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Interesting Items 10/24 -

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1. Beltrami
2. Shilling
3. Dakota
4. Violence
5. Fraud
6. Assange
7. Bus
8. Stealth
9. Firebomb

1. Beltrami. One of the unfortunate political truths here in Alaska is that we are a closed shop state. Unions at all levels hold a strong presence in all things politic. This election cycle, they are running a throw the b@$tards out campaign against the Republican majority in the legislature. The campaign appears to be coordinated between the various unions, Bill Walker Surrogate Robin Brenna with a large dose of help from Alice Rogoff’s fish wrapper. There are 12 present and future democrats running as independents. One of those is AFL – CIO head Vince Beltrami who is taking on incumbent State Senator Cathy Giessel. Suzanne Downing writing in Must Read Alaska points out that if elected, Beltrami by his control of the umbrella union here in Alaska will have more political money and influence than anyone here in Alaska since the days of Bill Allen’s Corrupt B@$tard’s Club. Allen owned an oil service company and greased no small number of palms. A lot of people went to jail a decade ago. Allen himself pled guilty after a probe into charges of extortion, bribery and conspiracy to impede the IRS. His last act was to lie on the stand in the fed’s fraudulent prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens. In short Allen turned into the poster boy for everything wrong with politics here in Alaska at the time. Now comes Vince Beltrami who is running around town bragging that he has half a million dollars to spend on various legislative races this year. Over the last three election cycles, that total is well over $920,000. Now here’s the funny part, should he be elected he pledges to retain his $185,000 / year job as head of the AFL- CIO. What sort of ethics do we have when the head of the union approves labor agreements negotiated by people he has funded to put in office? Does this worry anyone on the political left? Hardly. But it should, for if Bill Allen was poison to the political process in this state, so too are the union bosses running as “independents.”

2. Schilling. Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling announced his intention to run against first term democrat attack dog Elizabeth Warren for US Senate in 2018. Schilling needs to check with his Lovely Lady before filing. Schilling is revered in Boston for helping the Red Sox win the World Series in 2007, pitching the last game with a bloody sock. He also won the World Series with Boston in 2004 and with Arizona in 2001. While not yet in the Baseball Hall of Fame, he should end up there. After retirement in 2009, Schilling went on to ESPN as a resident expert on their baseball broadcasts. Schilling is an outspoken conservative, which does not end up leading to a long term of employment with ESPN. He was summarily fired following a Fakebook post making fun of the demands that North Carolina open women’s facilities to men based on their personal definition of their sex. This was deemed politically incorrect by ESPN though it was not done on either company time or media. The Mouse declared him an unperson and fired him. Warren, who famously claimed to be part Cherokee to get a position at Harvard is one of the large caliber, nasty mouths on democrat politics these days. The campaign should be very loud and lots and lots of fun.

3. Dakota. The so-called pipeline protests in the Dakotas continued last week and as with all protests fueled by the Soros rent-a-mob, eventually turned violent. National reporting and the Obama regime ignores the federal courts on this one, as the Obama (In)Justice Department chose not to enforce the two opinions that supported the pipeline owners. There are two groups of protesters on site now. The first being the various Native American groups. These have been largely law abiding. The others are professional protesters, Soros-funded rent-a-mob vermin that are doing their level best to turn the protests violent. As the rent-a-mob vermin showed up, so did the incidence of torching of construction equipment. Last weekend, several millions of dollars of construction equipment owned by Dakota Access, LLC was torched by unknown people. And with the torching of construction equipment so will come physical violence aimed at construction workers, all part of the continuing effort by this regime to create as much chaos and hatred as humanly possible.

4. Violence. Project Veritas released three new sting videos over the course of the last week. The first one demonstrated that the violence at the Trump rallies were all democrat and DNC rent-a-mobs put together by a guy who is the husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky a democrat who represents Evanston, IL north of Chicago. Roger Creamer is a self-identified community organizer who has been in the Obama WH 342 times and in the Oval Office with Obama himself at least 40 times. He talks about hiring homeless, unemployed and illegals to stir up trouble at Trump rallies so that the invited media will have plenty of video to use against Trump should his supporters who were attacked fight back. All the anti-Trump violence is nothing more than democrat funded agitprop.

