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Interesting Items 11/21 -

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In this issue:

1. Permian
2. Kelp
3. Rights
4. Starfish
5. Sanctuary
6. Libel
7. NC Gov

1. Permian. Well, peak oil was called off yet again with the announcement of a reevaluation of a portion of the Permian Basin in West Texas called the Wolfcamp formation. It was found to hold 20 billion barrels of oil in a mile thick set of four layers of shale, making it the largest shale oil field in the US. At current prices, the value of the field is over $900 billion. The estimate tends to support a view that the Permian could hold as much as 75 billion barrels, which would put the Permian Basin second only in size to Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar Field. Even areas that have produced billions of barrels can still produce billions more. Wolfcamp also holds 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 1.6 billion barrels of gas liquids. For Americans, this is great news, as we will be self-sufficient for energy for the rest of this century. For us in Alaska who have determined it is time to declare war on the oil producers, it couldn’t come at a worse time, for those producers are going to take their jobs, infrastructure and investment dollars to much friendlier and warmer climes. And they should. One should never get into a private part measuring contest with a worldwide corporation(s) that do business in much cheaper and friendlier locations. Better yet, they don’t have to learn a new language, unless you count Texican as a foreign language as some on the coasts might.

2. Kelp. Aquaculture for everything other than finfish continues to roll on unabated here in Alaska. Latest up is an experiment in farming kelp in offshore Alaskan waters. Globally, the seaweed market is booming, with total valuation over $10 billion in 2015. This is expected to more than double in the next decade. There is significant seaweed farming in Asia and the entrepreneurs want to take advantage of Alaskan coastline to do the same thing. Note that this is not the first aquaculture project here in Alaska, as there is shellfish being commercially harvested and raised. Alaska continues to maintain a protectionist ban on farming salmon and halibut intended to protect Alaskan commercial fishermen from competition. As with every single protectionist effort in history it only serves to grind the businesses of the protectionist supplicants - commercial fishermen - into dust as the rest of world is learning how to raise salmon commercially and they do it better every single year.

3. Rights. A Clinton appointed Federal Judge in Oregon found a group of 21 young adults and children have a fundamental right to a natural environment not impacted by manmade global warming. The lawsuit was brought by green lawfare groups using the children and young adults as so many human shields. It targets the Obama regime, various federal agencies and the actual targets, the energy companies. The constitution says nothing about affirmative rights, but the political left dearly wants the courts to start making up these new rights. Given the number of federal judges both Clinton and Obama have appointed, that may not matter in the future. The energy companies tried to get the case thrown out but the judge, one Ann Aiken of the District of Oregon in a breathtaking display of hubris announced that all she needed to do was “… determine what emissions level would be sufficient to…” end global warming and then order everyone in the country to change their fossil fuel consumption accordingly – which is precisely what the plaintiffs want her to do, removing the entire issue from the political world and ruling from upon high. I think we just had an election about that problem. Perhaps Judge Aiken missed it. In any event, the case goes to the Ninth Circus next which will likely refuse to throw it out also.

4. Starfish. Manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions, what can it not do? There is an anti-development blog out of the Homer area here in southcentral Alaska that calls itself Ground Truth Trekking. One of the bloggers got a piece printed in the local fish wrapper last week talking about the wasting disease decimating starfish here in Alaska. Wasting disease has been roaring up the Pacific coast for three or four years and finally found its way here to Alaska. Although water is cold, we have a thriving coastal environment. But something is happening, this year the coho did not return in large numbers. We’ve had a die-off of a lot of birds in Prince William Sound last January. Local biologists speculate that whatever the birds were eating was also what the coho were feeding on. The Ground Truth author notes that wasting disease is hitting local starfish. It is pretty ugly, with cracks in the animals and arms falling off. Eventually the body ruptures dies and is washed away. Now here is where it all goes wrong – cause. Since nobody has figured out what causes wasting disease or the other changes in the sea environment, everyone is free to follow speculation to the wildest possible conclusions most of which end up as some sort of vile act by mankind – pollution, acidification, manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions. But in the article, the authorette gives a hint that a virus called SSaDV (sea star associated densovirus) is involved, as the bodies of the dead sea starts are teeming with it. It also shows up in the bodies of healthy stars. Like the viral infection twisting beaks of local birds here in Southcentral Alaska, it is all too easy to blame mankind for various Acts of God, especially when you don’t really know how the system you think you have been observing actually operates.

