
  • Final question is what is his relationship with Alice Rogoff, Board member of PT Capital. Alice owned and operated media were at the center of the media hits against Ted Stevens in 2008 and Sean Parnell in 2014 leading to defeats of both Republicans.

Final observation on Mead Treadwell is that he came in third in the Republican primary to run against Mark Begich in 2014.  He even came in behind Joe Miller.  One wonders if his fit of personal pique at Alaska Republicans led to actions in the final stages of his term as LtGov informed what he did.  Perhaps we need the Duck Test with Mead, as if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, and swims like a duck,  perhaps it is a duck.  I would say we Alaskans dodged a real bullet refusing to elect him to the US Senate in 2014.  We would have either installed our own Ben Sasse or Jeff Flake, or he would have simply thrown his election and we would have had a second term of Mark Begich.  With all that in mind, the biggest question of all is why is Mead back in town and what is he doing for Alice and her democrat cronies this time around?


  1. Jordan. You know you are over the target when you are taking heavy flak.  Latest Republican over the target-rich environment that is the Deep State is Jim Jordan, (R, OH), who has started taking fire from both Fusion GPS and their legal mouthpiece Perkins – Coie.  Jordan has been in the forefront of inquiries into FIB and (In)Justice participation in the fraud that is the Russia investigation into the Trump campaign.  The Usual Suspects manufactured a sex scandal aimed at Jordan, attempting to echo former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who sexually abused wrestlers while a coach before being elected congress as a Republican.  Hastert was blackmailed for decades afterwards, eventually resigned and went to jail for his perfidy.  There was a team doctor at Ohio State while Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach who had inappropriate behavior with some of the wrestlers 30 years ago.  Jordan claims not to know anything about the festivities.  Ohio State, apparently firmly placing itself in the Hillary camp, hired Perkins – Coie to “investigate” Jordan’s involvement.  This is the same law firm that participated with Fusion GPS, the Hillary campaign and the Trump Russia dossier.  Several Ohio State wrestlers at the time responded with claims that Jordan never heard about what was going on in the showers.  The story being promulgated by the left is that he MUST have known about what was going on.  The two guys that so far have come forward are both former criminals who appear to be telling their stories for hire, one of which was convicted for doing that very thing several years ago.  As most of the wrestlers were over the age of majority, 18, Jordan is being accused of failing to report what the wrestlers themselves failed to report, making this very much a deep state hit.


  1. Pardons. President Trump pardoned two ranchers who inspired the 2016 armed protest in Oregon.  Dwight and Steve Hammond were convicted in 2012 of intentionally and maliciously setting fires on public lands.  These were brush clearing fires on their land that crossed the border a bit before being contained.  The presiding judge noted that both men were respected community members and the minimum 5-year sentence for allowing their brush fire to get out of control was “grossly disproportionate to the severity of their conduct” and handed down a significantly lighter sentence.  O’Bama (In)Justice prosecutors appealed the sentencing, demanding the sentencing be set at the statue minimum which the appeals court eventually levied.  The decision to prosecute and the sentencing triggered the 2016 protests at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near the Hammond’s ranch.  Trump’s pardons are another warning to federal prosecutors against judicial overreach.  There is no reason these two were should have even been taken to court other than make them an example to their neighboring ranchers who are also pushing back against overbearing Department of the Interior rules, regulations, and actions.


  1. NATO. The Trump bull visited the NATO china shop last week with President Trump at a NATO summit.  He was forceful and direct, something that got the diplomatic hearts all a’ flutter, and the Foggy Bottom crowd a case of the vapors.  He reminded the attendees of their commitment to pay 2% of GDP toward national defense in order to meet NATO military requirements.  Nobody other than the US has gotten close to this over the years, and the US mostly ignored their lack of support.  That is, up until President Trump ran on the issue and promised his supporters he would either get the NATO member states to meet their obligations or the US would go elsewhere.  To those of us on the outside looking in, this could not be more refreshing.  And this sort of tough negotiating language appears to be working as the member states are starting to step up to the bar.  Of particular interest was Germany, which has rarely met its spending promised, paid lip service to NATO, while cutting a sweetheart deal on a natural gas pipeline from Russia to meet 70% of its natural gas needs, essentially putting Putin in charge of when and whether or not it gets cold and dark in Germany.  The pipeline company is headed up by former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Frau Merkel is also reported as getting significant personal financial benefits from the deal.  Typical European corruption, the leadership gets filthy rich while the citizenry gets the shaft.  This pipeline represents a real triumph of Russian political acumen, as the reason Germany is so dependent on foreign supplies of energy is mostly due to the obstructionist actions of their Green political party that opposes coal and nuclear energy.  In response, Germany swung strongly toward renewables which haven’t been able to meet its energy needs.  Instead of politically defeating the greens, Germany rolled belly up and started importing natural gas to fill its remaining needs.  And who to supply that but Gazprom, the Russian natural gas company owned and operated by Putin’s fellow oligarchs?  There have been numerous stories in recent years of Russia and Saudi Arabia funding green NGOs which in turn oppose internal energy development of numerous western nations.  I wonder how much external support the German green party has been getting from Russian and Saudi supported green NGOs?


  1. Strzok. If you want a visual demonstration of what the Deep State is all about and how unaccountable it and its members believe they are, you need to go farther than testimony by disgraced FIB Special Agent Peter Strzok in front of the House Judiciary Committee last week.  Strzok was smarmy, defiant, smirking, telling everyone in the room that not only was he lying to them, but they knew it, he knew they knew it, and they couldn’t do a single thing about it.  He claimed that he was never biased in any investigation and never allowed his personal political views to impact what he did.  His problem is the 30,000+ text messages between himself and his girlfriend (both married) that said otherwise.  He also confirmed additional collusion (there’s that word again) between himself, the FIB and DoJ lawyers that allowed him to sort through his own text messages and decide which ones to turn over to House investigators.  This is not without precedent, as it is precisely what Strzok and his FIB lawyers did that allowed Hillary and her cronies to sort through her e-mails during his investigation into her illegal personal server.


  1. Page. In contrast to Strzok’s performance, his paramour, Lisa Page appears to be much more forthcoming to House investigators, though they did have a couple head fakes delivering congressional subpoenas to her (she ignored the first couple play dates).  By week’s end she was reportedly in the middle of her second round of interviews in closed session and apparently cooperating much better than her boyfriend Strzok.  One of these days House investigators are going to have to get all the liars in the same room to see what they say.


  1. Rosen. Not unsurprisingly, democrat candidates get away with murder while Republicans are crucified for littering.  Latest example comes out of Nevada, where Jacky Rosen, a democrat congress critter from NV is running against incumbent Republican Dean Heller.  Rosen is well funded and appears to be even to ahead in statewide polling.  One of her many claims is that she is a small businesswoman.  Problem is that no record of those businesses exists, or at least none have been found so far.  She makes regular claims about efforts to build a business, though never elaborates what that business actually does.  Requests by the Las Vegas Review Journal for Sole Proprietor Exemption / Sole Proprietor Registration for her 1995 – 2005 have come up empty.  Perhaps she was mistaken.  She appears to have been an IT contractor / consultant claiming to have been running a one-person shop.  But there is no record of that shop.

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