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1. Kellogg’s0
2. Sweet Cakes
3. Fake News
4. Tardigrades
5. Sanctuary
6. Castro
7. Donor

1. Kellogg’s. I am starting to think we are entering the age of the Conservative Honey Badger, in which conservatives that used to ignore or brush off the insults of the left are starting to stand up for themselves and return fire in kind. The left, well trained to be on offense for decades (80 years at least), does not quite know what to do about the pushback. The Honey Badger was a wildly popular, not a little profane video made in 2011 about the lifestyle of a badger in Asia. It showed the animal eating cobras, getting hit by cobras, taking down a bee hive for honey, digging for and eating various varmints. The tag line was a version of “Honey Badger don’t care.” Look at what happened this election cycle, Donald Trump took down a pair of political dynasties – Bush and Clinton. He made an end run around a media onslaught, essentially defenestrating them. He turned out Hillary’s basket of deplorables, the old Reagan democrats or Nixon’s silent majority, to flip several Midwest states that had not voted for Republicans for decades. This was all a big surprise to the Beltway party. Over the last several months, we have seen increasingly pointed responses from the general public to insults from the left. For instance, ESPN, which turned over all its sports broadcasts to its lefty Social Justice Warrior announcers has experienced loss of subscribers to the point where Disney is reportedly considering jettisoning it like an unused park attraction. The NFL, which decided to kowtow to insults delivered by its employees during the National Anthem is suffering some of the lowest ratings in years. The only thing saving them is the current Dallas Cowboy winning streak and the ratings of Cowboys games. Target, who in their corporate wisdom chose to enter the bathroom wars on the side of the LGBT crowd has lost billions of dollars in stock value due to a boycott of its stores by outraged conservatives. While they changed their policy a bit, their stocks have not yet rebounded. Last week, Kellogg’s joined the fray by publicly pulling their internet ads from Bretibart for all the usual reasons (racist, bigot, homophobe, anti-Semite, etc). Internet ads are purchased in bulk and posted based on cookies and browsing algorithms. Unless you actively spend the money to rewrite the algorithms, there is no way that I know of to target a single web site. While nominally aimed at Breitbart and Trump advisor Stephen Bannon, the real target of this is President Elect Trump. Kellogg’s is also closely connected financially to the Kellogg’s Foundation which has swung wildly lefty over the last decade or two. It is connected to Teresa Heinz’ Tides Foundation and Soros’ Open Society Institute. Having chosen sides in the culture wars, Kellogg’s is now getting hit pretty hard by a product boycott proudly reported on and encouraged by Breitbart. The competing forces on these corporations are the left which wants to enlist cowardly boards of directors in the culture wars on their side and the right which wants the corporate world to be non-combatants. There are lot more Honey Badger Conservatives than Social Justice Warriors. The left doesn’t know it yet, but they are about to find out.

2. Sweet Cakes. With the last item in mind, owners of Sweet Cakes bakery in Oregon got a small level of revenge on Election Day. Brad Avakian, commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries fined Sweet Cakes by Melissa $135,000 for refusing to produce a cake for a gay wedding. The owners were Christians targeted by a lesbian couple for destruction. The bakery was run out of business, shutting its doors in October. Mr. Avakian used his office, threats and exorbitant fines to push the gay agenda. He also fined a bar owner $400,000 for telling a group of cross dressers and trannies to leave his bar because he didn’t want it to turn into a tranny bar. Avakian ran for Secretary of State of Oregon and was defeated by a former state representative who also was the first Republican secretary of state elected in Oregon since 1985. The election also put the first Republican into statewide office in 20years. For his part, the winner, Dennis Richardson who is an outspoken social conservative ran as a nonpartisan and promised he would focus on the job’s traditional role of monitoring elections and auditing public spending. Avakian promised to use the office as a vehicle for progressive politics including but not limited to climate change, abortion rights, harassing private corporations and championing preferred political candidates and causes despite the office’s official role in monitoring elections. Unfortunately, Aviakan is not out of office yet, still infesting the Oregon Labor Commissioner office for the next two years.

3. Fake News. The latest excuse for the left losing the elections on November 8 is the prevalence of fake news. What is fake news? The daily avalanche of fraudulent manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions / climate change articles? Not hardly. How about the breathless reporting of racism, bigotry and hate crimes committed by Republicans and their supporters? Not those either, as most hate crimes these days especially on college campuses are hoaxes perpetrated by leftwing Social Justice Warriors. No, according to the left, fake news are the articles poking fun at, ridiculing and laughing at actions of the left. They are also articles buried by the leftists in charge of the media so as not to bring the stories in front of the general public. The left is defining fake news as hoaxes, propaganda and disinformation to increase web traffic through sharing on social media, a definition that is deftly crafted so as to allow Fakebook (and it isn’t called Fakebook for nothing, as Zuckerberg’s employees have certainly earned the name) and other media sites to remove anything they don’t want to read using their newly crafted excuse. And like every other complaint we hear from the left, they are accusing conservative of doing things they have been doing for decades.

