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1. Neighborhoods
2. Death Panels
3. Pluto
4. Hanen
5. Overreach
6. Cosby
7. Complaints
8. Cholesterol
9. NYC

1. Neighborhoods. HUD issued its neighborhood-destroying Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule late last week. This 350+ page long monstrosity is going to be the vehicle the political left is going to use to destroy the long hated suburbs by eventually making the social cesspools of single parent homes one with them. The rule creates a database of locales that take HUD money in any form (and that is all communities) and includes data on patterns of integration and segregation, racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty, disparities in access to opportunity, and disproportionate housing needs. Once the database is built, the strings on the HUD money will be used to engineer a HUD takeover of local planning and zoning laws, rules, regulations and processes with the goal of moving all of us in to high density housing. It is going to interesting to see how much pushback they get on this as over 83% of the nation vehemently opposes cracking their neighborhoods. At its core, the new rule is using racial disparities as proxies for class, and class differences are not covered in the Fair Housing Law at all. Don’t expect this minor detail to slow these masterminds down much. In some ways, this is as a large and as an evil a takeover of our individual lives and property rights as ObamaCare is. And like much of ObamaCare it is being done without congress doing or saying dilly squat. Here’s the funny part, middle class, educated, working black, Hispanic and Asian couples are moving into the suburbs as fast as humanly possible so as to escape the inner cities. And for the most part, they do just fine, as they are doing the same thing as their new neighbors in the suburbs – trying to build a better life for themselves and their children. All three of these groups are fundamental parts of the current democrat coalition, voting for democrats in well above the 75th percentile, particularly in the coastal states. It’s going to be most interesting to see what their reaction is going to be to this sort of takeover and local community reengineering from the masterminds inside the Beltway. Fighting this is going to be a lot of fun.

2. Death Panels. Seven years ago when Alaska Governor Sarah Palin described the ObamaCare IPAB as the death panel, she was excoriated by the left, its lackeys in the media and even by no small number of conservatives. Centralized medical care never is able to capitalize on marketplace innovations in equipment, treatment or drugs to control cost, as its very existence crushes all of those outright. So it is forced into an endless spiral of ever increasingly intricate rules, regulations and controls intended to keep some semblance of fiscal sanity intact. With Medicare and Medicaid, this has included significant cuts in what both systems pay doctors and other care providers for their services. If you look at older systems like the British National Health Service, they simply deny life saving and quality of life enhancement treatment to seniors. We are already seeing no small amount of this sort of thing here in the US. Last week, the regime announced that Medicare would now reimburse doctors for end of life counseling. It is much easier to save money on life saving and quality of life treatment for seniors if they simply off themselves as things get unpleasant and uncomfortable. The decision also inserts Medicare nicely in the middle of discussions that should be going on within the family, inserting the government into the family. Will it save any money? Probably not. But I guarantee that it will murder no small number of depressed, pain-ridden, uncomfortable seniors well before they are called to be with God. Our government has become ghouls, ready, willing and able to kill the elderly in order to save a few dollars from its yearly budget. And if they get in the business of killing seniors, it is only a short step before they also start killing those that disagree with them or are otherwise inconvenient. This is indeed the transformation of America. But is it neither hope or positive change, for the Third Reich used the same technique and had it figured out pretty well some 70 years ago.

3. Pluto. Tuesday, the New Horizons probe will blast through the Pluto – Charon system after a nine year journey. It has already transmitted the best views of both bodies ever available. Following the flyby, it will transmit the collected observations inbound and outbound from the system, taking an expected 16 months to relay all collected data back to earth. Pluto is expected to look a lot like Neptune’s largest moon, Triton which is thought to be a captured object much like Pluto. Following the flyby, New Horizons will be redirected to one or more other Kuiper Belt objects lying outside the orbit of Pluto. The probe is currently the fastest human spacecraft flying and is currently some four light-hours away. There were some concerns as the path of the flyby was being designed that the system may have rings or other debris orbiting. Those have not yet been observed. Pluto is the last of the classical planets to be visited and it will be a very long time before we are back there again. To the dwarf planet fans, I only note that a dwarf planet is still a planet. This has been a great mission so far. We will hope it survives the flyby intact.

4. Hanen. It’s been a long time since a sitting federal judge has found a Cabinet Secretary in contempt of court and locked them up. We might be getting close to one such event next month in Brownsville, TX, where Judge Hanen has demanded Department of Homeland Security explain its noncompliance with his injunction on Obama’s amnesty before his court on August 19. DHS has been ignoring the injunction since it was issued. Hanen has demanded DHS explain some 2,000 documented violations of the injunction. In May, the government acknowledged it had violated it and the judge demanded it take immediate steps to remedy those violations and report on its progress or lack thereof. Looks like DHS (as usual) simply blew off the demand. And the judge defines full compliance as covering all illegal aliens rather than just those in the states bringing the complaint. This might be a lot of fun. Bring popcorn.

