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  1. McCabe
  2. PA-18
  3. Walkout
  4. Calhoun
  5. Swarm
  6. Men

  1. McCabe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FIB Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Friday evening, one day before he could have taken early retirement benefits for his 30 years of service to the FIB.  Democrat cheerleaders and enablers in the media instantly ran a series of stories about him losing his entire pension.  These stories were all lies but did generate a number of job offers from prominent democrats for McCabe.  For his part, McCabe, taking a page from his former boss James Comey and Robert Mueller couldn’t keep his mouth shut, offering up a Tweet blasting Trump for the firing.  These three sanctimonious future residents of Club Feb apparently haven’t learned two basic lessons of dealing with President Trump.  First lesson is that he enjoys the fight; is bloody good at it; and never, ever loses these sorts of engagements.  When you mud wrestle with a pig, you end up getting muddy.  This is Trump’s element and he is a Master of It.  Second basic lesson is to remember one of the quaint little phrases of your former business: “You have the right to remain silent.”  It looks like McCabe’s Tweet implicated Comey for lying to congress in testimony under oath last year, when Comey said he knew nothing about leaks of classified to the media.  McCabe said the Director knew about him working with reporters and approved the leaks.  McCabe’s firing was recommended by career DoJ and FIB employees following the DoJ IG investigation into his actions.  This firing is the initial show to drop from the IG investigation whose report is expected later this month or April.  And it looks like both Trump and Sessions are crossing all the ‘t’s’ and dotting the ‘I’s’ before they lower the boom on the weasels of the Deep State.  As of this writing, it appears that McCabe has lawyered up.  So far, Comey, who is going to be on a book tour about integrity in a month is apparently not that intelligent.  Either is Mueller for that matter.


  1. PA-18. Republicans lost another special election last week, with a close, tight win by a democrat over an incumbent Republican in PA-18.  The final count is within a few hundred votes.  There are the normal stories about voting machines “malfunctioning” always in favor of the democrat.  The district went in favor of Trump by 20% in 2016.  The democrat candidate was a young, vigorous, photogenic former Marine, who wrapped himself firmly around President Trump, becoming his new best friend forever (bff).  He ran to the right of the incumbent.  Looks like the PA Supreme Court’s redistricting map is going to stand unless the other two branches of the state government decides to do something about it.  Given the party split between governor (democrat) and legislature (Republican, though not with sufficient majorities to override vetoes), democrats will get their court-ordered redistricting and fledgling kritarchy (rule by judges).  As of this writing, absentee ballots are still being counted.  The winner, Lamb gets to do it all over again in a newly drawn district for both the primary and the general election, though I don’t expect a primary challenge.  One from the Bernie-bros wouldn’t be a surprise.  And Connor Lamb cannot win a democrat primary.  So, what does this all mean?  The oft predicted and celebrated Blue Wave?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  The election certainly puts the democrats in a bit of a dilemma, balancing the need to simply win elections with the need to turn out their lunatic (and completely fired up) base.  A democrat candidate who runs to the right of Trump will not turn out the lunatic base.  A democrat candidate who runs as a Bernie-bro / Fauxahontas tribal member is not going to attract any Trump-friendly voters.  And it was running to the right that got the Pelosi – Reid majorities elected in 2006.  Final observation came out of PowerLine last Weds in a piece entitled “The No-Lose Midterm Election.”  They attempt to make the case that the election is as close to a win-win for Trump as is humanly possible.  Rationale is that if the democrats take the House in November, it virtually assures Trump’s reelection in 2020.  Caveat to the discussion is that Republicans must retain control of the Senate and increase their numbers in the majority so that his judicial nominations and other appointees are approved.  The democrats will do what they normally do while in power, no longer able to hide behind the craven ineptitude of the senate majority.  They will actually have to do something and in doing so, self-identify as raving lunatics.  The sadness is that the House majority has been doing pretty decently passing out legislation, with over 300 pieces that have gone to the senate to die a lingering death.  Don’t know if I buy the notion of a no-lose midterm, as it will hand power to democrats, but the thought is most certainly worth a bit of head scratching.


