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1. Third Term
2. Stewart
3. BSA
4. BBQ
5. Lion
6. PPA
7. Discontent

1. Third Term. Flopping Aces has a post last week describing a potential way that the political machine fronted by Obama and Jarrett was going to get themselves a third term in office. The article notes the absolute disaster the Hillary campaign is turning into and wonders what democrats will do. This sort of thing only makes sense as long as you look at the democrat party these days as the functional equivalent of the Mafia, with multiple criminal families vying for control. Today, the two most obvious criminal families are the Clintons, mostly interested in maximizing personal wealth and sex partners for Bill as Hillary is monogamous with Huma. The second is the Obama – Jarrett Chicago crime family. Their goal is much more evil, power, control and eventual transformation of the United States into a third world nation with themselves, their cronies and financial backers in charge. One might paint Soros as a third criminal family, though he seems to spend most of his money and effort furthering the goals of the Obama – Jarrett Chicago machine. The Flopping Aces post suggests that the Obama – Jarrett machine will mostly sit out of the festivities during the early stages of the democrat primary season, allowing whatever to take place to take place. At a time and place of their own choosing, suggested to be very, very late in the process, they will back an alternative candidate for the democrat nomination. That candidate will be the very weakest individual possible and he / she will be backed by the full power and majesty of the Obama voter turnout / voter fraud database / get out the vote effort. Once elected, that candidate will owe everything to the Obama – Jarrett machine and will be sworn in and operate as a figurehead, much like Obama has been rumored to be for the last six years. Who might that candidate be? How about the Second Lecher, Uncle Joe Biden? Truly chilling stuff, but given the rampant voter fraud that is an integral part of the democrat election strategy and dumping of millions of illegals into the voter rolls, entirely possible.

2. Stewart. It is often said these days that drive by media are simply democrat operatives with bylines. So are the late night comics. As it turns out, the very influential John Stewart, formerly of the Daily Show was a not uncommon visitor to the WH. The meetings were with Obama himself, likely with other aides, and all done very quietly out of the public eye. After the meetings, Stewart’s monologues typically boosted WH positions on a variety of topics. The problem with all of this is that Stewart has effectively replaced nightly news as the source of news and information on the political world for Millennials and younger voters. They watch him. They like him. They listen to him. And they believe his conservative and Republican bashing message and act upon it in the political world. Nice scam. Very, very nice scam.

3. BSA. The Boys Scouts of America announced their surrender to the gay rights crowd last week, lifting its ban on openly gay Scout leaders and employees. The change was announced by former SECDEF Robert Gates, who is now its President. The BSA has for years fought numerous sexual abuse lawsuits in which homosexuals were accused of preying on young Scouts. The solution by Gates et all appears to be to embrace the suck and join Mister Justice Kennedy in his assumption that disagreeing with any or all things gay is by definition an unconscionable discriminatory act, and invite the sexual predators into the tent with the kids. That sort of thinking has worked out so very well for the Girl Scouts, hasn’t it? The change in policy will allow local troops and councils to decide for themselves. As expected, nobody was happy with the decision. The gay rights crowd was unhappy that Gates didn’t do a top-down edict directing all troops and councils to comply. None of the church-based troops and councils was happy with the decision at all. The Mormons announced they would be reconsidering their relationship with the BSA in light of this decision. The Boy Scouts was a great organization that flourished for over a century. But times and society have changed under the endless onslaught of the left. The organization that Gates heads up just took the coward’s way out of this battle. Much better to go down swinging than getting yourself buried by inevitable avalanche of new sexual abuse lawsuits once the gays get themselves fully ensconced as Scout leaders. And those lawsuits will come, which is perhaps the long term goal after all.

4. BBQ. In the increasingly big government dominated United States, licensing and permitting are vehicles used to control people’s lives. Although both are sold to an uncomprehending public as a way to “control” unfair competition and protect the general public from poor / incompetent / dangerous products or services, it hardly ever works out that way. Rather licensing and permitting are used as vehicles to control competition, innovation, and transfer campaign donations from established, entrenched businesses into the pockets of politicians that control those marketplaces. Essentially, the politicians are being paid to protect the licensed and permitted businesses from new competition, whatever that may be. This is one of the reasons that the blue state mayors hate and despise Uber. In the words of Glenn Reynolds, there is not enough opportunity for graft or corruption with Uber. Latest example of this comes out of Pinellas County in Florida, where a county Environmental specialist investigating BBQ smells coming from a private property owner. Apparently one homeowner is using a fairly large caliber BBQ smoker and a neighbor doesn’t like it a lot. So the cranky neighbor has filed 14 of 15 complaints received about the BBQ smell. The guy with the BBQ was cited last year about the smell. Local politicians have dabbled with air quality ordinances aimed at BBQ and other smells from restaurants and homes. As expected, there has been significant public push-back so the ordinances haven’t gone too far – yet. The post ends with the reminder that local government is just as important as national ones. And they are normally easier to deal with because you can reach out and actually threaten to strangle some idiot who desperately deserves it.

