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In this issue:

  1. SpaceX
  2. Rice / Farkas
  3. Charges
  4. Rape
  5. Miami
  6. Mandate
  7. Guam
  8. Climate
  9. Riot

  1. SpaceX. The best news of the week comes out of Cape Canaveral where SpaceX successfully reflew and recovered the first stage of one of their Falcon 9 boosters.  This is yet another large step toward inexpensive, resilient, robust space flight.  Note who is doing this – private companies, not NASA or any of their prime contractors.  Keep this up, and SpaceX / Blue Origin and other players will be on the moon, asteroids and Mars before the first manned SLS launch.
  1. Rice / Farkas. Two smoking guns were uncovered last week about the unmasking of Trump transition team names by O’Bama administration officials.  The first, Evelyn Farcas admitted disseminating the intelligence far and wide during an interview on MSNBC on 3/27.  She was a Deputy Assistant SECDEF.  Neither she nor her MSNBC interviewer realized what she was admitting to at the time and the admissions made it into the permanent record that is the internet.  Next comes Susan Rice, who was O’Bama’s National Security Advisor who was the one who actually unmasked the names of Trump team members the O’Bama administration conducted surveillance against.  She is the designated liar for the regime, having completed the full Ginsberg, making the rounds and lying on all five Sunday news shows claiming that the Benghazi terrorist attack was based on the video rather than a terrorist attack.  Both these women committed federal felonies.  All things being equal, both should spend a decade or two in Club Fed.  There are more involved.  There are also logs and records of access to the secure facilities they accessed the intelligence from.
  1. Charges. California prosecutors charged a pair of undercover journalists with 15 felonies for producing a series of sting videos on California Planned Parenthood employees and officials killing babies and selling their body parts for a profit.  The journalists work for the Center of Medical Progress.  They interviewed the PP people in public places.  The charges were brought by the office of newly elected California Attorney General and former congress critter Xavier Becerra who said that his office “will not tolerate the criminal recording of confidential conversations.”  The charges are the second recent attempt by PP-friendly politicians (all democrats) to abuse the legal system by shooting messengers who embarrass PP.  The most recent case was in Houston which was subsequently dropped.  The felony charges are simple intimidation by democrat public servants who ought to know better.  Fair trial in Cali?  Who knows?  But the charges would not have been brought had the videos were not highly damaging.
  1. Rape. A pair of illegals in a Rockville, MD High School attacked and raped a 14-year old classmate in a restroom during school hours a few weeks ago.  Rockville is in the midst of declaring itself to be yet another sanctuary city.  Sure you guys want to do that?  The illegals were bought into the public schools via HHS’ Unaccompanied Alien Children program.  Parents who are rightfully worried about the safety of their children in the government schools are called bigots and racists by the superintendent.  The perps were both ninth graders ages 17 and 18.  The girl fought the entire time.  This is not a he said, she said case.  Rather it is a direct and brutal sexual assault.  Rockville is right next to Washington DC.  It is a company town, populated by democrats and their leftist ideology and worldview.  It has long been said that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.  I expect a lot of parents are well on their way to changing their views on illegal immigration.
  1. Miami. “Nice little home you have there, would be a shame for anything to happen to it” would be an expected threat from any self-respecting mobster.  Not so much out of a City Manager.  The threat came from the City Manager of Miami who warned residents who opposed a ban on Airbnb created by the city government at the request of hoteliers whose campaign donations they were trolling for.  The manager threatened those who publicly testified in opposition to the ban with inspections for code violations and subsequent fines.  The mayor also made similar threats.  Remember Miami is a democrat controlled city, one where free speech is not so free any more (if it ever was).  In doing this, Miami is following the lead of Miami Beach which fought Airbnb rentals to the tune of over $1.6 million in fines last year.  The excuse by both city governments is that Airbnb rentals “represent “illegal nuisances” in otherwise residential neighborhoods.”  Where loss of liberty and property rights are concerned, there is little beyond the reach of leftists who believe they can live our lives and make our decisions so much better than any of the rest of us can possibly do.  Expect the state legislature to take steps to stop this out of control government intrusion into our daily lives.
