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ATOM - Quantative Easing Goes Mainstream

Over the years I have become a fan of what is called the Singularity. It is a time in the not so distant future when technological progress goes faster than the ability to predict it. Essentially, progress in medical science, computer hardware, artificial intelligence, and nano-technology is exponential in nature and some 30 – 50 years from now, progress accelerates to the point where the curve points straight up.

The AI Revolution

I am interested in a thing called the Singularity, a point in time where advances in nanotechnology, medical technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer technology come so fast that it is impossible to keep up and the world changes fundamentally. Ray Kurtzweil and others believe that time is in the 2040 – 2060 timeframe. One of the threads of that movement is the development of AI. Ran across a discussion in the Wait but Why blog by Tim Urban last week.

How to cook a f'ing steak

Ran across this on Instapundit several months ago and forgot to post it. A hilarious writeup about how to cook a steak. The good news is that the recipe and technique is pretty good and works very well. The bad news is that the article is NSFW. But I have a fairly raucous sense of humor and find it very, very funny. Enjoy. Cheers -

Microspherules found across 4 continents - evidence of YD comet storm

One of the newer and more controversial arguments is that recent human history (the last 11,000 years) has been driven by a series of impact events. The first of which was the Younger Dryas (YD), about 10,900 years ago, which appears to be a continental class disaster centered on North America. At the time of the Younger Dryas, the earth was coming out of the last great Ice Age, and was plunges back into cold for over 1000 years. The temperature shift happened very swiftly and was coincident with extinction of large mammals in North America, giant sloths, mastodons, horses, etc.

The resurrection of the Saturn F-1 engine

And for you engineering and space enthusiasts, here is an article about the resurrection of the F-1 engine, used in the Saturn V from mothballs. It was and is the most powerful rocket engine in history and appears ready to ride again - bigger, better and cheaper than 50 years ago. Other interesting fallout from the story is that NASA didn't destroy the plans for it per urban legend. Things were going so fast during Apollo that these beasts were literally grown organically from a few line drawings and lots and lots of hands on welding expertise.