4. Tardigrades. Tardigrades are eight-legged, segmented micro animals. They are water dwelling and alternately called water bears or moss piglets. Only a half millimeter long, they are one of the toughest life forms on planet earth. They can withstand temperatures within a degree from absolute zero all the way to 300 F. They can survive without water and food for decades, rehydrating and foraging afterward. They can also survive ionizing radiation levels hundreds of times above those that will kill humans. And it is this last ability that we are starting to figure out, perhaps the best news in this week’s edition. A study published in Nature Communications tied its ability to withstand radiation damage to a special type of protein the writers are calling Damage Suppression or Dsup. It appears that Dsup can also protect other cells, non-Tardigrade cells. In tests with cultured human kidney cells genetically engineered to produce Dsup researchers found a 40 – 50% reduction in DNA damage caused by high X-ray exposure compared with control cells. When RNA was used to turn off Dsup production, the protection against radiation disappeared completely. This is a really, really big deal as we have identified a protein based protection against radiation damage at the cellular level and that protection can be introduced either genetically or via dietary supplement. Space guys now have a possible solution to the high radiation levels of spaceflight outside the confines of the Van Allen Belts. With this, we have just expanded our horizons.

5. Sanctuary. The battle for control of law and order was joined in Texas last week when Governor Greg Abbott responded to a petition floated by students at Texas State University in San Marcos to turn the state university into what they call a sanctuary campus. Governor Abbott tweeted “Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities. I will cut funding for any state campus if it established sanctuary status.” In parallel, there is a pre-filed bill for the Texas Legislature in 2017 that will ban sanctuary cities in Texas. The legislation is in response to an action by Dallas Sherriff Lupe Valdez to consider honoring federal immigration detainers only on a case by case basis, essentially turning Dallas County into a sanctuary for illegals. Among the good things coming to Sherriff Valdez are laws that would prohibit any policy or action that promotes sanctuary to people in the state illegally; enacting laws to make it illegal for a sheriff’s department to not honor a federal immigration detainer request; evaluating the extent local taxpayers should foot the bill for local decisions that increase costs for state health and education systems; finally amending the Tort Claims Act to ensure counties are financially liable for the actions of illegals who are released because the country sheriff failed to honor ICE detainer request. Dallas is not the only one playing this game, with Sheriff-elect Sally Hernandez plans to remove ICE agents from the Travis County (Austin) jail. That battle has been joined and there are a lot of government entities about to get a lesson in basic economics along with basic support for law and order. Bring popcorn.

6. Castro. Mass murdering dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba finally died. He had over 60 years to turn Cuba into a shining star of international communism. Not unexpectedly, he managed to turn it into a prison. When he got tired of full prisons, he released the prisoners to the ocean where they either boated to Florida or died. Obama sent two “unofficial” delegates to the funeral where they were treated to the sight of the Soviet vehicle transporting the ashes break down during the funeral parade. It had to be pushed by soldiers to its destination. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

7. Donor. Usually the road to a very hot place is paved with good intentions. Such is the case for one William Marotta from Topeka, KS who responded to a Craig’s List ad by a pair of lesbians for a sperm donor in 2009. The transaction was made. No doctor was used for insemination and the donor signed away his parental rights. All was well until the couple split leaving one with the kid an all the bills. She went to the Kansas Department for Children and Families whose man-hating feminists went after the donor (the only man involved) in October 2012 seeking to declare him the father of the child and hold him responsible for $6,000 in public assistance provided along with future child support. The state claimed that the contract was moot because the couple did not follow 1994 state law requiring a doctor be used for artificial insemination when donors were involved. A state judge, one Mary Mattivi (also female) rejected the donor’s claim that he was a donor and upheld the state’s claim on his resources. The estranged partner contacted the Department of Children and Families to explain that she was the other parent and was told to sit down and shut up. Marotta got in touch with KS Governor Sam Brownback’s office and had an attorney recommended. The case made it back to the state courts system. Last week, presiding judge Mary Mattivi ruled in Marotta’s favor that he was not the father. It remains to be seen if the state agency will appeal the ruling.

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