  1. Walkout. Teachers unions, administrators, organizers of the Women’s March among others organized a 17-minute walkout of students last week to protest “gun violence.”  The 17 minutes were meant to commemorate the 17 who died in the Parkland shooting.  This time around, the organizers made it all the way down to elementary schools, marching even kindergarteners out with protest signs.  Not only is the education blob into organizing protests, they are also demonstrably into child abuse, trotting out their charges to protest a constitution that they have never been taught in school.  I understand grades 7 – 12 joining in, as it gets them out of class for a while.  I don’t understand anyone else, as it is neither recess nor an instructional event important to their education.  The government schools are doing their very best to follow the universities into economic oblivion, forgetting that their actual mission is educating their students.  Rather their new mission appears to be converting their charges into good little fascists activists.  Participation in many places was not voluntary, especially in the elementary and middle schools.  Students did not stage the walkout.  It was organized by the Women’s March among others and strongly pushed by leftist media cheerleaders (redundant term).  The walkout was not voluntary as there was no small amount of coercion for everyone to join in.  The walkout was not about gun control, at least as sold to the students involved.  Rather it was sold to the students as peace and respect while the organizers sold it as gun control to the media.  The walkout was entirely partisan and political, as all the groups involved are all left-wing and democrat aligned.  Final lie was that if you oppose the walkout, you support violence against children, an attempt to exploit children and the 17 deaths for political purposes.  So, what else is new?  And there is going to be an even bigger walkout in May.  This is not going to end any time soon as the organizers believe they can both register a lot of new democrat voters and turn out a lot of old ones by travelling down this bunny trail.  Their problem is how many gun owners they will turn out in opposition to their newly declares jihad.


  1. Calhoun. The ghost of segregationist John Calhoun continues to stalk the democrat party, this time in California with its nullification of federal immigration laws, sanctuary cities.  This was most recently demonstrated by active felonies defending illegals from ICE raids last committed by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.  Like Calhoun, California’s junior US Senator Kamala Harris celebrated and supported the Mayor’s felonious behavior.  It turns out that Schaaf was working with non-profits that provide legal services to illegals and business owners that employ them (also a felony).  The local Oakland CBS station, KPIX 5, Oakland, uncovered a group of e-mails between Schaaf and an outfit calling itself Centro Legal de la Raze hours before the ICE raids were to take place.  She also contacted the St. Jarlath Catholic Church and the Oakland Community Organizations which have in the past hosted workshops for illegals.  She was in indirect contact with the Oakland Indie Alliance, a coalition of local independent businesses as the group issued a frantic e-mail announcing ICE raids in Oakland on 2/25 and 2/26, claiming the information came directly from the Mayor.  This young lady may join her betters from the FIB and O’Bama’s (In)Justice and Intelligence community in Club Fed before this is all over.


  1. Swarm. The days of carriers, tanks, and large, highly expensive weapons systems may be numbered due to the ability of adversary nations (or even groups) to field swarms of small, highly mobile, relatively lethal (in the aggregate) weapons systems.  A naval war game run in 2002 pitted a fleet of ships in a Persian Gulf scenario against a coalition of Iran / Iraq forces.  The coalition employed a swarm of speedboats, onshore and airborne missiles.  The main engagement was over in less than 15 minutes, as the conventional naval force was unable to deal with wave after wave of swarming attacks.  In all, 16 ships in the simulation were sunk including a carrier and cruisers.  The swarming attack used the strength of the Carrier Battle Group against it, overwhelming its ability to return fire against multiple targets at the same time.  We are fast approaching the same problem with our other assets as adversary (China) abilities to build and control long range, lethal drones are approaching the point where they will be able to reach out and touch our forces without their launching points being in range of ours.  These sorts of forces may give China a first strike capability in the western Pacific.  And it is something we need to seriously start considering.


  1. Men. As the war on men continues to wind its way through society, the casualties continue to mount, mostly among men and children.  And with any war, the enemy gets a vote, as men are increasingly opting out of higher education and marriage.  Part of this is due to the move of women into the workplace.  Part of this is due to the feds supplanting men as primary bread winner via welfare checks and food stamps.  If you can get everything you need from Uncle, why do you need hubby?  In the century 1867 – 1967, the divorce rate increased 8.7 times.  Today, we have a justice system via the Family Courts that rewards women (who file for over 70% of the divorces) and punishes the men involved.  Courts heavily side with women over care of the kids.  Typical settlements the divorced husband is expected to keep the wife living in the “style to which she has become accustomed,” which is some pretty expensive sex.  It is the reason for the rise of prenuptial agreements before weddings.  This is also leading to fewer people getting married and marrying at a later age.  In 1960, 71% of all adults over 18 were married.  Today that number is 51%.  The median age of married people in the US has risen to 28.7 for men and 26.5 for women.  The longer you wait, the lower the chance the union will produce children.  In the past, men had to be married to have access to regular sex.  That time is long past.  Today, if the girlfriend doesn’t work out, there will not be a 20+ year long, court ordered payment to a woman that hates you for her care and that of her kids.  Until the scales that are currently tipped far against men, marriage will no longer be a desirable institution for men.  And until that happens, we will have more children growing up in a household without a father.  As marriage is one of the foundations of western civilization, this is something we need to address.

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