5. Fraud. The second video out of Project Veitas has democrat party officials prattling on about how to commit massive voting fraud without getting caught. They are happily talking about rigging the election while jumping on Trump’s comments in the last debate that he will decide what to do following the election rather than simply rolling belly up and accepting a stolen election. The video once again features Roger Creamer and his evil twin Skippy, Scott Foval, both of whom have been fired from their positions at the Americans United for Change. Foval at the time the video was shot worked for the Soros-funded People for the American Way. They point out at Michigan and Indiana as the two most likely targets as they have the least restrictive donations caps, campaign finance laws, and investigative arms. Voting fraud? It’s the democrat way. They are unable to win by anything other than the way they have been doing it since 1960 – stealing it square and fair.

6. Assange. John Kerry’s State Department finally got around to shutting down Julian Assange’s internet access out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London a mere two months after Wikileaks started dropping dimes on the Hillary campaign, democrats and their media sycophants. The act demonstrated both the democrats’ complete cluelessness with the technical world but also their stunning fecklessness. They were too little and too late, as usual. Chiefio did a post on the attempted shutdown of communications by state actors, supporters of Hillary and the democrats. It is well worth your time to read if for no other reason to understand the utter cluelessness of Hillary’s and in turn the Obama regime’s understanding of the technical world. The entire archive was released in June. It also exists as a torrent file, meaning it exists on multiple servers worldwide, all 88 gig of data. The archive was released to multiple locations. It is encrypted. There is a deadman switch to release the decrypt code. Finally, the key is small and can be flooded to all recipients via variety of means. The Hillary campaign does not have a choice on this, as the rest of the archive will be released over the course of the next two weeks either in drips and drabs like it has been over the last couple months or it will come out all at once. One way or another, it is all going to come out. Too bad for the PIAPS.

7. Bus. Yet another example of what the Washington Party thinks of the rest of us comes via the story of a DNC campaign bus in Atlanta. The bus was videoed dumping the contents of its toilets down a storm drain on the street. The DNC apologized and called it an honest mistake. The only mistake was getting a video taken of the event. The only honest part of this was demonstrating precisely what the democrats think about the rest of us. After all, the laws only apply to the little people.

8. Stealth. Bloomberg had a story last week about a small, high speed stealth boat called Ghost. The boat was manufactured by an outfit called Juliet Marine Systems for a cost of some $19 million. They offered it to the Navy as a possible littoral combat craft. The boat rides on a pair of pontoons buried in the water, is stable and very fast. Demonstrating that no good deed goes unpunished, the Pentagon served the company with secrecy orders that did not allow the company to show its products or patents to anyone. The secrecy orders were lifted and the regime put the company under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), essentially a gag order on discussions and overseas sales. The company has interest from Korea, Japan and some Gulf States. While showing interest, the Navy ultimately chose not to purchase the technology, slapping with secrecy orders and ITAR classification. The company filed its lawsuit July 2015. Now this is the Obama Navy, the same outfit that is busily pushing medical benefits for transgender (mentally ill) members but cannot take the time or the interest in new technology. And if they don’t want it, they are going to make real sure nobody else gets their hands on it either. While the Bloomberg story does not say it, the entire affair reeks of crony capitalism so rampant in Washington these days, where the government agencies (and DoD is an agency) picks winners and losers, crushing small businesses as so much collateral damage. This sort of foolishness is going to put us at a competitive disadvantage sooner rather than later.

9. Firebomb. A Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina was firebombed by members of the Party of Love last week. A nearby building was also vandalized with anti-Republican graffiti threatening “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.” A bottle of flammable liquid was tossed thru a window. Both campaigns condemned the act, though Scott Adams notes that the Hilary campaign effort to turn Americans against one another by painting Trump and his supporters as Nazis and deplorables give the moral justification to the thuggish Hillary supporters to do whatever they want to do because if your opponent is a Nazi, then you can do whatever you want to them. Persuasion at its greatest and most dangerous.

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Just for the record, the "closed shop" is a thing of the past except under certain project labor style agreements in the construction industry. In a true "closed shop" you must be a member of the union to be hired at all; that's been mostly illegal since Taft-Hartley in '48. The only true closed shop in the Country is the American Bar Association; you have to be a member to get work at all. In union or agency shops you don't have to be a member to be hired but you must join by the 31st day to keep your job. Since Pipeline days there really hasn't been much pressure on the unions over the union/agency shops because it is one of the few legal ways to give some resident preference in hiring. All the SOA unions are technically agency shops, but in reality they're union shops because there are few fee objectors and no employer efforts to inform employees of their rights to object to union "social, political, and fraternal" activities.