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Obama, the eternal snake

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  1. Israel
  2. Ivanka
  3. Steyn
  4. Firing
  5. NC
  6. Electors
  7. Nukes
  8. Vote Totals

  1. Israel. Barack Hussein O’Bama is one of the most cowardly vermin that this nation has ever had the displeasure of infesting the WH with.  His flood of last minute, midnight regulations makes that point every single day.  Nothing that is passed between November 8 and January 21 is sufficiently vital that it couldn’t have been passed any time during the last eight years.  But now that there is no penalty for offending the same nation that rejected him, his party, and his agenda, O’Bama is going full Mencken and going to give it to those of us who rejected him good and hard.  In doing this, he joins Jimmy Carter who threatened to use the Antiquities Act to turn Alaska into a National Monument in 1980 and Bill Clinton who abused the last-minute process to pull the pin and leave any number of ticking hand grenades for the incoming administration.  Latest O’Bama outrage was at the UN last week, when the US abstained from a Security Council resolution condemning Israel for building settlements in the West Bank, territory they conquered half a century ago.  There was a bit of back and forth before the final vote.  The betrayal was sufficiently dastardly that even the Washington Post took after O’Bama.  Workup for the vote was interesting as President-Elect Trump got himself involved calling for the UN to butt out.  This was sufficient to encourage Egypt which reportedly had bene circulating a copy of the resolution to back off and drop it.  It was resurrected by Senegal and other anti-Israeli governments.  Ant the O’Bamas aren’t finished as they have another UN bit of perfidy to support about 10 days into January.  And support the Muslims against Israel, they most certainly will.
  1. Ivanka. Why is it that all the girly-man tough guys on the left think that anyone wants to hear anything they have to say?  Last week the husband of a same-sex couple was tossed off a Jet Blue flight from NYC for getting into the face of Ivanka Trump and her three children, screaming at them.  The guy doing the screaming was a lawyer.  His husband previously tweeted that the lawyer was going to harass Ivanka.  The other spouse is a college professor.  As soon as they were tossed, they claimed that their free speech rights had been stepped upon and they didn’t do anything to the Trump family and her children.  They were proud of what they had planned to do to the point where they deleted their Twitter accounts to sanitize the premeditation.  When confronted by TMZ in LA after catching a later flight the tough guys refused to talk to the reporter.  The harassment was covered up by the media as the day went by to the point where they claimed that the couple was removed from the flight for expressing themselves in public.  For her part, Ivanka comported herself well and concentrated on keeping the kids’ attention elsewhere.  So, we have a couple deranged leftists – both professional, both homosexuals – who think they have the right to confront and harass anyone and everyone they disagree with.  Neither tough guy had the cojones to confront Trump or his security detail, choosing to go after a woman and her children in a public place.  Keep this stuff up tough guys, as you will help elect Trump in 2020.
  1. Steyn. Democrat federal judges (one each Clinton and O’Bama) outvoted a Bush 43 appointee in an opinion that allows Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg to proceed to trial.  Mann brought the lawsuit after Simberg referred to Mann as the Jerry Sandusky of climate science.  Steyn piled on calling the university’s investigation a joke identical to the joke investigation of serial pedophile Sandusky.  Mann sued NR, Simberg and Steyn for defamation.  Their response was that as media, free speech guarantees protected their observations and opinions.  The court found that a jury could find by “clear and convincing evidence” that there was a reasonable likelihood that Steyn and Simberg acted with “actual malice” or a “reckless disregard” of the truth or falsity of claims at issue.  Mann’s technique has been to attack critics in court, especially if they are individuals, hide behind academic freedom, draw out the proceedings for years, crushing the targets under endless legal bills while getting his legal bills paid by climatista supporters in the green blob and his employers.  Steyn has wanted to proceed to trial for years.  He even wrote a book documenting the wide array of people who think Mann is wrong and fraudulent in his publications.  Eventually this is going to go to trial and Mann is going to have to come up with information – e-mails and correspondence – requested during discovery.  And it is going to look very, very bad.  We will hope that Simberg and Steyn will recover legal fees from Mann, the NGOs and the universities that are carrying his water.  Johnathan Adler believes this opinion sets a very poor precedent making it far easier for public figures (which Mann most certainly is) to sue critics to shut them up.
