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Interesting Items 07/27 -

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1. Iran
2. EPA
3. PC
4. Uber
5. Tranny
6. Ice
7. Waco
8. Gotcha

1. Iran. Failure Theater hit congress last week as the Stupid Party in the senate was shocked, simply shocked at the complete and total capitulation to Iranian demands by the Obama regime. Limbaugh reported this morning that John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) views the negotiation and agreement as his vehicle to a Nobel Prize which he is thinking about using for another presidential run as Hillary Clinton implodes. The agreement basically has the US shepherding and defending Iran’s nuclear program from where it is to full operational status. This includes language that will obligate the US to defend Iran against a probably Israeli attack. Due to the unconstitutional fraud that is the Corker Bill, opponents need to get a 2/3 majority in the Senate to defeat the agreement, as 98 senators voted to give up their Treaty approval authority last May. Iran will not allow any US inspectors in the country, nor will it allow inspections of their military sites. Inspectors will be connected to the UN’s IAEA selected group of Sergeant Schultz’s. The Iranians have a total of 24 days to delay any inspection, which gives them over three weeks to scrub clean anything the inspectors want to look at. The US unfroze over $100 billion, $150 billion by some estimates of Iranian money that they can use to purchase conventional weapons. And Iran made no agreement to stop their support of international terror worldwide. Iran is holding four Americans who were accused of various offenses against its regime. The Obama regime made no attempt to get those Americans released. There is a lot of handwringing over increases in Iranian oil production. While I expect them to spend a bit of money or perhaps more accurately companies who want to do business in Iran spending their money on new oil production facilities, given the global glut with oil, where will theirs be sold? Clearly Putin loves this deal, which is always a less than positive indicator. So do the European corporatists, which is also a less than positive indicator. We will see what the Washington Party does with this deal. Would not surprise me to see it approved by less than a majority in both Houses, which means any future president can walk away from it. Final note is that Obama and the other nations took the agreement to the UN last Monday, which promptly approved it. Both he and Kerry are strutting around claiming it does not matter what Congress does, as the world has already approved it. Most of the rest of us care little what the rest of the world thinks, but do acknowledge the pressure on congressional democrats and our inept Republican majority leadership.

2. EPA. Interesting testimony out of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy last week before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. She was asked if her Clean Power Plan would do nothing to control climate change. The EPA Assistant Secretary Charles McConnell said at best the plan would decrease global temperature rise by only one one-hundredth of a degree C, which is not measurable by any instrumentation that works in the real world, thought he models pick it up nicely. Chairman Lamar Smith asked McCarthy how she could justify such an onerous, burdensome, expensive rule if it is not going to do anything. She smiled, patted him on his pointy little head and condescendingly told him that the Regulatory Impact Analysis they did on it proved it was going to be “… enormously beneficial.” Though she didn’t delve into precisely what those benefits were going to be. Interestingly enough, she did agree with the hundredth of a degree number. She said its benefits were “… measured in showing strong domestic action which can actually trigger global action to address what’s a necessary action to protect …” With McCarthy’s EPA, we have the trifecta, an agency that is punishing the poor with ineffective (against what they claim they are aimed at) regulations, higher costs of energy, and good old fashioned job killing in the energy sector (ask any coal miner or power plant owner).

3. PC. The anti-Confederate Flag jihad came to Alaska over the last couple weeks, striking in Juneau (not unexpectedly) and Fairbanks (unexpected until you realize it was at a university campus). The target of both was displays of state flags from all 50 states. The offending flag was the Mississippi state flag, which has a Confederate battle flag in its upper left corner. Juneau had a display of state flags along one of its streets. University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) had a similar display around an open area on campus. As Juneau is populated by more leftists than you can shake a stick at, their decision is not a surprise. More surprising was the decision of the outgoing UAF Chancellor to pull the flag down because he called it “controversial.” The UAF display has been up for a long time and school isn’t even in session (summer break) so one wonders what is the big deal. In the winter, nobody looks, as they are hustling to get inside out of the occasional -40 degree temps. The news of both acts didn’t make much of a public splash up here. While we can’t do a lot about the city government in Juneau from Anchorage, we sure as heck can do something about UAF. We just finished the first round of budget cuts during the last legislative session. It was painful. Yet they got about a quarter of the way toward where they need to go. Next January when they reconvene, the wars will be on and they will be epic. I sent along a note to several legislators who are conservatives in the budget wars noting that UAF had just self-identified for a 40 – 50% budget cut as they are more interested in playing PC games than operating a world class university. I also pointed out that I was sick to the teeth with PC of in all its forms and practices. Heard back from one agreeing with me. Late last week, the flag was returned to its former location on campus. In no way do I take credit for success. I do expect that I wasn’t the only one who complained and expect that some calls were made to the Chancellor pointing out his new world, after which he quietly changed his mind.

