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1. Bears
2. EPA Court
3. Title Nein
4. Reason
5. Leadership
6. Preening
7. Turks

1. Bears. The four black bears removed from Government Hill, an Anchorage neighborhood last month were moved across the Turnagain Arm, not far from the small town of Hope, Alaska. Normally bears that are habituated to humans and attracted to trash, dumpsters and other non-natural food sources are never weaned off the easier food sources and are killed when they become a threat to human life and property. Such has been the case with these bears, spawn of a human-habituated sow originating from Elmendorf AFB (now Joint Base Elmendorf – Fort Richardson – JBER). Governor Walker allowed his alligator mouth to overload his hummingbird backside and ordered ADF&G to capture and move the bears rather than kill them and tan their hides (I hear that black bear cub hide makes great shoe shine rags). Total coast of capture and relocation is in the neighborhood of a mere $10,000, a small part of our $3.7 billion budget shortfall. As expected, relocation didn’t work, with the bears now becoming a nuisance in and around the Hope township. Hope is an old mining town and gets a lot of tourist traffic – primarily hiking and camping. Last weekend, the bears entered a campsite at night and tore up a few tents in search of food within the tents – which they found. Scared a few campers badly. Several others lost food from their tents to the bears. There’s nothing like a bear entering your tent in the middle of the night to wake you up instantly. It is only a matter of time before these bears hurt someone and cost the state big bucks in the expected lawsuit. Time to remove them from the gene pool before they remove or brute force rearrange a few of us. The cost benefit analysis remains unchanged, with it being less than $10 of ammunition (30-06 rounds) needed to take these garbage bears down. Hides can be tanned and sold at a profit to cover the dressing out and tanning costs. Not good enough for a pandering Governor though.

2. EPA Court. The federal courts have been remarkably reluctant to rein in the EPA over the years regardless of the fraud or overreach committed by the agency in the process of crafting its new rules. Typically the court makes some bogus determination as to standing of whoever is complaining about impending EPA action. The second vehicle is to throw out all lawsuits filed before the new rule is finalized. The final technique is to simply defer to the expertise of the EPA in whatever bogus rule they are writing. The courts decided to do this when the EPA decided that CO2 – plant food – was actually a pollutant. Last week, the federal appeals courts dismissed challenges to a proposed rule cracking down on CO2 emissions saying it would not rule until the EPA issued the rule in its final form, expected sometime this summer. This is the rule that for all intents and purposes renders coal-fired electric generation illegal and requires all electric utilities to capture and sequester CO2 emissions. Problem with this rule as I have written previously is that the EPA is required to make a determination as to the availability of new technology they are now requiring. Operable CO2 sequestration technology does not yet exist, something the EPA blithely ignored during the crafting of the rule. The states are going to stand by until the final rule is issued and re-file in the federal courts. Hopefully the courts will step up and choose to do their job.

3. Title Nein. Late last week, PowerLine suggested a way to curb prosecutorial excess in the administration of Title Nine (Title Nein in the article). Since the Clinton infestation of the WH, Title Nine has been a vehicle to pump up feminists, pay off trial lawyers and launder their contributions to democrat campaigns (not unlike the anti-smoking jihad), terrorize campus men and college administrations, all by virtue of a pair of Dear Colleague letters out of two democrat administrations. The first letter turned Title Nine from a relatively innocuous anti-discrimination law into a harsh gender quota regime in 1996. This letter targeted sports teams, requiring identical numbers of men and women in college sports. As women don’t participate in college sports at the same rate as men do, it led to the shutdown of hundreds of thousands of college sports programs and teams in the minor sports – swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, etc. It instructed colleges that quotas equalizing participation of men and women in college sports would be the only acceptable way to be compliant with their interpretation of the law. Note that Title Nine was passed in 1972 with absolutely no mention of college sports. Many, many leftist lawyers, crusading (or marauding) feminists and their organizations made hundreds of millions prosecuting the expected lawsuits based on this letter. Democrat political campaigns scored similar amounts in contributions from the lawyers they opened the gates for. The second letter came out of the Obama regime in 2011. This one made colleges responsible for harassment and assault that took place off campus. It came from the Department of Education. This was this letter that created the virulent man-hating, all sex is rape, radical feminist structure that gives all sexual harassment claims the force of conviction. It is the letter that destroyed legal representation for the accused, installed the current guilty until proven innocent regime on campus; and does not allow the accused to meet their accuser in a court of law, in other words, it created the on campus feminist kangaroo courts. It is the letter that gave the power of law to false claims of rape nationwide on campus without recourse by the accused. The next president can simply withdraw both letters and the house of cards built under their aegis comes tumbling down. This is a positive change that can be made with a pen and a phone. Perhaps it ought to be made.

