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  1. CFPB
  2. Pocahontas
  3. NFL
  4. MeToo
  5. Yeti
  6. Flynn
  7. McAuliffe
  8. Festivities

  1. CFPB. President Trump’s war on Elizabeth Warren escalated last week with his decision to put Budget Director Mick Mulvaney in charge of Warren’s political slush fund called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  The CFPB is the illegitimate spawn of Dodd – Frank, and was unconstitutionally set up independent of both congress and the president.  It was given an unaccountable money stream courtesy of the Federal Reserve, and functions as a money laundering vehicle for money from the banking institutions it purports to regulate behalf of consumers and pass the filthy lucre along to people and activities that will use that money to fund things of interest to democrats.  Chuckie and the boys and girls on the democrat side intended to keep agency heads and other appointments out from under the discretion and control of the President.  Unfortunately (for them) they did as good a job (/sarc) writing the legislation as they did with O’BamaCare, opening a huge door for President Trump to step through.  And step through it he just did.  The last O’Bama appointee, Richard Cordray resigned a couple of weeks ago.  Trump appointed his replacement.  On his way out, Cordray appointed his Chief of Staff, Leandra English, as the interim director, something he has no authority to do.  Now we have two people claiming to be director and off to court we go.  Warren entered the fray Friday.  The problem Warren and English have is that CFPB lawyers believe that Trump has the authority to appoint the replacement. So does everyone else.  And afterwards, Mulvaney will shut this agency down in a Roman Carthage manner (including salt on the ground afterwards).


  1. Pocahontas. President Trump went after putative democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D, MA), referring to her as Pocahontas in front of a ceremony honoring the Navajo Code Talkers from WWII.  This spun up both Warren and her media enablers nicely, with charges of racism tossed around like so much confetti.  But like most of these pi$$ing contests Trump starts, this one backfired massively against the media and Warren, reminding everyone that she lied about her race (1/32 Cherokee Indian due to high cheekbones) on applications for faculty positions, one of which she was eventually hired for at Harvard.  Harvard hired her to fill an affirmative action square, demonstrating both the fecklessness of those requirements and Warren’s sheer venality in taking care of herself at the expense of anything and everything that moves.  Trump keeps this up, and he will end up getting Warren nominated in 2020.


  1. NFL. Looks like the NFL caved in completely to the SJWs of the NFLPA to the tune of $89 – 100 million over the next 7 years.  In return, the National Anthem protests are supposed to stop.  They didn’t.  The protests will be assisted by a move by the NFL to keep teams in the locker rooms until after the National Anthem is played.  25% of the money is supposed to go to the United Negro College Fund, 25% the Dream Corps, and 50% to the Player’s Coalition.  Where does the money come from?  It comes from other charity work the NFL is doing starting with the month-long breast cancer awareness activities, meaning that the black guys are stealing from the feminists, essentially what the democrats did in 2008 when they backed O’Bama over Hilly.  The owners will not be paying more out of their pockets.  75% of the money ends up going to support leftist rabble rousing aimed at destroying both the game and league.


  1. MeToo. One of the really nasty democrats in the Alaska Legislature is a woman who calls herself Geran Tarr.  She is the definition of the observation that politics is show business for ugly people, in her case both in body and in mind.  She regularly berates her aides who in turn quit, dropping like flies during the legislative session.  There have been multiple reports, complaints, and other stories about her vicious behavior.  Being in the House leadership, she is now turning her ugliness on her colleagues.  Last February she got into a verbal match outside the office of the House Speaker with former Speaker Mike Chenault.  Tarr berated him including poking a finger in his face during the altercation.  The former Speaker told her “If you ever get in my face again, I’ll bite back.”  Instantly the victim, she marched to security claiming that she had been threatened.  Chenault went to the current Speaker and reported the incident and her trip to security.  Each filed reports of the incident.  Video for the incident was kept for 30 days and then overwritten.  All went well until a week or two ago during the fourth special session when the feminist MeToo sexual harassment campaign was gaining traction.  Tarr goes back to security and demands to see the security report and tape.  No tape, so they let her see the report.  She asks to make a revision to the report because she “remembers” more about the incident 9 months later.  Request denied.  Looks like she is getting ready to drag the former speaker through the sexual harassment mud for a while.  What a nice woman (/sarc).  And she is both a feminist and a democrat.