  1. Firing. One of the way the O’Bama regime is using to make sure that everyone is singing from the same sheet of music is to fire dissenting voices.  Latest example comes out of the Department of (No)Energy which fired a top scientist and intimidated other staff to further the manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions agenda.  They also ordered top officials to obstruct congress when asked to provide information.  The scientist was fired for telling congress the truth when questioned about the science and what it meant.  The firing took place in 2014 after Dr. Neolle Metting gave truthful testimony on the effects of low dose radiation research in support of the Low Dose Radiation Act of 2014 (little to no health impact).  It is the position of the regime that any exposure to any dosage of radiation is by definition a deadly exposure.  In other words, there is no safe dose or minimum dose, a worldview based entirely on faith and not on fact or science.  Congress found out that the Dr. was removed a few months later.  It appears that the regime did not want money diverted from its manmade global warming program into the low dosage radiation research program and was protecting its funding stream.
  1. NC. Democrats normally play the political game for keeps, as it represents their entire lives and reason for living.  Conservatives are finally starting to play the same way,  democrats and their enablers in the media are shocked, simply shocked that Republicans are acting beastly to the poor boys and girls on the left.  A few stories out of North Carolina last week had the legislature passing a series of bills to strip power from the newly elected democrat governor.  After an amusing series of heartrending shrieks, we find that this has happened at least three previous times, all when a Republican is about to replace a democrat for governor.  This is nothing new in NC.  The only difference today is that for the first time Republican lawmakers are playing the same game with the same gusto.  The other bit of news is that Charlotte repealed its odious bathroom ordinance.  The move was done based on a promise that the legislature would also take up a repeal of the House Bill passed in response to the ordinance.  The veto-proof majority in the legislature did not come up with sufficient votes to repeal the hated (by the LGBT community activists) law.  Much hand wringing took place.  Newly elected Governor Cooper, who as Attorney General of NC refused to defend the legislation is going to have a lot of fun trying to deal with an enraged, veto-proof Republican majority in the state legislature.
  1. Electors. The Hillary campaign and Soros-funded pogrom to hack the Electoral College blew up in the collective faces of the democrats last week as the Electoral College met and cast its votes.  Single electors choosing to cast their ballots for someone other than whom they are pledged to are not an uncommon event.  The last time there were multiple electors casting their ballots for someone other than whom they were pledged was 1912 when the Republican VP candidate died before the election.  This time around, Trump lost two electors, both from Texas.  One voted for Laupnor (Ron Paul) and the other for John Kasich.  A whopping five faithless electors, most from Washington State chose not to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Three of them voted for Colin Powell.  The fourth for Faith Spotted Eagle.  A single faithless elector from Hawaii voted for Bernie Sanders, leaving the final Trump victory total at 304 – 227, still the largest Republican Electoral College win since 1988.  Not bad for a businessman with no experience in politics.  Expect the fallout from this fiasco to be actions by states, particularly states with Republican governors and legislatures (and that’s most of them) to tighten the restrictions on faithless electors.
  1. Nukes. Looks like President Donald Trump will use social media, particularly Twitter to step completely around the formerly mainstream media and talk directly to the American people.  Latest example of a Trump tweet was in response to a Putin bluster about improving Russian nuclear capabilities that said he would be expanding and modernizing US nuclear capabilities.  In response to a MSNBC interview by Mika Brzezinski of a Trump spokesman, Trump called her directly and told her that if the Russians want a nuclear arms race, we will give them one and we will win it.  This instantly set the black little hearts of the Intelligencia into palpitations about Trump getting the US into a nuclear war something that still doesn’t worry them about O’Bama allowing Iran to build its own nukes.  It did get the desired response out of Putin himself, who wrote a letter to Trump promising work with the US on areas of mutual interest, essentially backing down a bit from his anti-American bluster common during the Obama years.  Now that they have sized one another up, I think Trump and Putin are going to work well together, and we will not be treated to an endless series of public insults from the Russian leadership.
  1. Vote Totals. Like algore (ManBearPig) before her, Hillary Clinton got the most popular votes but lost the election significantly in the Electoral College.  This has led the lunatic left to make all sorts of claims about legitimacy or the lack thereof Trump’s win.  An analysis of the actual votes shows that Hillary’s edge in California and NY was entirely responsible for her edge in the vote total.  Respectively, she won California by a whopping 4.3 million and NY by 1.7 million.  She won the popular vote by 2.8 million, meaning that if you simply remove California’s popular vote total, Trump won the rest of the country by 1.4 million votes.  For his part, since California has turned into a one-party democrat state since Reagan signed Simpson – Mazzoli in 1986.  Obama won California by 60% in 2012.  Hillary won it by 61.5%.  The illegal vote in both NY and CA was significant.  Trump did not campaign in CA.  This election demonstrates once again the brilliance of the Founding Fathers, as the large states do not completely control things (yet), although they are trying hard to do so.

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