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1. NYT
2. Climate
3. Cabinet
4. Electors
5. Concrete
6. Transgender
7. Discovery

1. NYT. They’re still at it, the media, that is, trying to undermine and destroy President Elect Donald Trump. A week or so ago, Trump had a meeting with powers that be at the NYT, ostensibly to come to an arrangement about their coverage of him during and after the campaign. Trump was a great news source and friend of the NYT as a NYC mover and shaker. Since he became a Republican and ran for president, he is no longer a friend. The meeting was in two parts, one off the record and one on the record. Following the meeting, we were bombarded with story after story about Trump moderating his beliefs, walking back his campaign promises on a number of issues from positions taken during the campaign to those more to the liking of the left and their mouthpieces and supporters at the NYT. This meeting was the source of breathless stories that Trump won’t be prosecuting Hillary, Trump no longer thinks manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions is a bad thing, and similar stories. The problem is that none of it, like most of their campaign coverage, is true. Trump was smart enough to have transcripts of the meeting and nothing in those transcripts agree with the reportage from the NYT afterwards. When asked direct questions, Trump would respond that he does not have his mind made up, that he will look at all the information before making up his mind, and listen to his advisors, which is something that Scott Adams predicted he would do – not so much moderating his positions, but moderating his language as it is no longer needed to win the election. Trump does not make the decision whether to investigate, prosecute or otherwise go after the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. That job falls entirely on his Attorney General. One of the Obama problems was that both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch allowed the WH to run their department. Trump has an uncle in the technical fields and is familiar with the Climategate East Anglia e-mail traffic between climate scientists conspiring with one another to tweak models that return results desired by the IPCC. He knows what has been going on and why and appears to be putting people in place that will indeed drain the swamp. The media led by the Clinton campaign and the NYT lied through their teeth during the election season. They have not stopped or slowed down. Now that they failed to defeat Trump at the ballot box, they aim to defeat him before he takes the Oath of Office. It is up to us not to allow them to do that.

2. Climate. Defunding Big Green and disconnecting it from the federal treasury has long been a dream by conservatives. Unfortunately, this has not been possible for the 20 years since algore (ManBearPig himself) figured out that the climate scare was his ticket for getting rich during his time as VP. And while it has made him rich, its impact on our wallets, jobs and expenses has been significant. To defend their trillion dollar gravy train, the climatistas are in high dudgeon, trotting out all the lies and horrors that will befall us should the gravy train be derailed. In this, they are being most helpful pointing out funding streams, most of which have been spread out, diversified, to be more difficult to root out and shut down. If you don’t know about them, it is difficult to turn the money spigot off. Salon was helpful last week with a story about budget cuts aimed at the climatistas. Their total was $13.5 billion spread between Energy, Interior, State, NASA, EPA and NOAA. You can purchase a LOT of junk science with that total. Note that this hasn’t touched yet the money laundering scam that is renewable energy or the ethanol mandate. They haven’t touched Obama’s CAFÉ standards yet either, though I believe they are in the sights. In a related story, I have seen the suggestion that Trump kill the Paris Climate Treaty by submitting it to the Senate for passage. I would submit that to be a very bad idea, if for no other reason than there is a possibility that the Senate might pass it. A similar thing happened with the 16th Amendment (Income Tax), where opponents agreed to submit it to the states in hopes that it would be summarily defeated. It wasn’t. Never, ever submit for approval something you hate as it gives the proponents the ability to shove it down your throat in a time and manner that will be most painful.

3. Cabinet. President Elect Trump has started making nominations for his cabinet. So far, you would be hard pressed to find a more conservative group of people in any administration since the Reagan administration. Perhaps the best nomination has been Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. He can be counted on to clean out the politicized swamp Obama, Holder and Lynch have turned (In)Justice into. The only drawback will be expected enforcement of federal anti-marijuana laws as it is legalized in an increasing number of states. Despite protestations from libertarians on the expected enforcement, the very best way to force a law to be changed is to enforce it. Congress will quickly get off the dime and move this task from the federal level back to the many states where it belongs. SC Governor Nikki Haley was selected for UN Ambassador. Ben Carson, no fan of the Obama AFFH rule was selected for HUD. Trump has several meetings with Mitt Romney and General Petraeus ostensibly over selecting one of them for Secretary of State. As the process moved forward, it appears that Romney was doing penance for his harsh criticism of Trump during the election season. Jack Wheeler recommends Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as a good choice for Secretary of State. Trump also interviewed retired USMC General ‘Mad Dog” Mattis for SECDEF which ruffled the expected number of feathers. The only problem has been LtGen Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor. Flynn has been painted as a tool of IslamoFascist Erdogan. As this process continues, look at what Trump does rather than what the media says he is doing. They continue to use their reporting as a vehicle to undermine, undercut, fight, and otherwise destroy what he is trying to do. This may end up being a real kick-ass cabinet.