  1. Yeti. I am a big fan of mysteries of the natural world, and have come to believe that however wild or eye rolling the claims are, there is generally some sort of explanation.  Last week I ran across a story about the yeti, the Himalayan so-called abominable snowman.  Turns out that there is a basis for those stories after all, and that basis is a small population of reclusive brown bears called the Himalayan Brown Bear.  As it turns out, many of the bones, hair samples, and other proof of the existence of the yeti end up being from brown bears.  The investigator did DNA analysis of 15 things that were called genuine yeti artifacts.  14 of those had brown bear DNA, the 15th was from a dog.  The investigators figured out that the brown bear population split off from the larger brown bear population in Asia because of the remote habitat and its geographic isolation.  Brown bears as apex predators are fully capable of doing everything the yeti has been reported doing in myths and legends.  This is a fascinating mystery story with a not so surprising explanation.  Well worth the read.


  1. Flynn. Former Trump National Security Advisor LtGen Michael Flynn copped a plea of one count of lying to investigators in the ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller into Russian collusion during the 2016 election.  At this writing nobody knows what he lied about, though it does appear that Mueller’s team set up a perjury trap interviewing Flynn after having transcripts of his calls with the Russian Ambassador in hand.  Part of Flynn’s plea agreement was to assist the continuing investigation.  It appears the plea bargain was an attempt to shield Flynn family members from further threats from investigators.  Both sides were ecstatic with the plea deal.  The left saw it as vindication that the investigation would soon target Trump himself. Trump was it as vindication that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russians.  At this point it looks like Mueller’s democrats are positioning themselves to bring an obstruction charge against Trump and trigger impeachment action from congress.  Trump still holds the trump card here with the ability to shut down Flynn completely with a presidential pardon.  Normally, prosecutors bring charges and use threat of trial as leverage to move up the food chain to bigger targets.  The fact that they allowed Flynn to take a plea rather than use an indictment to move on up demonstrates what a weak case they have.  One great question out of the weekend’s festivities is what is the penalty for the FBI lying to the rest of us which they most certainly have?


  1. McAuliffe. Former VA Governor and Clintonoid Terry (The Punk) McAuliffe and Tony Rodham (Hilly’s brother) were sued by a group of Chinese investors claiming that they were defrauded in an immigration scam involving a company they founded a decade ago.  The Chinese are suing for $17 million in a cash for green card scam.  They claim that McAuliffe and Rodham promised 32 investors they would use their leverage and political connections to ensure that visa applications would get to the top of the pile and be approved.  This nicely combines both immigration and green fraud.  The company, GreenTech, founded by McAuliffe among others in 2009 and is now in bankruptcy.  Sounds like the company was a vehicle to launder federal money targeted for green technology into McAuliffe and Rodham’s pockets.  As McAuliffe is being pushed as a possible democrat presidential candidate for 2020, I would say he is off to a good start on the democrat corruption front.


  1. Festivities. There were several little stories this week indicative of the damage the left is doing to themselves and to the rest of us.  They aren’t long enough to dedicate an entire write-up to and are submitted for your consideration:
  • Gateway Pundit made a speech at UConn a week ago on the topic “It’s ok to be white.” This enraged the local snowflakes, one of whom stormed the stage, stole his notes and tried to run away. The speaker ran after her, grabbed her by the arm, and recovered the notes.  Local cops arrested him for assault.
  • A Virginia mother In Norfolk, VA is facing up to 5 years in prison for sending a digital audio recorder into her 9-year old’s backpack to catch kids who were bullying the kid. School officials who refused to control the bullies found the recorder, called the cops.  She was charged with a felony a month later.  The mother and child are both black.  Every day we are reminded that sending your kid to the government schools is an increasing exercise in child abuse.
  • A state judge overturned an income tax levied by Seattle on residents because state law does not allow local governments to tax net income. The tax was intended to raise a promised $140 million and was aimed at individuals making over $250,000/year.  This was the first challenge to the new law.
  • Social engineers in LA are making local vehicular traffic worse to force commuters on public transportation or bicycles. It is replacing car lanes with bike lanes and parking.  This has the predictable result of really screwing up the already slow traffic flow.  The technique is referred to as a “road diet” and is tied to a social engineering project called Vision Zero, a goal to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities by 2025.  The Swedes started this exquisite little project in the 1990s.  Packaging commuters in trains for mass carnage in the event of an accident?  What could go wrong?

More later –

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