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In this issue:

  1. March
  2. Renewables
  3. Citizenship
  4. Deplatform
  5. Science
  6. Easter Eggs

  1. March. One of the interesting things about the March for Our Lives has been the speed they were able to spin up the community organizing, identifying their new Cindy Sheehans, and get the new anti-gunners mascot’s images plastered on media 24/7.  As with all these things, you have to first follow the money.  Who is behind the organization and operation?  It takes a bit of digging, but you end up right back at former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Daniel Greenfield writing in the Sultan Knish Blog follows the money trail from Everytown for Gun Safety, and its parent front groups Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, both front groups for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  The March for Our Lives fund is chartered as a 501(c)(4), which is not tax deductible.  But this does give it cover, as it doesn’t have to disclose donors either.  Tax deductible donations should be made to the March for Our Lives – Everytown Support Fund, meaning that there is a dark and light money conduit for the organization.  The March for Our Lives permit was filed by one Deena Katz, co-executive Director of the Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation.  So, we have NYC & LA represented.  Media contacts for March for Our Lives is being handled by 42 West, a full-service PR agency out of NY & LA that represents major celebrities.  March for Our Lives Action Fund has six directors and is incorporated in Delaware.  Donations are being handled by the office addy of Aileen Adams, the head of Do Good LA, previous Deputy Mayor for Office of Strategic Partnerships for LA and UCLA’s Vice Provost for Strategic Alliances.  She was not the only UCLA person, as its Chair of the Board of Regents who is closely tied to California Governor Jerry Brown.  The Joyce Foundation, notable for gun control efforts is also involved.  Wash DC and Madison, WI are also represented.  March for Our Lives is funded by Hollywood celebrities, led by a Hollywood producer, has its finances routed through a firm in Encino.  Its treasurer and secretary are Wash DC professionals and a top funder of gun control agenda is one of its directors.  We know who supports the NRA, designated Public Enemy in this Passion Play.  We don’t know who is supporting and funding the anti-gun network.  What we do know for sure is that there is precious little money, organization, networking, or other professional support coming out of Parkland, FL.


  1. Renewables. The anti-energy greens in New England barely dodged a blackout during its most recent blizzard. Not only did renewables fail to do the heavy lifting during the storm, electrical production from wind dropped 5% during the storm.  Coal-fired plants kept the lights on across the region as reported in a DoE report warning that future plant retirements (coal and nuclear) could destabilize the grid 9in this case, destabilize = rolling blackouts which may be deadly during a blizzard).  Over the period late Dec – early Jan during the storm and its aftermath, coal generation output was up 36%, oil / dual fuel was up over 1,000 %, natural gas up by 14%, nuclear up by 64%, while wind was down 12% over the period.  Even hydro was down during this storm.  Coal generation ramped up 30 GW of additional electricity output to meet the surge in load due to the cold of the storm and its aftermath.  Continued coal, oil and nuclear plant retirements in the region increase the likelihood of rolling blackouts during extreme weather.  Two of the region’s four nuclear plants are set to retire in the coming years along with more coal and oil generation.  More wind and solar simply won’t be able to support growing baseload needs.  What’s the good news here?  Well, if you are in a part of the country that glories in making sure nobody can drill anywhere, you do what any self-respecting Eurp does, that’s right, you import natural gas purchased from Russia and Putin via Gazprom.  This particular problem is caused by the dual idiocy of not only refusing to drill, but also to refuse to permit new pipeline construction to get the newly produced natural gas to where it is needed.  And if you are going to build natural gas fired generation to replace coal, oil and nuclear generation, you probably ought to figure out how to get the fuel to the generation plant.  Last week a pair of LNG tankers made deliveries to MA after cold snaps caused demand to surge.  The energy shortage in New England is entirely of its own making, as NY has rejected water quality permits that would allow a pipeline to connect the Marcellus Shale in NE PA to MA and other New England states.  The MA Attorney General has enthusiastically supported NY’s efforts.  And it’s just going to get worse, as modeling of future energy needs has rolling blackouts in most of the scenarios modeled for the winter of 2024.  Virtue signaling is going to kill a lot of people in New England, women, children, elderly and infirm before this is over – all of whom democrats infesting that part of the country claim to care about above everything else – first.


