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2. Tricks
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4. Punk
5. Science
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7. Groping

1. ATOM. I am a fan of blogger who calls himself The Futurist. He writes in a site called Singularity2050. He believes we here in the US are in the midst of a deflationary cycle led by technology intrusion into the total economy. Moore’s Law describes computing power doubling every two years. Eventually the technical innovation curve becomes asymptotic and you get to a point where technological progress takes place too fast to measure. This time is referred to as the Singularity and depending on who you read, is around 30 – 40 years down the road, say mid-21st Century. Historically, deflationary periods are very, very damaging. The Great Depression was deflationary with the total quantity of money in the US falling by around a third. This contraction destroyed the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of families. The Lost Decade in Japan in the 1990s was a similar cycle. The Futurist believes that the current economic time since the 2008 crash has also been deflationary. Deflation destroys capital, destroys investments, and destroys anyone who is paying on time as their periodic payments increase in value every time they are made. Coming out of a Freidmanite economic worldview, I know and understand how inflation works and where it comes from. I have been scratching my head over the last eight years as the Fed’s Quantitative Easing has essentially printed money with no inflation. Between 2009 – Jan 2015, the Fed printed $3.5 trillion with no noticeable impact on inflation. Where did all that money go? Why is there no inflation? The explanation is that it fought technological deflation. If this guy is right, and I believe he is, as we get increasing penetration of technology into the economy over time, the amount of printed money to create a little inflation (2% is the target) also increases exponentially. He also believes that the Fed has screwed up paying out QE money only to the banks. It is not widely or sufficiently spread throughout the economy and only enriches the banking and investment community which ends up turning them into targets for the mob - Banksters. He proposes to spread the QE monies across the entire population via monthly payments recalculated monthly. The entire proposal is called the ATOM – Accelerating TechnOnomic Medium. As long as the government stays out of the way of technological progress, technical penetration into the economy will exponentially increase, and along with it the need to offset economic deflation. What does this all mean? It means that federal spending on transfer payments eventually gets completely converted into printed money. It means that there will be no longer any need for income taxes or the IRS. It means not only does everyone get a check, but the check gets larger every single month. As a conservative, I find this possibility more than a little shocking, but I think this guy is right. He believes that government action can delay the technology penetration by actions to stifle innovation and we are about 6 – 7 years behind where we ought to be due to anti-technology policies of the last 15 years. Politically, he believes that he can work with democrats to make this change. I believe he misreads democrats these days, who want to centralize power and control rather than devolve it. The final point this guy makes is that 2017 is going to be very, very tough as the technological penetration kicks deflation into another gear. And if he is correct, the standard remedies we all grew up with will no longer work. The ATOM e-book is well worth reading and passing along to others.

2. Tricks. The democrat party has been described as a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party. Given the criminal enterprise that the Clintons managed to turn their foundation into and its integration into the daily operations of the State Department as a vehicle for influence selling, we have evidence of its corruption at all levels. The WikiLeaks e-mails documented that the DNC and the Hillary campaign worked together to make sure Bernie Sanders did not win the presidential nomination. For his part, Sanders managed to come up with money to buy yet another house; pretty good for a guy who never had a paying job until he was elected mayor in his 40s. We have e-mails documenting current DNC Chair Donna Brazile slipping questions on a CNN hosted debate to the Hillary campaign. And we have documentation of the Hillary campaign working with Roger Creamer’s political terrorist outfit to supply a guy dressed in a Donald Duck costume at every Trump event. This is supposed to be the Donald Ducks Paying Taxes. But the big deal in all of this is the actual correspondence documenting the campaign and the third-party democrat terrorist groups working together. Does it matter to the current regime? Not hardly. But they won’t be able to put it to bed before a Trump takes office.

3. Science. The Ninth Circus in yet another kneejerk response in support of junk science determined that the NMFS could list a species not yet endangered based on nothing more than a weather forecast that they would lose habitat based on manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions. In other words, the greens sue, the feds agree based on a bogus junk science based weather report some 50 years out of no ice in the Arctic, and our black-robed Masters on the Ninth Circus fall all over themselves in agreement. The presiding judge was a Clinton appointee, demonstrating once again the utter folly of electing democrats who can appoint like-minded judges to the federal bench. The listing will be used to lock up more of the Arctic Ocean from oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and production, none of which does anything at all to decrease sea ice or kill the seals. What will damage the seal population will be the artificially large and robust population of polar (white) bears who feed on the seals created by federal protections of them as yet another future endangered species due to loss of sea ice over the next 50 years. As the predators eat their prey into oblivion, their decreasing numbers will be caused by the very people (NFMS) who deign to protect them from the ravages of humanity who will then turn right around and blame the entire mess on the oil companies. Nice racket, that.