4. Reason. To those of us who have surfed on the rough seas of the blogs and the associated comment strings, flames, trolls, loudmouths and other chest beating buffoonery in various manifestations is no surprise. Last week a federal prosecutor issued a Grand Jury subpoena to identify anonymous commenters on a Silk Road post as There is a healthy population of trolls, nasties and like minded people posting at the site. Last week the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, Loretta Lynch’s old haunt, decided that very pointed an barbed comments about a federal judge finding a defendant guilty and sentencing him was unacceptable. Apparently calling for feeding a federal judge into a wood chipper is now out of bounds. Perhaps they should have stopped with tar and feathers. The prosecutor was shocked, simply shocked at the language and determined that the responses constituted physical bodily threats against the judiciary and got a Grand Jury to issue a subpoena to, the web site in question to release the names of the commenters. The obvious question is: Were the comments true threats against the courts? Nobody specified who, when or offered a plan, all required elements of a proposed criminal act. Yet the federal prosecutor, one Niketh Velamoor appears to be singularly unable to distinguish between people running their collective mouths in blog comments, and actual bodily threats to sitting US Federal Judges. The judge in question was one Katherine Forrest. Perhaps it is time to make them all famous. After all, the ChiComs just purloined all personal data of current federal employees. This will be a lot of fun to watch, but it is not without its dangers.

5. Leadership. Note to the GOP congressional leadership: Nobody outside the Beltway trusts you ba$t@rds any farther than we can singularly or collectively throw you. The first manifestation was the passage of legislation funding the 2015 fiscal year following the November 2014 election results. The promise made after its passage was that the majority would defund Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional immigration Executive Orders. Problem is that when push came to shove, congressional leadership collapsed like a cheap suit and funded the entire bloody thing. This was closely followed by passage out of the Senate of legislation supporting Obama’s capitulation to Iran on its nuclear weapons industry. Most recently is the Trans-Pacific Partnership fast track legislation. This is another couple thousand of pages of secret legislation kept entirely out of view of the general public. It was passed out of the Senate with a big majority, even though most neither read the legislation nor reported its contents to their constituency. Last week, with the help of Nancy Pelosi, the House killed the first try to pass it. But Republican leadership is planning to bring it back later this week. Make no mistake; this is very, very bad legislation, crafted to give a man nobody trusts to negotiate anything other than the cost of his next Choom Gang joint total freedom to put together what amounts to a United States of the Pacific. This is a global partnership with hidden immigration provisions. When the regime finishes its negotiations (or capitulation based on its most recent performance), it will be brought back to congress for approval, and the Church of Free Trade holds great sway among Republican congressional leadership. For me, it is time to quit agreeing to anything and everything Obama wants, for they were not elected to get anything done. Rather, they were elected to stop him; and to do so early and often. I do not trust Obama. I don’t trust his negotiators (cheese eating surrender monkeys one and all). And most of all I don’t trust the Republican leadership in congress, as they are acting a lot more like physically abused women in a toxic marriage than the elected leaders of this nation and our representatives.

6. Preening. Little can demonstrate the significantly lowered quality of our military leadership than a nice little story out of the Middle East last week. USAF General Hawk Carlisle announced last week that members of a recon group out of Hurlburt Field identified the location of an ISIS command post in northern Iraq after one of the ISIS guys posted a selfie on social media. The AF called in a strike and the CP was leveled and the “moron” ISIS guy was on his way to meeting his 72 virgins (or raisins). But who is the moron here? The guy who posted the selfie or the 4-Star who gave away our methods and capabilities to the enemy while publicly preening for the media and in turn the Obama DoD? One of the most important things about intelligence in any war is to never, ever give away your capabilities and methods, which this Obama General just did. Congratulations, Hoss. Your folks done good. You on the other hand did less well. Perhaps it is time to consider retirement.

7. Turks. The governing Islamist-friendly Turkish government headed up by Islamist and Caliphate wannabee Erdogan lost his parliamentary majority last week after a span of 15 years tacking the Turks toward the next manifestation of the Byzantine Empire. Remember that Erdogan was the man who personally kept the 4ID from attacking from Turkey into northern Iraq, significantly hampering our war effort in the early 2000’s. As usual, the result was completely unexpected and not predicted by national media. Erdogan’s party secured less than 41% of the vote, which is a victory against his creeping Islamization of Turkey since the early 2000’s. The Kurds whom Erdogan has been warring against since taking office were ecstatic. There are three main parties that have refused to align with Erdogan’s former majority party so creation of a governing majority may or may not be difficult. OTOH, formation of a new Kurdistan is no longer that farfetched an idea. Erdogan is infamous for his observation on democracy and Islam as “one man, one vote, one time” indicating that the Islamists view democracy a simply another means to a caliphate end. Perhaps the people of Turkey are not so inclined any more.

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