  1. Citizenship. The Trump administration announced last week they would be resurrecting a census question last used during the Clinton years – asking respondents if they are citizens.  Of course, the left went nuts, which is more a description of their cluelessness than actual policy, as citizenship questions will play right into the hands of Trump and his supporters.  Expect California Attorney General Bercerra to attempt to sue the government of the United States into the Stone Age hiding behind the bodies women and children throughout the lawsuit, all the while supported by local, national media and the assembled clowns of the Ninth Circus who will uphold him.  Problem with Bercerra is that such a question will politically serve to help unemployed blacks, driving a stake in the heart of the former democrat collation who has always expected blacks to take one for the team.  Eventually, perhaps as soon as this time around, they won’t.  The question will also serve to start quantifying the actual number of illegals in the country, near 20 million 20 years ago when Bill Clinton last asked it.  Speculation this time around is that number is well in excess of 30 million, all of whom democrats are just itching to register as new democrat voters.  And you can’t solve a problem until you quantify it.  Looks like Trump is on his way to quantifying the problem.


  1. Deplatform. Any time you see a nice, vanilla term like this as a conservative, it is time to strap ‘em on, loosen your belt, as you are well on your way to a helluva fight.  This one is an attempt by the well-connected political left and its cheerleaders in Silicon Valley to remove the ability of as many conservative media outlets and content from the web as humanly possible.  We are seeing this daily with FakeBook new algorithms, Twitter random (all applied to conservatives) deactivating accounts, and Goolag’s diddling with search results to favor non-conservative results.  The latest round of this are the Media Matters – Bloomberg – David Hogg attempt to drive Laura Ingraham off the air for supposedly insulting the contemptible little fascist, new face of gun control here in the US, one David Hogg, all of 17-years old.  After Ingraham went after him for whining about not being accepted to several U Cal Universities (he is a white guy, what does he expect?), Hogg responded with an advertiser boycott and a demand for an apology.  Ingraham screwed up and apologized, which Hogg and Media Matters shoved back down her throat, expanding the boycott from 10 advertisers to 100.  So far, perhaps 11 of Ingraham’s advertisers bailed, which always makes you worry, especially with Rupert Murdoch’s liberal kids now running the show (Bill O’Reilly fans know what I am talking about).  These clowns went after Rush in 2012.  They are well into a campaign against Sean Hannity as I write this.  And Laura Ingraham is the latest target.  They think they have a point of weakness that they plan to exploit for everything they are worth.  And they will never, ever stop, just like the Terminator.  They will always be back, going after Bad Think, weaponizing American industry against us.  We need to respond to them as harshly and as brutally as they are bringing the fight to us.  In this, there are no non-combatants.  Rather, there are only winners and losers.  And I aim not to lose.


  1. Science. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has made several significant and positive changes at the hulking beast that calls itself the EPA over the course of the last year.  This week’s change is perhaps one of the most important, as he announced the end of the EPA’s Secret Science, their ability to crunch numbers, construct models, and come up with conclusions all without the unsightly requirement to allow American citizens to either see the original data or the process upon which they arrived at their conclusions.  This process is referred to as “secret science.”  Secret Science was used by the EPA under former Administrator Gina McCarthy to craft all of their nasty, anti-American rules and regulations, including the Clean Power Plan.  McCarthy and one of her co-conspirators, Janet McCabe penned a piece in the NYT reminding us plebes that we are not allowed to see either the data or the work that turned that data into rules and regulations.  They called the ban “the latest effort to cripple the agency.”  And if actual transparency is all it takes to cripple the EPA, perhaps it is long past time to kneecap it, for it is both too arrogant and weak to continue.  According to the authors, once the EPA waves its royal hand, there is no requirement for anyone else to look over their collective shoulders and make sure they actually know what they are talking about.  But science is not about any of that.  If the science is good, then it stands up under scrutiny by all comers.  If it is not, then it isn’t science.  Rather, it is little more than a well-dressed excuse.


  1. Easter Eggs. There may be a few Easter Eggs hidden in the detritus passed as the omnibus funding the government for six months a couple weeks ago.  The largest one appears to be the ability of the President to declare an emergency and fund wall construction out of the DoD budget.  He can do the same thing with the increased funding and manpower requests for DHS / border enforcement.  Democrats think they won a great victory.  Perhaps Trump won a more lasting victory.  Second Easter Egg was a repeal of the Clinton-era roadless forest rule.  Final Easter Egg was defunding of the odious O’Bama Affirmatively Furthering Fair Hearing (AFFH) rule, which injected low end housing into all neighborhoods.  The logic of AFFH is that the poor are that way because of racism in every nook and cranny of American life.  And the way to solve that problem is to buy up empty homes and turn them into Section 8 housing.  When the new residents show up and start trashing the place, their neighborhood, and the neighbors complain, it is not the fault of the Section 8 people who do not own their homes.  Rather the problem will be the built-in racism of the original neighborhood.  O’Bama did a test run on this in Hilly’s and Bill’s neighborhood in Chappaqua, NY.  The locals weren’t all that happy.  It took a week for the discovery of three Easter Eggs in the legislation.  Perhaps there are more hiding in plain sight.

More later –

– AG



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