5. Overreach. One of the things we conservatives can do to fight the seemingly triumphant left is to go insurgent and goad them into overreacting responses. Given the actions of the gaystapo since Obergefell, I don’t they will need much goading. What they want above everything else is agreement, something that is quite different from submission. And they are ready, willing and able to bring the house down on your head to make that happen. Limbaugh wondered a bit late last week why they were still so angry. He decided that they know in the very center of their hearts and souls (whatever of those may be left) that their gains so far have been based on a pack of lies, the most important of which is that the gay population here in the us sits somewhere between 20 – 30% rather than less than 2% of the general population. And their wins so far have been based on the application of social and government force rather than the agreement of the general public. If they don’t keep it up, someone will eventually start to wonder why. I think their sheer anger and nastiness and being sore winners will go a long way toward stopping them in the months and years to come.

6. Cosby. I am a longtime fan of Bill Cosby, since his comedy albums of the early 1960s. Great, great humor. Watched with no small amount of interest the number of women coming out of the woodwork with claims of rape after they had been drugged by Cosby over the last several years. In this highly politicized world, especially with feminists and their associated victim-mongering mouthpieces, I took a trust but verify position on various claims of malfeasance. The other thing was that Cosby was viewed as a black leader, and those guys are mostly left alone as long as they don’t challenge the race baiting orthodoxy of the political left. About a decade ago, Cosby started challenging parents and schools on the way that black kids were raised, which was right about the time the charges started filtering out. I figured it was an orchestrated leftist smear. As it turns out, Cosby had indeed been doing the dastardly deed, and apparently starting in the mid 1960’s. A deposition taken in the mid 00’s had him admitting drugging a woman and then having sex with her afterwards. I was totally and completely wrong. Bloody shame. What a loss.

7. Complaints. The use of sex discrimination complaints as a vehicle for the regime to intrude into local government activities has been long used as an excuse. Over the last couple years, the Department of Education had their sex discrimination complaints increase from 391 in 2010 to 2,354 in 2014. As it turns out, fully 1,700 of those complaints were filed by just two individuals, obviously fans of the Cloward – Piven technique of blowing everything up so as to allow the left to rebuild on the smoldering ruins. This increase in sex discrimination complaints has been used by DoE’s Civil Rights Office to hire 554 staffers. In order to meet the flood of new complaints, they want to hire another 200 lawyers. They also want to increase their budget from just over $100 million to $131 this year. Nothing like the full employment act for left-wing lawyers paid for by our tax dollars via fraudulent discrimination complaints. The other thing jacking up these numbers is the redefinition of sexual assault on campus which is doing little other than employ more lawyers and discriminate against men and boys.

8. Cholesterol. American Digest had a great article entitled “The 8 Stages of Scam.” It documented the now discredited claim that cholesterol was the cause of heart disease, Diabetes Type II, Alzheimer’s, and obesity (it’s the carbs). The article compares the great cholesterol scam with the manmade global warming scam. Take a look at the steps (paraphrased and copied from the article):
1. It is propagated by scientists on a non-scientific mission
2. It is believed because it plausibly explains an observation
3. The causal relationship is weaker than first supposed and the research is found to be sloppy, data fudged, and subsequent studies do not fully support the original claim
4. After a while, powerful economic interests take hold and supply an ongoing stream of funding to perpetuate the scam
5. Skeptics are ostracized by opinion establishments
6. After 50 – 60 years, the subject of discussion changes as evidence continues to weaken
7. Retreat of orthodoxy is covered by a smokescreen of fresh concerns for the next catastrophe.
We have reached the last two steps in the cholesterol scam. We are around step 4 -5 in the manmade global warming scam. Great article. Well worth your time to read.

9. NYC. It only took two NYC leftist mayors to return the city to the thrilling days of yesteryear, specifically the 1970s. Between DeBlasio and Bloomberg, we have rising crime rates, with murders up nearly 20% over the last year. That was the year following the Garner death and DeBlasio’s attack on local law enforcement. Central Park is once again the hunting ground for thieves and muggers. The squeegee guys are back but with a twist. They have morphed into Sunday Hijacker, a derelict that makes a scene inside a church during Sunday services until someone pays him to go away. Elect avowed communists like DeBlasio and this is what you get. Bloomie is not off the hook as it all started with him as they both started moving away from the policing practices instated by Rudy Giuliani. Couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of liberals.

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