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1. Ladies
2. Trump
3. Ontario
4. Samsung
5. Civil War
6. Valves
7. Westlake

1. Ladies. Current polling shows a remarkable sexual divide in support for presidential candidates. Generally, women support Hillary Clinton, although small business owners who are female strongly support Trump. Generally, men support Donald Trump. Millennials tend to support either Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein. If only men were to vote, Trump would win in a landslide. If only women were to vote, Hillary likewise would win in a landslide. Should Hillary get elected, we will be treated to much the same festivities we have had under Obama with the kneejerk charge of racism at any and all opposition being replaced with charges of sexism. It will be everything we hear for the entire time she infests the WH. This is the reason that NBC held the Access Hollywood audio tape of Trump ogling ladies with Billy Bush, releasing it the Friday before the last debate so as to inflict the most significant damage. It is the reason that there were at least six women hitting the media with public reports of public groping by Trump a week later. As of this writing, the claims of at least two of them – the lady sitting in First Class next to Trump for an flight and the writer of a People Magazine article on Trump and Melania’s first year anniversary in 2005 are out and out lies. The rest of the claims are also lies, nicely coordinated between the Hillary campaign and the media for maximum negative impact on Trump’s election chances. The problem is that it is likely working, as Scott Adams has now decided that the sheer weight of confirmation bias persuasion is enough to kill Trump’s election chances. He then went on to write that now the women will be in charge and every single bad thing that happens will be their fault. He is of the opinion that the next four years will be pretty rough for this nation and if the democrats want to divide us by sex, who is he to stand in the way? You got it, ladies. Enjoy it.

2. Trump. As the squish Republicans now have an excuse to run for the hills like scalded dogs, Trump is fighting back. With the assistance of leaks from Wikileaks and the release of hundreds of pages of hacked e-mails from Hillary Campaign heavy John Podesta, Trump is making the case that there is a conspiracy between the media and the Hillary campaign. Don’t have any idea if this is going to work, but from a persuasion standpoint telling a bunch of Americans who have dropped out of the political system because they think the system is rigged that the system is rigged is a powerful tool. Does it outweigh groping like an octopus? Don’t know. Hope so, but then hope is not a strategy. We know as do the Sanders supporters that the DNC rigged the nomination process against Sanders and in support of Hillary. We will see how many of them remember in three weeks. For their part, Trump supporters are not backing off. And no small number of them like me are watching the festivities and taking notes of so-called conservatives, people who have made a very good living for decades claiming to be the keepers of our hopes and dreams as conservatives bashing who Republican voters have chosen as their candidate. The perpetual smear machine that the drive-by media has become will not go away after this election. Rather, it will become the standard by which all future Republican candidates will be destroyed. And the sooner those on our side figure that out, the sooner we will be able to do something about it. Whatever happens after this election is complete, there will be a Day of Reckoning with the donor class, the so-called conservative intelligencia and all the vehicles they use for fundraising. There will not be a new party. Rather, I predict a populist takeover of the existing apparatus as we extend conservative domination at the state level nationally and into the blue cities. We are coming for you guys and gals. And we will remember what you did and did not do.

3. Ontario. In 2009 Ontario passed the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. It was hailed as a move off dreaded coal to a green, renewable energy future. Six years later, the notion of powering one’s homes and economy with unicorn farts ran smack into the iron laws of economics, as there are precious few unicorn farts in the marketplace, though there most certainly are lots of rent-seekers selling them. Over the last six years, electrical costs have doubled from 5.5 cents to over 11 cents / kwh. The promises made by the green activists, scientists and pandering politicians planning to spend over $170 billion over the next 30 years are demonstrably false. For instance, the claim still being politically made that shutting down coal fired plants will save $4.4 billion in health care and related costs could not be farther from the truth. This all grew out of a policy position by Ontario liberals in 2003 to end coal production by 2007. The objective was impossible and has moved to a target date of 2015. The liberals were successful in shutting down the last Ontario coal fired generation plant by 2014. By 2014, Ontario electricity customers had already paid $37 billion. The coal plants were replaced by a combination of wind and natural gas. Natural gas is not found in Ontario in large quantities and has to be imported to the tune of 12.5 cents / kwh to fire the new natural gas fired plants. The estimated reduction of CO2 emissions works out to be around $250 / tonne. Current price in the California – Quebec cap and trade system Ontario plans to join is $17 / tonne. The regime also promised new jobs, most of which never showed up. What did were short-term subsidized jobs to install solar panels and wind turbines. All in all, an economic disaster underway that will show up on this side of the border should the Obama war on coal continue under a Hillary administration.