  1. Mandate. One of the things that fall out of making up the law as you go is that you tend to step on things you didn’t intend to step on.  Such is the case with the O’Bama judicial appointees gleefully making law so as to justify their fully political policy laden opinions on Trump’s Executive Orders halting immigration and refugees from failed states in Africa and the Middle East.  Tom Trinko writing in the American Thinker makes the case that the opinions and injunctions also overturned the O’BamaCare mandates forcing Catholic and other faith-based organizations to offer abortions to their employees via the group health care.  Various Catholic organizations spent a lot of money and a lot of time in court fighting the mandates.  Mostly they lost, but a few did win important victories.  Trinko’s piece notes that the O’Bama judge opinions were based on the notion that the travel ban would have a disparate impact on Muslims and was therefore unconstitutional.  This is despite the judicial (lack of) logic that examines Trump’s campaign speeches and pronouncements as evidence that he has personal animus against Muslims.  Follow that logic far enough and you very quickly end up at a point where the identical EO’s signed by O’Bama, Bush or Clinton would be fully constitutional because none of them said anything unpleasant about Muslims who want to murder Americans in cold blood.  Clearly, forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions is unconstitutional based on the disparate impact interpretation found in these two new opinions.  So is forcing any small business to participate materially in a gay wedding due to the religious belief of their owners.  He ends with the observation that “The reality is that this new view of the Establishment Clause can be used to eliminate almost the entire liberal agenda on social issues.”
  1. Guam. What is it with the inhabitants of US territories on the Pacific Islands?  They have turned themselves into hotbeds of anti-white racism to a degree that anti-white racists like Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party and La Raza would be proud.  Six years ago, democrats in charge of Guam passed legislation that took away the right to vote from otherwise qualified voters because they did not have the correct bloodline or ancestry.  Last weed a federal judge overturned Guam’s requirement that only citizens of Islander (Chamorro) descent could vote in a referendum on the political status of Guam.  The opinion was based on the SCOTUS 2000 opinion in Rice v Cayetano, overturning an effort by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to limit participation in the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission to only those of Native Hawaiian descent.  The Commission was going to propose amendments to the state constitution one of which affirming the sovereignty of “the Native Hawaiian people”, whites and Orientals need not apply.  These sorts of racial divisions are profoundly racist, limiting voting participation in Hawaii to only 23% of the total population and Guam to 36%.  Democrats never seem to wander far from the poisonous tree that spawned them, do they?
  1. Climate. President Trump continued his assault on the regulatory monster unleashed by eight years of the O’Bama regime on property owner, energy users and business owners last week signing an Executive Order to roll back the Clean Power Plan.  In an interview in Breitbart, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt talked about returning the EPA to its’ congressionally mandated role, that of ensuring clean air, clean water and cleaning up Superfund sites.  Pruitt went on to note that federal agencies are created to enforce the law rather than write it.  And coming out of the new EPA administrator, it is most certainly clear that Pruitt and Trump both believe that the EPA has been making the law.  Next up will be a reconsideration of Lisa Jackson’s bogus endangerment finding that the EPA created to allow them to regulate CO2 as a pollutant.  Roll that sucker back, and the entire climate change / manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions house of cards collapses on its own, taking with it every single rule and regulation and court case based on it.  Faster, please.
  1. Riot. One of my observations that conservatives are no longer sitting back and taking it, the Honey Badger Conservative, is being proven accurate every single day.  Latest example comes out of Huntington Beach, CA where a pro-Trump march was confronted by 30 or so Soros-funded anti-Trump protesters, in this case black clad bozos calling themselves members of the Socialist Party of America.  The protesters intentionally blocked the route of march and then pulled out pepper spray and started spraying the pro-Trump marchers.  The pro-Trump people responded with fists and kicking, chasing down the pepper sprayers and taking them to the ground for a little payback.  The socialists were shocked, simply shocked at the return violence, apparently thinking they were completely able to dish it out with impunity.  Four were arrested, all socialist instigators.  These clowns keep this up and somebody is going to get hurt, badly hurt.

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