5. Sanctuary. Democrat mayors of sanctuary cities started running their collective mouths last week, choosing to pick a fight with President Elect Donald Trump over his promise to shut off all federal funding for their intentional and chosen lawlessness. The mayors included NYC’s DeBlasio, Chicago’s Rahm (the Ballerina) Emanuel and SF’s Ed Lee. Philadelphia is also in the cross hairs as is Seattle, Providence and Newark. Going to be a lot of fun to see if any of these public servants can print money once the federal spigot is turned off. There are about 300 communities with sanctuary city policies in place. They are all democrats and have already started hiding behind local children and women as an excuse for their lawlessness. It is nice to always have an excuse. Too bad it doesn’t work for the rest of us.

6. Libel. Looks like the media is going to do their level best to conduct a rolling character assassination on anyone President Elect Trump chooses for his administration. The first two shots out of the barrel were wildly inflammatory charges against Steven Bannon and Jeff Sessions. Bannon who came from Breitbart is a bare-knuckled street fighter who returns fire against the left with the spirit and intensity that the left hits him with. Bannon was smeared as an anti-Semite and Breitbart smeared with the same brush. Attorney General designee Senator Jeff Sessions was smeared as a racist. Both of these scurrilous charges are democrat media complex versions of the old anti-Jewish blood libel that accused them of using blood of dead Christian babies to make their Passover breads. Palestinians have been using and teaching their young in their schools similar libels about Israel and the Jews for decades. So, remember this, any time you hear any accusation of any conservative as a racist or an anti-Semite, this is little more than the current version of anti-Jewish blood libel, and should be treated as such. The left is not going to stop doing this. Personal destruction is all they have, all they know, and all they like to do. Time to return the favor.

7. NC Gov. Looks like the NC Governor’s race is within the margin of fraud and the democrat attorney general stands on the precipice of stealing a governorship from an incumbent Republican. Issue here was the artificially created LGBTQ issue out of Charlotte which the Obama WH and (In)Justice Department leaped on as a vehicle to assert federal control over who used which public restroom / locker room / changing area. As the State Attorney General, democrat Roy Cooper pledged to not enforce state law passed in response to Charlotte’s local ordinance. As the election sits today, Cooper holds a 5,000 vote lead out of 4.6 million cast. Incumbent McCrory refuses to concede until absentee and military ballots are counted. Cooper is doing his level best to make sure they are never counted. There was a formal protest filed last week in Bladen County charging over 400 fraudulent votes from what they call an “absentee ballot mill” run by a democrat PAC. Details look pretty bad with stacks of ballots with straight democrat votes in the same handwriting. This particular county and PAC are not the only one, as there are multiple democrat PACs in multiple counties which the state democrat party donated to shortly before the start of early voting began – yet another reason to never have early voting, as it allows democrats more time to commit election fraud. This one is not over and may not be over for an extended period of time. Should Cooper get elected, he is in for a very rough and hopefully short ride.

8. KC BBQ. One of the things that the blue governing model has is long term control of cities by democrats. Found a story out of Kansas City that may or may not demonstrate the pathologies of the blue model. OTOH, it may simply demonstrate the cluelessness of petty bureaucrats. In researching this piece, I looked at who has overseen KC, Mo over the last century. In the last 98 years, democrats have been in charge for 70 years; Republicans for 18 and independents for the last 10, so the thesis doesn’t hold this time around. But the story is still awful. There is an annual BBQ cookoff at the Kansas Speedway called the American Royal. After the competition is complete, the BBQ is collected by an outfit called the Harvester’s Food Network turned over to an outfit that calls itself Kooker’s Care and distributed to ministries and food kitchens in KC’s East side. They have been doing this for five years to feed the needy. Meat collected is both freshly baked and hot or ice cold. This year city health inspectors showed up at the initial distribution point when the group was about to pass out about 700 pounds of freshly cooked BBQ and ordered it destroyed. Rationale? It wasn’t from a permitted establishment; they couldn’t track where the food had come from; and thus couldn’t ensure its safety. They seized the meat, tossed it in dumpsters and poured bleach on it to make sure that nobody would consume it. Nice. All for our own protection, of course. They are targeting over 3,000 pounds of meat and over 1,200 pounds of sides. Your government at work, all to justify their weekly paychecks. I have a suggestion on the first department to be targeted for budget cuts in next year’s budget.

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