4. Samsung. Interesting article out of EE Times on what may be going on with the Samsung Note 7, the cell phone that has been recalled from the marketplace after a number of them burst into flames. Initially the blame was placed on the battery. This article points to tweaks to the CPU intended to allow it to recharge faster. The idea is that pushing electricity into the battery faster than it is designed to accept will heat it up to the point where it is no longer internally stable. The recall reportedly will cost Samsung some $17 billion and will likely damage sales of older models and other Galaxy 7 models. Explosions and fires have been reported with third party batteries, which tends to support the idea that something other than the batteries are the problem.

5. Civil War. There is a lot of hand-wringing about what is actually going on in the country. Obama’s fundamental transformation has served to do little outside to play to the basest instincts of his supporters and opponents. Some favorite writers blame it on growing tribalism as the left has undermined and destroyed everything that makes us Americans and the leftist controlled education establishment refuses to inculcate our children and grandchildren in those things that we have in common, opting instead to concentrate on victimhood. New Geography wrote last week about the possible upcoming economic civil war. This one breaks down state by state with the coastal hugging blue states which the writer describes as producing ephemeral product – media, software and entertainment. The rest of the country produces consumable, tangible goods. And with the ascendance of the coastal states, the ephemerals are trying to write the rules at a national level for everyone else. This impending war is particularly tragic as it undermines the singular American advantage in the worldwide economic marketplace that of being a powerhouse in both worlds. The dual parallel booms (such as they are) over the last decade have come out of the tech world and the oil and natural gas world. And the US is poised to dominate in both for decades to come. The problem is that the emphasis on battling manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions is aimed directly at the energy and manufacturing portions of the economy. It is also gleefully supported by the tech oligarchs. The economic basket case that California is quickly turning itself into is an example of what this battle will end up looking like as future democrat administrations extend it forcibly into the rest of an unwilling nation.

6. Valves. One of the things you learn in the oil patch is to never touch a valve unless you know what you are doing. There is real danger in a pressurized system full of flammable liquids and gasses. If their flow is stopped or started abruptly without proper preparation, you risk breaking the system, spilling large quantities of the stuff (environmental damage), destroying property and hurting people when the breakage happens. Last week, climate terrorists broke into unguarded valve stations in Canada and shut down shut off the flow of oil in pipelines to four states – Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Washington. The stunt shut off around 15% of daily US consumption of oil into the US. The protesters claimed they had studied for months how to safely close the valves thought with active knowledge of what was actually going on in the system, these claims while possibly true are completely irrelevant. The terrorists were members of Climate Direct Action were all arrested and jailed. The group is currently fundraising for their legal defense in court.

7. Westlake. The Alaska Supreme Court spoke in the case of Westlake vs Rep. Ben Nageak. This was the botched primary election in District 40 in far NW Alaska pitting a pair of democrats against one another. Nageak, the incumbent joined the House Republican majority and became a target of Governor Walker who wants a legislature to rubber stamp his big spending, high taxation plans. Depending on which recount you want to believe, Westlake won by a few votes. The problem was that the Division of Elections neither trained nor supervised election officials in that part of the state leading to over 100 voters in Shungnak getting two ballots. The Court decided that was a simple mistake rather than willful voting fraud. As an aside, anyone else notice how vote fraud is exclusively in one direction – that of the democrat? There were numerous other lapses in standard procedure. The presiding judge using precedent from an earlier election case tossed a number of ballots, handing the election to Nageak. This wasn’t good enough for the leftist infested Alaska Supreme Court who reversed the decision, handing a seat to Westlake and in turn to Governor Walker. They have yet to release their written opinion. I expect it to be fascinating reading. What should they have done? Either go with precedent or order a new election to be held in November during the general on Nov. 8.

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