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1. Sanctuary
2. Chop Shop
3. Pluto
4. Medicaid
5. Trump
6. Chattanooga

1. Sanctuary. The Sanctuary City movement came under fire last week following the murder of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal who had been deported from US five times. He was also a convicted felon named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. He murdered Kathryn Steinle on a dock while shooting at sea lions in the water. He used a gun stolen from a parked car. That firearm belonged to a fed. The finger pointing started immediately, as this felon had a bench warrant against him since 1995 and was in federal custody at least three times over that period. He started with marijuana possession and sales and moved on to bigger and better things. Local SF law enforcement blamed the feds for releasing him. The feds blamed local SF law enforcement. Nobody mentioned the sanctuary city movement. There was little public outrage from the media or the Beltway Party on the failure of the Obama regime and congress to simply enforce immigration laws. Instead, we get the expected finger pointing and posturing. According to the Center for Immigration Studies as of May, ICE released some 30,558 convicted criminal aliens in FY 2014. Ted Cruz believes this number is in excess of 100,000. These criminals were responsible for over 79,000 crimes including 175 homicides, 373 sexual assaults, 186 kidnappings and over 14,000 DUIs. As of the end of Marcy 2015, there were over 10,000 criminal aliens released into the general population. One of the things that the regime is pointing to as a great success is that the pace of criminal release is down. Unfortunately this is simply because they are not arresting these guys as often. Arrests are down by over 30% in the year preceding May 2015. Arrests for criminals committing serious crime are down by 22%. There are over 904,000 aliens who have been ordered removed from the country that have not left. Of that number, over 167,000 are criminal aliens. These are the people drawn to sanctuary cities like flies to a rotting carcass. And they are much more dangerous. They are also the criminals responsible for the spike in crime rates in the Border States. These are the people that Obama, his party and Beltway Party want competing for jobs with citizens. This is not going to end well. Nor should it.

2. Chop Shop. The ghost of Josef Mengele has been roaming the United States some 70 years after his well-deserved demise. He has been doing it for decades. An investigative group of conservative reporters at the Center for Medical Progress filmed at least 14 videos of highly placed Planned Parenthood administrators negotiating the sale of body parts of aborted babies to biotech companies. The sale is done for personal and organizational profit, yet Planned Parenthood is a non-profit that gets over half a billion yearly from taxpayers courtesy of the pro-aborts in congress. In 2014, they got $540 million courtesy of the Obama regime and democrats. You can find their 2012 990 here:

This is one of the most disgusting activities I can think of. It is also completely illegal, as they are a non-profit. For many, many years, Planned Parenthood has been in the center of the women’s reproductive rights / war on women electoral strategy conducted by democrats and their lackeys in the media for over half a century. Who knew that they had been doing it to personally enrich themselves at the cost of the lives of hundreds of thousands of aborted children, most of which were minorities. Apparently black lives only matter when they fund the eugenicists next Lamborghini. The other ghost that of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, would be proud. The left closed ranks immediately, initially sticking their fingers in their ears while hollering “la,la,la,la” over and over again. Then they claimed it was a right wing setup, which it most certainly was. Problem is that it was also completely true and accurate. Media supporters have so far managed to keep the story off the front pages so far. The Center claims they have another 12 videos in the can ready for release, and they are pretty bad. They were made over a two year period of time. As of this writing, several congressional democrats have demanded the Attorney General Loretta Lynch investigate the problem. Do not think for a second that they are demanding she go after Planned Parenthood. Instead, expect her to bring down the Hounds of Hell on the investigative media organization much like they did against Gibson Guitars, the TEA Party groups, anyone associated with Scott Walker in Wisconsin, or other conservative groups that get in their way. Make no mistake. This is very, very serious for the democrats as it undermines both their ability to gather up, nicely packaged, a vast majority of the votes and support of young, single women. It goes to the heart of destroying their political coalition which Planned Parenthood is an integral part of. And this has been going on a long, long time.

3. Pluto. New Horizons completed its fly-by of the Pluto – Charon system last Tuesday. Transmissions back to Earth were shut down for hours so as to allow the probe to take its observations without getting confused and go into safe mode as it did a week before. The first photos transmitted back were stunning, showing two active large, icy worlds Pluto and Charon (the Pluto – Charon system is referred to as a double planet due to the relative sizes of both bodies). The big question is why are they geologically active? Why do we see so few craters? Why do we see new plains, new mountains, all on bodies that ought to be too small generate their own heat across the last 4.5 billion years. So far, it looks like all is going well and data will be transmitted back over the course of the next 16 months. There were some 50 GB of data taken including photos and observations of all five moons. No rings were discovered. There has only been about a GB transmitted back so far. One of the things they found was that Pluto itself was a bit larger than expected, though the mass was well known. This means that it has a bit more ice and less rock than originally thought. Its surface is also reddish in color. The probe will be retargeted to flyby one of two possible new targets in 2019. These are Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) less than 100 km in diameter. So far, a great mission with most surprising results. If Pluto – Charon has new surfaces and active geology, there are only a few ways that can happen. It can be powered by something we don’t understand (likely). Its evolution was not what we think it was (more likely). Or it was deposited in its current orbit after an encounter or series of encounters with a larger body (less likely but scary). All of these are profound questions that nobody expected when this mission was launched. It always seems that the more we know, the more we don’t.

