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Interesting Items 06/29 -

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In this issue:

1. Purge
2. Flags
3. Logic
4. Drugs
5. Housing
6. TPA
7. Raisins
8. Tattoo

1. Purge. It took the left and the media a few days to crank up a classic case of Two Minutes Hate following the shooting at a South Carolina church a couple weeks ago. After a couple false starts, the regime found their Emanuel Goldstein and settled in to an extended purge of the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, aka the Confederate or Rebel Flag. The purge extended to all things Confederate in the south and elsewhere. Walmart and Amazon joined in the fun banning all products with the confederate flag logo. NASCAR, which has a 30+ year long ban of the flag on its cars also reiterated the ban. The mayor of Memphis joined into the fun wanting to dig up the body of Confederate General (and democrat) Nathaniel Bedford Forrest and his wife as their presence in a city park now offends the tender sensibilities of blacks in the community. Poor babies. Nobody outside a few conservative bloggers and talk show hosts mentioned why all this Confederate paraphernalia came into the public view over half a century ago a mere century after the war. Most of the Confederate flags on license plates, flying over the state houses and elsewhere were put into place by democrat governors and democrat legislative majorities in response to the civil rights movement of the late 1950s and 1960s. The flag that was put over the South Carolina state capitol was put into place by Governor Fritz Hollings in 1962. Hollings also spent a long career in the US Senate serving alongside former KKK Kleagle (recruiter) Robert Byrd (D, WV). But somehow this is all the fault of conservatives and Republicans. Limbaugh believes this is an attack on the last solid conservative bastion at the presidential level in the South; an attempt to divide, dispirit and depress voter turnout next year. What better way to depress conservatives than to demonstrate that their elected leaders refuse to stand up to the hysterical mob? While there may be some truth to that observation, I tend to believe this is mostly about airbrushing history by the left so they can fill the void with their own history, not unlike what the Stalinists did with their air brush on photos of those in the leadership that had fallen out of favor. At every level, the left and their cheerleaders in the media demonstrate that they are little more than destroyers, pulling down the fabric of society, and like it or not, the Civil War, both sides, are part of what made this nation what we are today. This purge will also become part of that fabric.

2. Flags. Now that the left is purging all things Confederate and some flags are evil, perhaps it is time to look at other flags and see what sorts of evil things they represent. If we accept the rationale that the Confederate Flag must be purged from the public square because it represents slavery, bigotry, intolerance, racism and racial separatism (according to the left), what other flags represent similar sentiments? And if they are publicly displayed should they also be instantly and irrevocably removed so as not to offend our tender sensibilities? Interestingly enough, there are a lot of flags being waved by the left these days that represent part to all of the newly unacceptable sentiments. Let’s start with the Mexican Flag being waved and used as a central part of protests and rallies by immigration advocates and La Raza (the Race). Any group that calls itself “The Race” is hardly interested in living together as one people. And La Raza also supports the return of the entire Southwestern US including California to Mexico, a nation that was too busy with multiple civil wars, coups, invasions and other brute force changes in its national government to keep control of that territory. Next up would be the black separatists, most prominently the New Black Panther Party. These guys have been waving the black power flag in various forms since they were shooting cops in the Bay Area in the 1960s. They show up at every shooting of blacks by white police demanding and threatening. In South Carolina one of their mouthpieces demanded all slave masters be killed (meaning all whites). If this isn’t racism, intolerance and bigotry, I don’t know what is. How about the rainbow flag of the gay rights crowd? This flag has come to represent anti-Christian bigotry and intolerance. I thought those were bad things. Apparently not, as long as the currently designated victims are the ones doing the bigotry and intolerance which makes it just ducky. Last week here in ANC, someone torched a gay pride flag which led to a small outcry. Used to be that torching a flag, particularly the American flag, was among the highest forms of protest. You can’t protest the gays. Finally, we have our good friends, the Muslims, who were the original slavers a thousand years ago. And they are still at it today. Not only do they buy and sell people, but they kill everyone and anyone who does not submit to their most interesting and intolerant view of the world. This is hardly a tolerant, unbiased view of the world. Ironically, many blacks here in the US are converting to Islam, a religion that still believes in and practices slavery. What an ironic action. Perhaps it isn’t about slavery or racism at all. Want to ban flags? The above is a list of a handful to start with, all of which are currently offensive, currently and actively being used in the commission of the very things the left claims to abhor, rather than simply reminding their supporters of something that happened 140 years ago.

3. Logic. The logic of the left is important to remember when these events take place. What we are being told by the left and their media enforcers is essentially “Something awful just happened, so you have to do whatever we want you to do (to atone for the awful thing that was all your fault in the first place).” The first part is always stated. The second part is implied. Our immediate response as conservatives to this is not to cower, hid, scurry for cover or any other defensive act. Rather it is to immediately and instantly respond by telling them to sod off. F-bombs ought to be used early and often, firing for effect, for this is not about logic or debate. Rather, it is a raw display of power, control, humiliation and subjugation with conservatives as the target. It must be responded to in kind. Otherwise, we will always be losers in these exchanges. The South Carolina shooting was not the first one of these. It most certainly won’t be the last.

