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1. Bundys
2. Deformity
3. Dakota
4. Straw
5. Brexit
6. BLM
7. Arctic Ice

1. Bundys. I meant to write about this a few weeks ago. A federal jury two weeks ago found that the Bundy Brothers and five co-defendants were not guilty of preventing federal employees from doing their jobs through threats, intimidation or force during their 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They occupied federal buildings on the refuge as a protest against the rotten job BLM and the feds had done on and with connection to the Refuge. Always on the hunt for an example to be made, Loretta Lynch’s (In)Justice Department came after them with terrorism charges. The jury acquitted them much to the shock, dismay and outrage of the feds, federal lawyers and their cheerleading media mouthpieces. Courtroom action following the acquittal was exciting as the presiding Judge did not order them to be released as they were on a US Marshall’s hold from a pending federal indictment in Nevada. When the defense attorney jumped up to protest, he was Tased, knocked down and jailed. The judge cleared the courtroom. Jurors blamed prosecutors for failing to make the terrorism case. They also thought federal prosecutors were arrogant in presenting their case. They never presented evidence of a conspiracy between Bundy and other protest leaders who pled guilty rather than stand trial.

2. Deformity. One of the little games the local fish wrapper plays is pin the manmade global warming tail on the observed problem donkey. Anything that happens, good, bad or ugly up here is caused by manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions. But they overplay their hand on regular basis, for if everything is caused by manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions, nothing is. In recent years, we have seen here in AK, songbirds with deformed beaks. Some of them were quite bad, with the beaks sufficiently bent / deformed and no longer closing properly and not allowing the birds to feed. While this is not all birds, there are enough out there to be a bit concerned. Who to blame? Well the leftist and media (redundant?) Flying Fickle Finger of Fate pointed instantly at the oil companies with fracing and fracing fluids being a close second. It quickly morphed into a general rant against pollution in general and manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions. So, mankind is killing off the birds in the slowest, most painful manner possible. Why? Because we can. Funny the things you find out when you do actual science. It turns out that a recently discovered avian virus appears to be the culprit. It was discovered through genetic analysis of dead birds and appears to be related to polio in humans and hoof and mouth in cattle. Imagine the sorts of things we can discover in this world when we choose to substitute the current greenie religion with actual science.

3. Dakota. The anti-pipeline protests in Dakota triggered an echo here in Anchorage last week with a protest on an Anchorage street corner Sunday. The native activists whined about all manner of anti-native awfulness, wrapping themselves tightly in all manner of anti-white bigotry, as if whites don’t care about the land either. We do, but apparently, our affections are unclean at least in the eyes of native racists. Also in attendance was democrat stalking horse Margaret Stock, running against Lisa Murkowski for the US Senate as an independent. Joe Miller showed up for some reason, and worked the crowd for a bit. Old Joe always seems to have an angle, doesn’t he? For their part, the protesters are cranking up their game a bit in the Dakotas with a woman taking three shots at law enforcement with a .38 pistol. She was arrested and is facing multiple charges including attempted murder. 140 were arrested last Thursday as local law enforcement started draining the swamp of protesters. Environmentally caring protesters did their best Saddam Hussein imitation by torching barricades constructed of wood and tires, sending lots and lots of thick black smoke into the previously pristine atmosphere and water table of surrounding lands. That will certainly keep the air and water clean. There have been over 412 arrested in the protests so far.