5. Lion. Last week’s Two Minutes Hate was aimed at a Minnesota dentist who shot a lion in Zimbabwe. He was on a big game hunt with bow and arrow. The lion didn’t go down quickly and needed some help being dispatched. Big game hunting is a significant source of conservation money for protection of these animals in Africa. As it turns out, the lion was lured from a national park by his guides who were hired to do a legal kill. They didn’t do what they were hired to do. The dentist is now in a world of hurt as the lion magically was gifted with a name and his death is a great sadness for all the anti-hunting bunny-huggers on the left. Protests sprang up outside his office which was shut down for several days. To add to the festivities, the Zimbabwe government, whose corrupt Mugabe-appointed officials are eager to get their palms greased with more free cash is now making noises about extradition for trial. The guides have been arrested. This noisy, artificial and highly orchestrated outrage stands in stark contrast with the lack of loud, boisterous outrage at the dismemberment and sale of organs of aborted babies by Planned Parenthood. Kind of makes you wonder what sort of fantasyland we are living in, where people on the left get themselves all stirred up about the death of a single lion, ignoring completely the death of millions of humans at the hands of the pro-choice crowd.

6. PPA. Planned Parenthood had a really fine week as the next couple videos were released. One of them featured an extended discussion with an organ harvester from Stem Express. Planned Parenthood and company lawyers found an Obama appointed federal judge to issue a temporary restraining order against the release of any video taken at National Abortion Federation (NAF) meetings. The Center for Medical Progress believes that the videos being hidden show that Planned Parenthood was selling intact babies to Stem Express, proof that the babies were born alive but murdered after birth. Stem Express pays a premium for more intact bodies. Even the Planned Parenthood employees in the videos refer to them as babies. It turns out that the Judge, one William H. Orrick, III was a big money campaign money bundler for Obama, having raised at least $200,000. He personally donated $30,800 to committees supporting Obama’s campaign. There are over 300 hours of video taken over an investigation lasting some two years. The Center for Medical Progress is turning over all the tapes to states Attorneys General for their action against Planned Parenthood. California Attorney General Kamala Harris, one of the California campaign donation bundlers who reportedly integrated Mexican drug cartel money into his 2012 campaign announced her office will be investigating the Center for Medical Progress on a variety of grounds. She is also reportedly on Obama’s short list for SCOTUS. The left is closing ranks behind Planned Parenthood, with the WH referring to the videos as heavily edited. The Senate today is scheduled to hold a sham vote defunding Planned Parenthood’s half billion in yearly federal money. It is a sham because they are not going to tie it to any yearly funding bill for fear of another government shutdown. But the videos will continue to be released. There are another 7-8 still in the can, and the newest one is more horrific than the previous. It demonstrates the sheer banality of evil practiced by Planned Parenthood and its supporters. Richard Fernandez in the Belmont Club wrote a post last week suggesting that willful ignorance on the left is at work with the barbarism that Planned Parenthood is committing on the most innocent among us. He parallels it with the similar intentional blindness on the part of the general German population during the Holocaust. Well worth reading and considering.

7. Discontent. There is more than a little discontent aimed at congressional majority leadership by conservatives in congress and those of us here in flyover country that put them in the majority. A couple weeks ago, Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) took to the Senate floor and called Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar. Last week Rep Mark Meadows (R, NC) filed a motion to vacate the chair which could force a no-confidence vote by the full chamber and lead to removal of Boehner as House Speaker. The significance of the filing is not in its ultimate success or failure, but that it was actually done in the first place. Like the 25 House conservatives that voted against Boehner for Speaker in January, this is another shoe to drop against House leadership. It will not be the last one. One of the points Cruz made against McConnell’s leadership was to ask exactly how differently would the senate be operating should Harry Reid still be in charge? Precisely what would be passed that McConnell hasn’t already backed? TPP? Cromnibus? Full funding of Obama’s amnesty? Corker’s daft Iran legislation that gives up the Senate’s ability to approve that treaty? Limbaugh pointed out that the problem was that the individual members are fairly beholden to people in their states while leadership is beholden to lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce. Both groups – grass roots Republicans and the lobbyist / Chamber crowd raise roughly equal amounts of campaign money. And leadership controls the money from outside the states, which in turn controls them.

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