4. Uber. The Gig Economy is among the newer and fastest growing parts of the economy. Basically all participants are contractors, working on their own time and at their own pace. They and their employers are put together via smart phone apps. Uber is one of these. AirBNB is another, as is Lyft. The problem with the Gig Economy, at least to leftist mayors and city councils is that is customers and their hired contractors don’t participate in the various licensing cartels that city governments have set up. Basically, they are hated by politicians because there is no room for the normal graft, corruption, greasing of palms, and back room deals that entrenched politicians have come to rely on to stay in office. So the cities and locales with the most entrenched and onerous regulated business cartels have been pushing back hard against Uber and Lyft via permitting, lawsuits, new ordinances, and other forms of obstruction. The funny thing is that the Millennials, fresh out of their 12 – 16 year long indoctrination at the hands of the government schools and university systems are reacting to this in a negative way, incredulous that they can’t get a ride by their smart phone any more. When they are told why local governments are telling them no, they erupt with righteous indignation. Perhaps the old observation that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality still holds for our kids and grandkids. Nothing would make me happier than see this become a wedge issue and a very blunt lesson about economics and liberty for a bunch of young Americans who never have had that lesson or conversation about it before. It’s about bloody time.

5. Tranny. How quickly the left turns to fascism (yes I know this may be a violation of Godwin’s Law). But this is fascism in a very important way, as the left is all about looking for excuses to commit violence on those that have the temerity to offend them. And the way they write the rules, literally everything is offensive and in turn defined as violence against the leftist, which then gives them the excuse to see you no longer as a human, but the target for their violent physical retaliation (and they really view it as retaliation). Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro was interviewed by the former Bob Tur, now Zoey Tur, who used to be a very large aggressive man. He is now a large, aggressive man without some male body parts pretending to be a woman, but with the identical passions left intact following the medical mutilation of his genitals. Shapiro kept referring to him as “Sir.” Tur eventually got tired of it, put his hand on Shapiro’s shoulder and told him that if he did it one more time he would be riding home in an ambulance. This was on the air. There is video. Once you put your hand on another person that is the legal definition of assault and battery, especially if you couple it with threats of physical violence. Shapiro filed a police report. I don’t expect it to go anywhere. But as the newly ensconced victim group, these men pretending to be women (doing it the hard way via surgery) sure seem to be a lot less fun than the female impersonators who enjoy who they are and what they are doing.

6. Ice. From our friends at the BBC, comes a story that Arctic sea ice grew by a third after the cool summer of 2013. This is volume rather than coverage, though both numbers are related. Of course climate scientists view this as a onetime good deal and continue to warn that the end continues to be near, which may be true though not in the direction they predict. In a related story, the reason for possible Antarctic ice melting in western Antarctica has been found to be an excess of geothermal activity in that part of the continent. In other words, volcanoes melt ice. I know. Film at 11. On the other half of the continent where geothermal activity is minimal, the ice cap is growing with great vigor. Interesting that climate scaremongers always refer to those parts of ice that are changing a bit and always ignore those portions that are growing.

7. Waco. One of the stories I have been following on a low level is the police action in Waco in May at the shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant. This was the event that resulted in the death of nine bikers. The Atlantic ran a story that the city is trying to suppress multiple videos of the festivities. They have also refused to confirm how many were shot by police. There are currently 177 people awaiting Grand Jury decision on charges ranging from murder, conspiracy or lesser charges. The event was a regularly scheduled meeting of local bikers that turned violent. The suspicion is that the mass arrests and gunfire by Waco police was done without probably cause and that bikers were shot with police bullets. If true, bikers arrested and held without probable cause can sue Waco for lost jobs, lost children in custody cases, and lost apartments / homes due to time spent in jail. And the families of the deceased can do the same to the police. The more lawsuits that have been filed, the more local law enforcement and prosecutors drag their feet on releasing exculpatory information in their possession, as they have nothing to lose by doing so. The rationale from the prosecutors and investigators is that it was a large, complex event, which it was. The problem is that there are many, many bikers who attended who are weekend bikers, mostly old farts who are not part of any gang. If this was a vehicle intended to roust local biker gangs, lots of non-players got swept up too.

8. Gotcha. An illegal alien with a pair of small children showed up at a Scott Walker event in Iowa, driving from where they live and work in Madison, WI. The father confronted Walker in front of the cameras, and asked a number of pro-immigration questions, using the tears of his two kids as convenient props. Walker patiently explained that we were (might not currently be any more) a nation of laws, and they needed to apply to everyone equally including you illegals. He did sympathize with their plight. While he was sorry for their predicament, he noted that if you choose to break the law, there are indeed consequences. Expect more of these as the campaign cranks up so as to paint our candidates in the worst possible light and gather video for attack ads next year. Walker did well on this one. Congratulations.

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