4. Medicaid. Governor Bill Walker (I, AK) caved in to his democrat backers last week announcing that he would unilaterally expand Medicaid here in Alaska as “encouraged” by ObamaCare. The entire medical establishment up here (all the hospitals, public health people, and anyone else on the public teat) has been pushing this hard since Walker was elected last November. He did ask the legislature during session this spring to pass legislation to expand Medicaid. The legislature declined the honor. Reaction to this is going to be most interesting, especially the part about how to pay for the expansion. In two years, the Obama regime will be gone and so will its 100% reimbursement for all the new enrollees. Who picks up the checks then? Why Alaskan taxpayers one and all. By the numbers, Walker is inviting some 40,000 Alaskans onto the public dole. Experience in other states demonstrates that number may very well double. A devastating article on Walker’s hubris is linked below. It estimates that the expansion will encourage at least 4,000 Alaskans to quit working and sign on to the public dole. Representative Lance Pruitt from Anchorage observed earlier this year that Walker was elected governor of Alaska. Unfortunately he thinks he was elected Alaska’s dictator, which is going to be a problem for all of us.

5. Trump. The candidacy of Donald Trump presents a real problem for both the media and the Beltway Republicans, mostly because he is not a politician and is in no way beholden to or dependent on what they think, feel, do or have to say. He is out on the campaign trail hitting a real nerve with conservatives, perhaps last seen with Sarah Palin in 2008 or the outbreak of the TEA Party in 2010. Trump is bombastic and enjoys hitting back. He is a bully and incredibly arrogant, things that neither the media nor the Beltway Republicans know how to deal with. Limbaugh has been warning everyone who will listen for the last few weeks that we conservatives ignore Trump at our peril. Trump lit out after John McCain, saying similar things about him that democrats said in 2007 and 2008. Trump was savaged. Nobody said doodly squat about the democrat attacks on McCain during those campaigns. What did he do in response? He pulled an Obama, doubled and tripled down. McCain’s lap dog Lindsey Graham (R, SC) who is running for the nomination this year has been poor mouthing conservatives for years. Trump blasted away at him too, going so far as publicly giving out his cell phone number. While nobody really likes a bully, conservatives have been demanding for years that their elected officials simply start fighting in the manner that the democrats have been doing for decades regardless of the issue. Trump is not responding to the “I’m offended; you need apologize” game played by the media and the left like anyone in recent memory. He is telling them to stuff it and conservatives love it, simply love it. He is tapping into the seething anger at immigration, illegals, the sheer lawlessness of the Obama regime, and the single party culture inside the Beltway. The other 15 Republican candidates for the nomination ignore this at their peril. After an initial hiccup, former Texas Governor Rick Perry came out swinging hard against Trump. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has also done well in response. Both are staunch conservatives that we would do well to nominate. Other less conservative Republicans have done less well responding to Trump. But note that he is currently leading the discussion.

6. Chattanooga. A young jihadi decided it was his time to meet his 72 virgins (or raisins depending on your translation) with an armed attack on a military recruitment station in Chattanooga. He shot up the office from a car and then drove on to a Reservist center where he killed four Marines and a Sailor. It took the regime a full five days to lower the flag in front of the WH, which is interesting as they instantly climbed on the Travon Martin, Michael Brown, and other recent shootings. But to this race-baiting scum, some killings are more important than others. One of the early questions that came up was why are our active duty troops disarmed? Why are they no longer issued, equipped and trained with sidearms? The answer is some 70 years in the making, as commanders starting in the 1950s began phasing out carry of weapons for everyone except for security people on base. The rationale was to somehow limit the proverbial career ending accident that would end the commander’s career. This was finally put into federal law in the early to mid-1990s. Now that jihad has reached our shores, shouldn’t our young men and women have the opportunity to send every single one of these cowardly scum to Hell should they decide to play? There are congressional moves to start down that road. I do expect the regime to veto the legislation. At the state level, as of this writing, there have been at least six governors – all Republicans – who have given orders that National Guard forces under their command be armed at all times. This includes Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Here in Alaska, Governor Bill Walker has been derelict in his duty as commander of the Alaska National Guard as his silence on the subject has been deafening. His handpicked Adjutant General former Army Colonel Laurie Hummel whose moribund career was resurrected after she retired and ran on the National Guard sexual harassment scandal as a vehicle to get elected to the state legislature has been similarly silent. The local fish wrapper, which flogged that scandal day and night for months as a successful vehicle to destroy former governor Sean Parnell in support of Walker and Hummel has also been silent. Perhaps these social justice warriors for the rights of women would rather than a jihadi execute a successful attack here in Alaska than plan and deploy forces and weapons beforehand to deal with that looming threat. Given the rate that the regime is importing Muslims into the US these days, it is only a matter of time before jihad comes to a place near you.

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