4. Electors. Current festive event out of the democrats is to pressure electors at the state level not to vote for Trump when the Electoral College meets at the state levels. Voting something other than who you are pledged to vote for is called a “faithless elector.” So far there at least six electors from states that Trump won that have vowed not to vote for him when the time comes. There was a seventh that resigned rather than vote for Trump. He or she will be replaced by the state. There have been 157 instances of faithless electors since the founding. The worst was 1836 when the entire VA delegation abstained from voting for the winning VP because he was married to a mixed race lady. This was the only time faithless electors changed the outcome of the presidential vote, tossing the VP election to the senate for resolution. The Senate elected the winning ticket VP anyway. Democrats are bombarding known electors with a tidal wave of e-mails, letters, no small amount of invective all to deny Trump a victory. Appears that they are trying to deny Trump an Electoral College victory, undermine his authority / mandate, and toss the entire mess to the House for resolution. The House would then vote to elect Trump because the majority of delegations are controlled by Republicans. After all the vapors and faux outrage at Trump’s answer during the last debate that he would wait to see the outcome of the election and how it came to pass before deciding to support the winner, it is most interesting to see the Hillary campaign in the middle of this. Who out there thought they wouldn’t be part of this (or leading it)?

5. Concrete. Amazing what sorts of things fall out of doing real science for real reasons. Latest example of this is the discovery that concrete absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere over time. Concrete has been under fire from the glo-warmers for decades because large quantities of CO2 are emitted during tis manufacture, which in their eyes makes it a Bad Thing. Imagine their surprise when a study that actually measured what was emitted during its manufacture and then compare it to what concrete pulls from the atmosphere over time once in place. It turns out that concrete is a CO2 sink in the long haul. Note to gardeners, this is a reminder not to use concrete for your greenhouse foundations as it will tend to pull your plant food from the atmosphere over time.

6. Transgender. The mother of a 17-year old Minnesota boy filed a complaint against his school district for giving him gender reassignment hormones and other medication without her permission. The complaint claims the 17-year old was treated as an emancipated minor by health care providers and the school district. She has also been denied access to the medical records and education records. A local legal aid clinic claimed to have counseled the minor who said he was emancipated never did the requisite court action to confirm the claim. Also involved are the Park Nicollet Minneapolis Gender Services Clinic, the Fairview Health Services, and the St. Louis County School District. The mother is claiming that her right to due process has been violated because Minnesota law does not provide a way for her to challenge an emancipation. MN statutes err in allowing medical service provider to treat a runaway teen as emancipated without a court order or providing a parent a process to challenge the medical service provider’s determination of emancipation. If this gets in front of a jury, this lady is going to make an awful lot of money. And the kid is going to be so messed up that it will take decades to straighten him out.

7. Discovery. My how the worm had turned. A federal judge in Texas ordered the MA attorney general to appear for a deposition in a lawsuit Exxon filed as part of an attempt to block investigations into what the company knew about climate change. The intent of the 17 democrat attorneys general from blue states was to use the discovery / investigation process as punishment to force Exxon Mobil to comply with their climate agenda. What better way to get your way than to grind your targets into dust, especially when your legal bills are footed by the taxpayers and theirs are by their shareholders. While this sort of abuse of the legal system generally works when the resource discrepancy between the two sides is large, this is not the case between Exxon and the states involved. Exxon is perfectly capable of defending itself and has the resources to do so. It also is perfectly capable of venue shopping, and appears to have done so this time with its counter suit in a federal court in Texas. Exxon’s lawsuit alleges that the attorney generals of NY and MA were “… conducting improper and politically motivated investigations of Exxon Mobil in a coordinated effort to silence and intimidate one side of the public policy debate on how to address climate change.” Here’s the funny part: both attorneys general participated in a joint press conference last spring accusing the oil companies of committing fraud by lying about climate science and announcing a multi-state effort to hold them accountable. Discovery of the e-mails and other communications between the attorneys general as the coordinated their efforts is going to be as much fun as the climategate e-mails from East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit was. And the democrats in office aren’t going to like it one bit.

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