4. Drugs. A closer look at the shooter is in order. He is clearly an evil little man. The question would be what made him evil. A more detailed question would be: What is the connection between him and other similar shooters – all of them young, white, from what appear to be relatively decent left-leaning households. Some have two parents. Some only have Mothers in the home. But the single thread I can find throughout all these shootings is the use of powerful psychotropic drugs on them. The SC shooter, Roof was on Suboxone. The Sandy Hook shooter was on Lexapro and Celexa. The Aurora theater shooter was on Clonazepam and Sertraline. The Va Tech shooter was on Prozac. Even the Texas Tower Sniper of 1966 was on Dexedrine. The Columbine shooters were on Zoloft and Luvox. These are all prescription drugs and all have the ability to drive our young men start, raving mad. Why are they being used? In recent years, they are being used because feminist teachers in the public schools don’t want to put up with boys being boys, so they drug them into submission, into silence, into compliance. We are doing this to our next generation of men. Want the mass shootings to stop? Stop drugging our boys.

5. Housing. Next up for transformation of America by the Obama regime is your neighborhood. The plan is to start building low income housing in middle class, upper middle class, and wealthy neighborhoods. When the housing is populated with all the fatherless families, it will introduce the inner city pathologies of drugs, gangs, and complete disregard for personal and other people’s property into your and my neighborhoods. The excuse is going to be disparate impact. This is the notion that if any statistical difference between standards of living between families exists and if there is a difference in races, then the reason for the plight of the minority family is instantly and completely due to racism and that racism and disparate impact must be reversed on the taxpayer dime and in your neighborhood. As usual, rather than building people up, the Regime is going to do everything possible to tear down everyone else, bringing them to the same level as the poor. I cannot think of a better way to destroy property values than to plop down Section 8 housing right in the middle of any neighborhood. Pruitt-Igoe was a large urban housing project first occupied in 1954. It was a complete disaster, mostly because the residents never owned anything. It was destroyed in the mid-1970s. With an idiotic SCOTUS opinion last week, HUD had everything they need to rewrite the Fair Housing Act and bring the inner city to your neighborhood.

6. TPA. The Trans Pacific Authorization passed the House last week. 50 Republicans voted against it. 28 of Pelosi’s democrats voted for it. Following the vote, Speaker Boehner and his leadership team started retaliating by removing conservatives from seats on committees and chairmanships. House conservatives responded in kind with a note to Pelosi and the democrat leadership letting it be known that should the democrats come forward with a motion to vacate the Chair, they would have enough votes to get the motion passed. This gives the otherwise toothless Pelosi a lot of power over Boehner. Toward week’s end, the at least one subcommittee Chair retained his position. In the Senate, the TPA filibuster was broken by a bare 60-37 vote with 13 democrats voting for it. After initially supporting it, Ted Cruz (R, TX) voted against it. Marco Rubio (R, FL) voted for the enabling legislation. Passage of this by the senate is all but assured. The TPA fight has congressional Republican leadership at its worst, carrying the water of the US Chamber of Commerce and the Obama regime above the interests of its supporters. We now have retribution by Boehner against conservatives in the House. Nobody trusts this regime to do anything positive yet they vote to give it authority to negotiate a huge trade bill. Given Obama’s past history in negotiations, the outcome will be a truly, truly awful document.

7. Raisins. In one of the more unexpected SCOTUS opinions last week, they voted to toss a New Deal program that confiscated a significant portion of yearly crops. The scheme was set up in 1937 and gave a federal Board access to raisins which they used to jack up sales prices, which they claimed “… benefit the farmers.” The suing farmers claimed that the program amounted to a taking of their property without just compensation. The feds argued that the higher prices that fell out of the back end of the process was just compensation. SCOTUS disagreed by an 8 – 1 vote in support of the growers. The court found that the Fifth Amendment required the government to pay just compensation to the growers even though the property at issue was not “real “ property (land or real estate). The feds were found not to have paid just compensation by virtue of jacking up the sales price of raisins. The court agreed that taking a portion of each year’s crop was indeed a taking. Finally, the court found that the farmers did not have to pay the fine before suing. The only dissenting vote was by the self-described (not so) Wise Latina, Sonia Sotomayor, who opined that because the seizure of a portion of each year’s crop did not deprive the growers of all their property rights, “… it does not effect a per se taking.” Every single time Sotomayor puts pen to paper she demonstrates once again she is neither qualified nor has the temperament to be on this court. Though with the political turn the libs on the court have taken, she probably fits right in. This one was a small win for the Good Guys.

8. Tattoo. From the NRO a week ago comes a little story about a woman who went into a tattoo parlor and demanded a neck tattoo. The artist asked if she had any others. She said no, at which point the artist declined the work. The woman was a blogger at the Jezebel web site, which is a rat’s nest of feminist privilege and vilification of all things male. The woman went ballistic both at the parlor and online when she had the first opportunity, claiming among other things, sexism by the owner. At this point in the festivities, you would expect the tattoo artist to bend smartly over, grab his ankles, assume the position and apologize in the only way he knows how to an aggrieved woman. Only it didn’t quite work out that way. The artist responded by defending what he does, how he does it, and the mores and traditions of his particular business. Basically, he noted that hand and neck tattoos are appropriate on those that are heavily tattooed, which she wasn’t. So he declined the honor and defended his action by explaining how his world works and how he operates in it – lessons our political class needs to learn. Sooner would be better than later.

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