4. Punk. Current Clinton bag man, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (aka, the Punk) donated close to $500,000 to the political campaign of the wife of a high-level FBI official who had oversight of the investigation into Hillary’s e-mail server. McAuliffe’s PAC donated $467,500 to the 2015 state senate campaign of Jill McCabe, wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Over $675,000 went into her campaign from entities either directly under McAuliffe’s control or strongly influenced by him. McCabe attended one of the meetings between McAuliffe and his wife, opted for ethics and withdrew from later meetings / involvement. But the cash did keep on flowing into her campaign. Happily, she lost the race, but was nicely paid for her time and effort. With the Clintons and everything connected to them, it is corruption all the way down.

5. Science. In yet another demonstration of the corruption that is running rampant in the manmade global warming world, comes an investigative report from the British Daily Mail (remember when the US media used to do investigations? Neither do I), the British Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy has claimed other people’s work as a vehicle to secure over 9 million pounds in government funding. The chairman of the CCCEP for the last eight years is Nick Stern, a global advocate for drastic action to combat climate change. He wrote a review for Tony Blair a decade ago making all sorts of outrageous claims about the economic impact of climate change. You can claim a lot of stuff in 700 pages, and if you paint a sufficiently dire picture for those who paid you to pen your propaganda / agitprop, you will be handsomely rewarded. And so, he has. The review argued for immediate, drastic action by governments. The investigation discovered that the grant awarding organization the Economic and Social Research Council never checked CCCEP’s publication lists. Some of the papers on that list had nothing to do with climate change. Papers submitted to secure additional funding had nothing to do with CCCEP and were published before it was founded. Publication dates on some of the papers were incorrect, giving the impression they were completed after CCCEP came into existence. Eisenhower, the government science complex is every bit as damaging to our future as the military industrial complex. And he made that warning a mere 66 years ago.

6. Bonuses. Awful military story out of California last week that got action by the SECDEF. During the Iraq war a decade ago, the Pentagon was paying reenlistment bonuses to keep troops on active duty. The California Guard had an incentive manager who was in charge of setting up the incentive bonuses. The problem was that the bonuses were only payable to members in certain Military Operator Specialties. The lady MSGT turned in all names whether they were eligible or not and pocketed the difference. Between 2007 – 2009 she routinely submitted false and fictitious bonus claims on behalf of her fellow Guard members. In 2012, she was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Three other officers also pled guilty and were put on probation. The problem with doing this is that the Big Green Wheel keeps on turning, and the Pentagon while slow in matters of pay and benefits eventually comes around to collect what is owed it. And collect it has started, with demands for repayment of $15,000 reenlistment bonuses from enlisted members. Normally the members targeted were all enlisted with much less ability to repay the fraudulent loans. For his part, once the debacle floated to the top of his issues stack, SECDEF Ashton Carter ordered an instant halt to recovery of what the pentagon believes it is owed until they sort out what took place and why. This debacle has reached out and touched some 9,700 current and retired military members in California. There is some dispute that the number is actually much lower. We will see what actually turns out. For its part, the Cali Guard is claiming no mas, not my fault, though its leadership was what put it in this position.

7. Groping. The latest democrat to pile on to the groping game is one Moria Smith, a lawyer for the ENSTAR natural gas utility here in Anchorage. She accused SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas of groping her in 1999 when she was 23. The media refers to her as simply a woman that donates to democrats, but she is connected nine ways to Sunday to the democrat establishment here in Alaska. Her first husband worked in the Obama WH until this year. They divorced in 2006 and she married into the old democrat Juneau Metcalfe family in 2007. That family includes her husband, Jake Metcalfe, former chair of the state democrat party and current executive director of PSEA Local 803, Kim Metcalfe, National Committee Woman for the Alaska Democrat Party and Peter Metcalfe who has a contract with Governor Bill Walker. Political hit? Absolutely. Interestingly the lovely and talented Moria disabled her social media accounts after she made the fraudulent accusations against Thomas last week.

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