4. Straw. Two year ago, conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza entered a guilty plea in a straw donation scheme which he reimbursed a friend of him for a $20,000 donation to the campaign of another friend. He was sentenced to five years of probation, eight months confinement in a community confinement center, and ordered to undergo therapeutic counseling in order to get his mind right. This sort of violation is common enough, though when democrats do it, they never go to jail. But D’Souza is effective against the Obama regime with his films so they had to remove him from the political wars at least for a little while. At the same time this is going on, The Thornton Law firm in Boston, one of Fauxahantas’ favorite donors has been doing essentially the identical thing in support of democrat candidates and campaigns nationwide. The game played was to invite favored democrats in for in-house fundraisers where partners and employees wrote checks in support. Within hours to days, they were rewarded with bonuses in the identical amount of what they had “voluntarily” donated the democrat candidates. Recipients included the Hillary Campaign, Elizabeth Warren, John Tester, and many, many others between 2010 – 2014. The three founding partners and one wife donated nearly $1.6 million in that period. More than 280 contributions were matched with bonuses paid within 10 days of the campaign donations. The scam was widespread enough that the law firm was the 11th ranked law firm in terms of campaign donations though it was not among the 100 largest law firms in MA. The law firm made most of its money via asbestos class action lawsuits and they did their level best to elect democrats that would keep that gravy train running. During the 2010, 2012 and 2014 election cycles, the partners donated more than $3.4 million to democrat candidates and the party in general. Once again, the democrat party and its donors are a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party.

5. Brexit. We here in the US are not the only ones with black robed tyrants using their position to obstruct, deflect and otherwise disrupt the will of the people. Earlier this year, British citizens voted to exit the European Union, the so-called Brexit. The losers did what all losers do, took their case to court in an attempt to get the will of the people reversed. Last week the British High Court discovered a new right that Brexit could not begin without a vote of Parliament. Though in a way, there was already a vote of Parliament, as the Brexit turned out the Cameron government and majority in Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May said she will use royal prerogative to invoke Article 50 of the EU Treaty, which bypasses both the court and the obstructionists. Once invoked, Article 50 begins a two year long exit negotiation. Whatever happens will be loud as the left never, ever quits.

6. BLM. Ever the example of a bad neighbor, a federal judge ordered the (In)Justice Department to pay almost $600,000 in attorney’s fees to the State of Alaska in a case involving management of submerged lands on a portion of the Fourtymile River. The State sued BLM in 2012 following a long running dispute with the BLM over the river’s Mosquito Fork. The state claimed ownership of an 80 mile long portion of the fork’s submerged lands, much of it within BLM’s newly designated Wild and Scenic River Corridor (which ought to tell you everything about the actual intent of the Wild and Scenic River Corridor designations then and in the future). The fork also is located near the mining community of Chicken. BLM’s designation and dispute was an attempt to keep miners out of the river. So much for multiple users, multiple uses. Submerged lands under nearly all navigable waters in Alaska are owned by the State. BLM said the fork was not navigable and the fork was federal property. So there. (In)Justice dropped its claim before the trial was set to begin in 2015 and the State went after attorney’s fees. (In)Justice slow-rolled any admission that the fork had not changed in a way that would affect its navigability since Alaska statehood in 1959. There are several other claims filed against BLM for other submerged lands that they are using their positon to shut down local miners.

7. Arctic Ice. Ever the in your face guilt trip scaremongers, the environmental community came up with a way to measure your personal impact on Arctic sea ice coverage. Their handy, dandy impact calculator posits that every person who drives a vehicle 1,000 miles or takes a round trip plane ride from NYC to London melts about 3 m2 of Arctic sea ice. The exercise in measuring environmental angels dancing on the head of a pin was set up via yet another extensive set of models and calculations intended to produce the outcome announced. The German climate scientist likes the ability to translate how individual actions contribute to sea ice coverage. The putative rocket scientist was unable to describe how the very same actions that shrink Arctic sea ice coverage also seems to increase it in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. Better yet, total sea ice coverage on the poles appear to wax and wane out of phase with the total coverage being roughly the same. So rather than individual actions are actually disappearing sea ice on the Arctic Ocean while making it reappear around Antarctica – sort of a poor man’s teleportation. Wonder if that fell out of the calculations for the model?

8. HAARP. Most of us thought the interest with Alaska’s HAARP facility went away when the X-Files stopped making episodes decade ago. Not so fast. Last week, a pair of men were arrested in Georgia following an investigation with a local county Sherriff’s office. The pair was well armed and an arsenal was seized. The pair confesses that “God told them to go and blow this machine up that kept souls, so souls could be released.” The USAF no longer owns HAARP, as it was transferred to the University of Alaska at Fairbanks for aurora research last year. The new owners even held an open house earlier this year. The. Truth. Is. Out. There.

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